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Greetings MaSHers!

I first want to thank Jason Burdge and Noah Neibaron for their service as President and Treasurer of MaSH.  Without them the club would not be on the solid footing it is now.  We are a 501(c)(3) with a financial balance that allows us to go to rallies, sponsor small events, provide prizes for club competitions and co-sponsor this year's Marin County Fair.  Thank you Jason and Noah!

We have an exciting year ahead of us as the club continues to define itself.  As mentioned previously we'll be taking a larger role in the Marin County Fair this year.  The club has always had a handful of volunteers that helped Joe with organization as well as judging and stewarding.  It would be great for those numbers to increase this year as it can very much be a fund raising event for the club with good participation.  Getting experience at competitions, either as Steward or Judge, is rewarding in itself.  You get to taste some fantastic beers (and Stewards get to avoid the bad ones) of all sorts of styles.  This experience will also help you brew better beer yourself. 

Speaking of judging the club now has 4 BJCP judges.  Club Vice President Jim Files still leads the way in terms of rank as National.  The remaining 3 judges, Eric Pratt (Treasurer), Mark Ruder and myself are still rank pending.  This means we have taken all of the tests required at this point and are waiting for our judge exams to be graded.  Any of us can tell you more about the program, its requirements, and how we all studied.  I highly recommend considering becoming a judge.  It's amazing how much you learn about brewing in just preparing for the exams, it's worth it even if you don't wish to become official.  I was amazed at how much I didn't know about brewing and all of the various styles - thankfully that's no longer the case. 

In terms of our club meetings we are implementing Quarterly Style reviews.  In the first month of a quarter we will review a beer style.  This could be as specific as White IPA with Cascade hops grown in Chico or as broad as beers with wheat and beyond.  Then club members have an opportunity to brew their version of the style for a club competition in the third month.  For this month we are going with the classic, and local brew, California Common. Also now that we have multiple judges please keep an eye open for an area of brew sharing to get judge like feedback on your brew.  We'll continue with the general sharing and feedback but for anyone that would like a more focused, critical review we will work to be available during a portion of meetings for this purpose.

There will be a board meeting on Jan. 13th at Baeltane starting at 7pm.  If anyone is interesting in sharing some beers or participating in the meeting please come by.  We will hopefully be appointing a club Secretary as that position is now open.  We also like to have board members that are none officers participate in club discussions and leadership.  If you have any interest please attend or let any officer know!

Finally, congratulations to Eric Pratt on his election as Treasurer!  I look forward to working with Eric, Jim and the future Secretary.

Thank you and see you on Wednesday the 20th at the club meeting or sooner at the board meeting.



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