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It was over 8 years ago, and lasted only a few moments, but I remember it as clearly right now as if it happened this morning.

I was driving to a Spiritual Healer's training class. It was early in the morning. I was still processing dreams, recent meditations, and the experiences from the prior day's class.

Then came the "download". A download is a huge package of information that comes in all at once. The information is holistic in nature, so it cannot come to you in pieces.

They tend to come at the precise moment you are ready for it. Or maybe they come when it is deemed necessary for the bigger picture - whether you are ready or not. Could happen during deep meditation. Or it could just happen when you're driving or cleaning or walking the dog. 

My guess is you've experienced these too. You may have been wowed, annoyed, ambivalent, or otherwise.

Despite the otherworldly description, there are times these can hit and we don't even realize in the moment because the thin layer of our mind we call "conscious" is quite occupied with other far more "important" things - like paying bills or getting some work related task done in time.

The download from 8 years ago felt huge to me. While there were elements that were entirely familiar, there was also an expanded awareness that felt critically important.

The download was an instantaneous "image" or picture of how powerful our imaginations are. Not just for us individually and internally. But truly powerful - in the outer, external, physical world. What do I mean by powerful? I saw how we literally create reality. I am not saying I understood it, or even believed it at the time, but I saw it and felt it.

What's more - this is precisely why the narrative and story of our lives matters so very much.

It was clear to me that if I was getting a glimpse into this layer of reality, whatever the reason, that there were others who understood it far better than I.

There are those who feel it is their job and duty to orchestrate such matters in our world, due to the otherwise "unknowing" creation process by those of us who are not yet aware of our own power.

Put another way, so very many of us routinely give the power of our imaginations away to the great story tellers and magicians of our world. They cast the spells and we are agog. We willingly allow them to use our abilities to create the world in the image of their choosing, not our own.

In an instant, so many things that were previously very confusing somehow snapped into place. In an instant, I went from driving groggily to standing at the precipice of awe.

I Am in Awe of the Power of Your Imagination


The story above is not about how special I am for having this experience. It's a story about how powerful your imagination is. So much so that I remain in awe of it to this day.

That's not a 24/7 state of being, mind you. Like everyone else, I find myself annoyed, frustrated, and sometimes mystified by the actions and beliefs of others.

Yet, I am reminded of this experience repeatedly as a way of bringing me back to my sense of the deeper reality. That deeper sense is that you and I are shaping our realities every minute of every day. The great power of seeing things in this way is that it shines a light on how and why things can change in our world so quickly.

When things change quickly, it might not be about the material nature of things at all. Instead, it may be better seen as a massive shift in the collective story. Perhaps the narrative has shifted more, and as a result of that perception - there are rippling waves out into the material world too.

This is an "energy-first" view of the world. There is nothing new-agey or supernatural about this view. You can easily connect it, for example, to the analogy of the cave, as told by Plato. Having an energy-first experience of the world is both natural and ancient.

"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality."
– Lewis Carroll

There is a reason I am bringing all of this up now of course. My goal is to remind you that you are more than the experiencer of circumstances. I see you in a very different role in this grand play of life. I see you as a creator. I see the power of your imagination. I recognize in you the dreamer of the dream.

What if you do not like the dream? How can you change it?

Simply by recognizing first, that it is a dream, of sorts. That helps you awaken just enough to be able to influence the outcome.

The Middle Way

In a recent dream of my own, I found myself at the edge of a cliff. For reasons unclear to me, I felt an intense and urgent "do or die" need to get across the chasm between where I stood and the other side. I kept looking at the other side, and was terrified that I couldn't make the jump. It was too far. Even though I was dreaming, I could feel myself imagining the jump and all I could see was me hitting the wall and falling down into the chasm. It was a dreadful experience - "do or die" was swiftly morphing into "die or die".

I suddenly became aware that I had never actually looked down into the chasm. When I did, I saw a raging river. I did not know how deep it was, but decided I could simply jump into the water and let it carry me away.

It was still frightening, but as I went through with it - the fear subsided quickly. I found myself in a river that was no longer raging, but instead carrying me gently downstream to places unknown.

Here are the key points I want to share with you from this dream experience:
  1. Awakening Is Not an All or Nothing Process -- it comes in stages and waves, and it's ALL OK. I did not fully awaken in this dream, and yet I was able to awaken enough to shift the energy and the outcome.
  2. Letting Go Is Good -- letting go is not giving up. It means you are willing to surrender to your inner knowing. It's still your will at work.
  3. There Is Always a Middle Way -- anytime you find yourself in fight or flight mode, remember that you are not thinking clearly. There are always an abundance of choices available to you. They may simply exist in places you have not yet looked.

This dream, a product of imagination, produced a huge shift in energy and awareness for its dreamer -- out in the "real" world!

I encourage you to tap into your dreams, and to embrace your awakening no matter where it takes you. Be on the lookout for downloads. Look for unseen pathways.

You may feel stuck at home. Locked up or locked down. But the real story is truly yours to tell.

I believe the real outcome is a matter of how we individually and collectively imagine our way forward. Form follows energy. Remembering that is how we avoid the undertow of fear.

I am in awe of your imagination.

I know amazing things can happen, do happen, and will happen.
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