October 2016 Newsletter

Greetings MaSHers and friends!

We’re back at J&M for our monthly meeting. It will be on 10/19 from 7-9 PM and there are a few items on the agenda. The feedback foyer will be available from 7-730 for anyone interested. Then we’ll have a brief social time with club news and the presentation of the quarterly style. At 8PM we will have a discussion on sanitizers by Steve in the club – thank you Steve! I’m interested in learning what most club members use.

The next quarterly style will be Dark Mild, category 13A from the 2015 BJCP style guidelines. We are still on the hunt for commercial examples so if you find one somewhere please let me know! Feel free to grab a bottle as well and the club can reimburse you. Hopefully 8 of you won’t all find a sample as I don’t think we’ll need that many.  Make sure you would also drink it if you buy it just in case.

There was an Officer meeting on 10/5. We discussed officer roles, responsibilities, titles, etc. By-Laws will be impacted by what we think is a minor change. We will be altering the re-election pairing so it will be President and Secretary and Vice President and Treasurer. This will start with the election happening this year for the year 2017. The result is that Mark will be Secretary for one more year and Eric will be up for re-election 1 year early. I will discuss this at the meeting and provide the reasoning behind the decision, but it’s also detailed in the meeting minutes. Feel free to ask any question you may have.

Also we will be creating committees to manage different club tasks.  We have defined the following committees - Social Media, the County Fair, Outreach, Education, and Events. Right now only Social has a chair which is Eric. Anyone interested in being on a committee is encouraged to speak up, we won’t say no. The definition of each is also in the meeting minutes and will be detailed further down the road. The minutes will be posted to the site once approved by the board. There is no limit to the number of people on a particular committee.

Two officer positions are up for election this year - VP and Treasurer.  If you think someone should be involved, you can nominate them with me and I can keep the nomination anonymous if you'd like. I cannot nominate anyone as President so it's in your hands MaSHers. It’s only the President that cannot nominate people. Please note you can nominate yourself/volunteer, that's how I became Secretary 4 years ago so I know it works. There are also open board seats for anyone interested, the more the merrier.

For the first time since club inception annual dues will be reduced. The current plan is for dues to be $30 annually. If you have an opinion please let me know, for example that’s too low, too high, just right or “what are you using them for?”. 

T-Shirts are again available! The link is on the website and I’m putting it here as well to make things easy. Order one now, order a backup, order a gift! Kidding, I know some people missed the last opportunity so we’re bringing it back.

Bottom's Up,

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