Race 13.1 - The Extra Mile, February Edition
Race 13.1 Series Scoring

We're excited to introduce Series Scoring! Race 13.1 is the first and only half marathon series to provide an opportunity for runners to compare their performance to thousands of other runners across the Southeast!

After Race 13.1 Roanoke on March 1, we'll begin posting the Series Scoring on our website, Series Scores will be updated within seven days of each race. Awards details are being finalized and will be announced in the next edition of The Extra Mile!

How it Works
  • There will be three separate Series Scoring lists for all three distances: Race 13.1, 10k and 5k with overall, and gender-specific, and age group rankings.
  • Everyone who completes a Race 13.1 event will be included in the Series Scoring. If you complete more than three races, your three best scores will be used.
  • Differences in temperature, elevation and other factors across different race courses will all be taken into consideration in our scoring system.
Race News

The 2015 Race Season kicks off this weekend with Race 13.1 Wilmington on 2/22 followed by Race 13.1 Roanoke next weekend on 3/1! 
 We have three new races open for registration!  Race 13.1 Charlotte, NC on 9/27, Race 13.1 Charleston, SC on 10/31 (get those Halloween running costumes ready!), and Race 13.1 Orlando, FL on 11/8! There are still more races to come, so stay tuned!
Don't forget to check out our 2015 Season Pass - you can run ALL 2015 Race 13.1 events for just $199
Multi-Race Medals 

These are our new multi-race medals for 2015! This year, in addition to the 3x medal, we'll also have a 7x and 13x medal! The more races you run, the more medals you get! The medals will be given out individually each time you hit the next milestone, but you can attach them to each other for one big medal!
Tip of the Month                                   

Our 2015 race season kicks off this weekend with Race 13.1 Wilmington, NC, so there's no better time to start thinking about Fueling for Race Day. One of the most important aspects of a successful race is fuel. Running on an empty tank or a tank filled with foreign substances almost guarantees a crash on race day, which is the last thing you want after months of training. Here are three tips to take you into race day properly fueled.

1. Never, ever eat anything new the night before or morning of the race.

If you’re traveling to a race, you may be tempted to try the local fare. North Carolina is famous for BBQ, but if you’re not used to eating BBQ the night before a long run, don’t try it now. Wait until after the race to celebrate with a pile of pulled pork and hushpuppies. Similarly, if you’re used to eating cereal before a long run, don’t switch to scrambled eggs and bacon from the hotel continental breakfast.

2. Don’t overdo the carbs the night before.

If you’re not used to eating an entire box of pasta the night before a long run, don’t do it the night before a race despite all the advice you’ve heard to “carb up.” Rather than stuffing in all the carbs you can the night before, I suggest gradually increasing your carb intake for 2-3 days leading up to a race. 

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