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Carbon Farming

Join our Carbon Farming Campaign today!

Our crowdfunding project is coming to the end and we need your help. Donate now and be part of this exciting new project providing vitally needed farm scale data and understanding of what we can do to improve soil health and carbon storage. 

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So what's it all about?

Simply put, we want to give more farmers the confidence to try carbon farming at scale. To do this we need data, a network and pracical examples for farmers to go and see that are measuring the right things.
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What's in it for farmers?

The chance to be part of something that has the potential to achieve real action, led by farmers. By investing in this project you will get access to all the data, network and connect with other farmers to share ideas.
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What's in it for businesses?

A chance to showcase your business as a supporter of the project, and be included in project events. Donate today and show the carbon credentials of your business!
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What are we going to measure?

We want to provide results that have value to the farm business and also help progress the issue to a point where we can get widespread enabling support.  Find out more about what we want to do here. 
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Soil Carbon event

What's the science base?

Find out more about what the current science says, why we haven't got any concrete policy on soil carbon, and who's supporting the project. 

Uncover the science here

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