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What Good Are Spiritual Practices at a Time like This?

Why bother with spiritual or self-development work during a time of crisis? Even if you don't see it as a crisis, it is certainly a time of great unknowns. So why bother with shifting energy, finding the still place within, or any of these things? Aren't those just the things we do when we have a reliable income, are feeling safe, and can plan ahead for our future?

If you find yourself thinking any of the above sort of thoughts, consciously or otherwise, please consider how this is perhaps the most important time ever to tune into your inner-being, into your source.


Precisely because of all of the unknowns. In the face of the unknown, a natural response is fear. Especially when fear energy is already buzzing about the herd. And typically, reactivity goes hand in hand with fear.

When you are able to tap into an inner stillness, you are able to respond. You become response-able.

It is then that you can choose your actions with greater intention. In creating or finding space within, you discover greater freedom, and more options than you would have otherwise known.

When you can see things from a higher perspective, you may even feel OK with the world, just as it is. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will get all of the answers that your conscious, analytical mind craves -- but it does mean you'll be able to make choices you feel good about, rather than just scrambling to avoid incoming, energetic fear bombs from the outside.

And let's face it -- all sorts of players in the game are lobbing fear bombs in all directions these days.

What Gets in the Way?

You already know the way forward. The question really is - what gets in the way of that knowing becoming clearer to you?

In energetic terms, the biggest road blocks are lower levels of consciousness or energy - things like fear, despair, and shame.

Believe it or not, shame is one of the lowest. It's the most damaging, traumatic, and dis-integrating. This is why it is so disheartening to see the spreading acceptance of social-shaming. It has nothing to do with the "content" of the act, but the energetics of the act - which are damaging to both sides of any such transgression.

If you want to clear the way for your inner-knowing to play a greater role in your life, consider the importance of not engaging in the practice of social shaming. If you find yourself on the receiving end, look for ways to detach, forgive, and not buy into that energy.

One way to do that is to accept yourself fully and completely. If accepting yourself is too big of a jump out of the gate, experiment with imagination and giving yourself permission -- ask yourself "what would it feel like to accept myself completely?" Say to yourself - "I give myself permission to accept myself fully and completely".

This kind of acceptance is a high level of consciousness. In his book Power vs Force, David R. Hawkins shares that acceptance is the gateway to self mastery. 

Where Do You Want to Go?

Like all things in life, there are in-breath and out-breath cycles. There are times to "let go" and times to make choices. Trust yourself to know the difference. When the time comes to choose, you'll know.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to choose from a place of knowing? This isn't mental, analytical knowing. This is deep, gut-level knowing. This is heart-centered, soul-level knowing.

As you work with these practices, you'll find yourself more and more able to tune into the deeper question of where it is you really want to go.

The old world is dying away. It always was anyway, it's just become more apparent now. My sense is that this is a very important time to ask yourself - who do you want to be in the new world?

Will you choose or be dictated to? Respond or react? Become more of who you came here to be, or turn on auto-pilot and hope for the best?

If you find these questions to be important, consider setting aside time and space now to explore them more fully.

If you would like assistance or additional resources, reach out anytime.
Photo by Hugo Ramos on Unsplash

You are the dreamer of this dream. The most powerful way to change it is to awaken within the dream. Even a moment of awareness can shift your experience to a whole new direction.

Energy Balancing services offered include remote healing work - by phone or video. I'm also happy to assist you grounding yourself, developing your personal meditation or spiritual practices, and with energetic approaches to dealing with anxiety and fear.
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