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Surfing the Waves of Planetary Retrogrades

As I sit to write this now, we are between a solar and lunar eclipse, while also experiencing 6 planets now in retrograde. I am not an expert in astrology, but can tell you that from my energetic perspective... "we're in deep".

Maybe you're feeling it too, or seeing it play out in the behavior of others. Things are intense. Deep patterns of behavior and beliefs are coming to the surface, in sometimes unpredictable ways.

So I suppose it's not too surprising that I have found myself in another new / old location. New in that I have just arrived. Old in that I am spending a little time back in my hometown in Ohio at the moment.

I am reminded of the Ram Dass quote: "If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family."

This is not a commentary on family as much as it is saying a lot about our tendency as humans to hold onto old, negative energies, and get caught up in old patterns and loops.

Retrogrades are a truly magical time to revisit these old patterns and loops because there is energetic support available to undo them. Letting go of these old, dense energetic structures is precisely what is needed in order to allow more and more light to flow to and through us.

This may not be a fun task. Indeed, it may feel outright impossible at the outset. 

Perhaps you've heard the adage - "that which you resist persists." To resist something, you have to match its energy and force on you - you have to push it away or spend energy to keep it out. In resisting it, you are giving it power. In resisting it, you are sending the signal to the Universe that you believe it can hurt you. You are embracing and reinforcing the polarizing aspects of this reality matrix.

Acceptance allows energy to flow like water. When you allow things to flow to and through you, then you can learn to take only what you need and release the rest. But to resist energy puts up barriers and creates blockages to the flow of life energy.

When you begin to see energy as neither good or nor bad, you are freeing yourself. It's all just energy. But it can be experienced in very negative ways when we attach to negative interpretations, and oh what stories we can tell ourselves! It can be experienced in very negative ways when it gets stuck and aggregates in excess.

Acceptance creates flow, and flow helps clean things out.

What Is One of the Most Powerful Forms of Acceptance?

Accepting yourself. All of you. Fully and completely. Right here and right now.

This includes accepting your life, your past, your emotions, your wonderful array of sensitivities, and all of the levels of your intelligence. It means accepting all of the people in your life - past, present, and future. Accept where loves flows freely, and where it is impeded.

Accept the All That Is so that you can be fully in and supported by the Universe.

To do otherwise is simply to choose to cut yourself off, to dis-integrate, to practice / embrace / play in the illusion of isolation and separation. That's all OK, of course, but not a whole lot of fun, and not likely to lead you towards positive outcomes or experiences.

The great thing about learning to accept yourself is that no one can stop you. It requires no outside validation or permission. Requires no training. It's simply a matter of practice and will. When you choose to accept yourself, you are using your energy to move you towards greater and greater states of integration, cohesion. and coherence. Know and trust that a cohesive and coherent body of energy is far more effective in all of its endeavors!

How Can I Assist You?

As we navigate these intense times and make the most of the various planetary retrogrades, I'm here to support you on your journey. 

During Mercury retrograde, I'm offering $10 Off a 45 minute energy work session.***

Energy work sessions can be conducted by phone, video, or be completely remote.

With a remote session, you simply relax where you are, and I do the work from here. You'll receive a recorded assessment by email after the session is complete. Not only have clients received immediate benefits from this type of work, it also serves as a wonderful reminder of just how connected we all are.

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Atlantean Source Codes Readings

If you're looking for a fun, lighthearted way to explore current challenges or opportunities, consider signing up for an Atlantean Source Codes Reading. 

How It Works
  • We meet by phone or video, whichever you prefer. Email readings are an option too.
  • With your question in mind, I pull three cards from my Atlantean Source Codes deck of cards.
  • We discuss what each card brings forth - from your intuition and mine:
    • The first card offers insights into the source of past energies of your question.
    • The second card shines a light onto the present moment, often showing you new aspects of your question or challenge.
    • The third card brings forth ideas on how to navigate the energetic path forward.
Recurring ASC Themes
  • The Universe is absolutely abundant - energy, ideas, truth, insight, healing -- all are in great abundance and always available.
  • Nature heals and healing is natural - where some believe the Universe tends towards entropy, the ASC talks about balance and harmony.
  • Patterns are everywhere and yield unending answers - this quickly gets into the holo-fractal nature of the simulation... so let's leave it there for now.
How can these recurring themes help you with your real life challenges? That's where the fun comes in. We don't know until we ask and explore.
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