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Spring 2017 Schedule: We're excited to announce that registration is now open for FOUR Spring 2017 events! Register through Monday, Aug. 29 with early bird pricing for: Race 13.1 Wilmington, NC (Feb. 19); Race 13.1 St. Louis, MO (May 21); Race 13.1 Raleigh-Spring (June 3); and Race 13.1 Roanoke, VA (June 17)! More Spring 2017 will be opening soon, so stay tuned to our calendar!

Fall Schedule: The fall race season kicks off in just over a month with BCBSNC Race 13.1 Charlotte, NC on Sept. 25! Check out the other nine fall events here!

Race 13.1 Season Pass: Experience great half marathons in great cities with a great community! The Race 13.1 Season Pass is good for 365 days from date of purchase (not just for 2016!) and will pay for itself after just three half marathons - the more you run, the more you save! Purchase the season pass, and you'll only pay $15 for any Race 13.1 event you'd like to run, no matter the distance or location! Click here to learn more!
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Volunteer with Race 13.1 to Earn Race Bucks!
We have the best volunteers! Because we appreciate our volunteers so much, we reward them with “Race Bucks," which can be used towards the cost of a future Race 13.1 race registration! That means you can volunteer at one race, and then use that credit to pay for another race! You can sign up to volunteer at any of our races by clicking on the "Volunteer" tab on the race page. Click here for more information!
Bonus Race for 3x, 7x and 13x Awards!

Looking for one more race to count towards your Race 13.1 3x, 7x or 13x multi-race award this year? Race 13.1 is proud to take over the operation and management of Raleigh, NC's premier road race, the BCBSNC City of Oaks marathon and UNC Rex Healthcare half marathon on November 6, 2016! Click here to read more about this exciting news!

Since City of Oaks is now a Race 13.1-produced event, we are offering the opportunity for Race 13.1 runners to complete the City of Oaks marathon or half marathon and have it count towards their Race 13.1 3x, 7x or 13x multi-race award! 

Monthly Motivation
Tip of the Month: Big Goals Can Backfire. Olympians Show Us What to Focus on Instead.

Were you inspired by the amazing Olympic performances these past two weeks? This month's tip discusses how Olympians don't just set their eyes on their goals; they focus on the process of getting there because "overemphasizing goals — especially those that are based on measurable outcomes — often leads to reduced intrinsic motivation, irrational risk-taking, and unethical behavior." 

The Problem With Goals
You wouldn’t know it from browsing the self-help aisle of your local bookstore, but scientists are beginning to question whether focusing too much on goals runs counter to long-term performance and general well-being. In a Harvard Business School report titled "Goals Gone Wild: The Systematic Side Effects of Over-Prescribing Goal Setting,” a team of researchers from Harvard, Northwestern, and the University of Pennsylvania set out to explore the potential downfalls of goal-setting. They found that overemphasizing goals — and especially those that are based on measurable outcomes — often leads to reduced intrinsic motivation, irrational risk-taking, and unethical behavior.

We see this unfold in the real world all the time: Someone becomes overly fixated on achieving a goal and loses sight of his inner reasons for setting out to accomplish it in the first place. He becomes driven by the external rewards and recognition that he hopes accomplishing his goal will bring, and, in the worst cases, he’ll go to any extreme to achieve it. This comes in many forms, including taking harmful diet pills (need to lose that weight); plagiarizing (have to publish that book); using banned performance-enhancing drugs (must make the Olympic team); or partaking in fraudulent behavior in the workplace (gotta get that promotion). According to the authors of the Harvard Business School report, these are “predictable side effects” of overemphasizing goals, and reasons that “goal setting should be prescribed selectively and presented with a warning label.” [CONTINUE READING]

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