January 2016 Meeting Summary


It was great to see everyone at the January meeting!  A special thank you to Jim for the CA Common samples and excellent presentation.  Also a big thank you to Joe and J&M for hosting us.  A lot of information was covered in terms of the club and the plans going forward.  Thank you all for your patience as I tried to bring everyone up to speed.  I will do my best at providing an accurate summary here but if I missed anything please let me know.

Meeting Format - I expect to follow the same format we had last night which is 7-745 Social and Feedback, 745-8 Announcements and at 8 the presentation will start. If there is anything you like, don't like or would like to see / hear / present / discuss please let any board member know.

We had our first Feedback Foyer this week, it will continue and I hope it was helpful to those who participated.  The beers were all very good, we put on judge nit picking hats and may have come across as harsh unintentionally.  I'd say they all represented their styles well and would score well in competitions too.   Some things I learned are important questions to ask, like is it what you were trying for? What do you like or dislike about the beer?  What do you want to change, if anything?

Quarterly Style - Jim offered a great history and discussion on the style.  The handout has been uploaded to meetup and is available here for anyone that missed it or didn't grab one.  The Club Competition is during the March meeting, we'll have voting for winners sorted out by next meeting.  There will be prizes!  It will be worth entering and even more so if you win.  The number of entries will help determine the prizes so if you are planning to enter please let us know at the next meeting or send us an email if you can't attend (General club email address below).

Quick rundown of items:

  • Mark Ruder was appointed Secretary at the last board meeting
  • We have a Facebook group, let us know your email and we can invite you as it's not open to the world at this point.
  • We are planning to move away from Meetup over the coming year, but all options are still on the table.  Please continue to check meetup for all updates and use it to pay your dues.  If/When we switch we'll make sure everybody knows, but it won't be in the short term.  I do expect some updates to our splash page in the upcoming months.
  • New logo - if you can design logos please pass them on as we are considering new logos for the club, website, gear, etc. (some announcements are missed during meetings and end up here)
  • SF Beer Week - Half a dozen Marin events highlighted, nothing chosen for a club meetup but anyone should be able to create one.  If you're going to an event and can't create the meetup let me know and I'll set it up for you.  Check the schedule here -
  • Competitions - Marin County Fair - this is our club competition.  We need to take home more ribbons than anyone else (Jim is right).  Please enter and volunteer to help.  Other local (generally within 2 hours from here or so) competitions have been added to the club calendar on meetup.
  • Nametags - The yes vote won, we'll be reinstating name tags

February meeting - We are looking to have this meeting offsite, as in not at J&M.  I have reached out to a couple places but if any of you have a good location for hosting please let me know.  Also there will likely be a board meeting the Wednesday before the club meeting at the Stateroom if anyone is interested in attending.

Officer Contact Info
General Club -
President, Damien Perry,, 415.261.7158
Vice President, Jim Files,
Treasurer, Eric Pratt,
Secretary, Mark Ruder,

Thanks to all who could attend!


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