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Compare your results with all Race 13.1 runners! Race 13.1 Series Scoring allows Race 13.1 participants to compare their scores with thousands of others across the U.S. Whether you ran in the mountains or at the beach, in June or in November, our series scoring system allows an accurate comparison across all Race 13.1 events.  

Run multiple events? Great! You can compare your average score. Had one bad race? No problem - we only use your top three results! Click here to learn more and see  current standings for 2016! 
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Tip of the Month: Don't Shun the Run-Walk Method!

There may be a stigma attached to using the run-walk method, but this training technique might just be what you need to improve your form and fitness for your next race! This month's tip comes from

There is often a stigma attached to runners who utilize a run/walk method in their training. Many new runners don’t feel that “real runners” respect them if they aren’t running the entire distance, while experienced runners often shun the concept of a run/walk, even when it might be a useful training tool.

However, as a new or experienced runner, you shouldn’t be ashamed of utilizing the run/walk method. When implemented correctly, it’s an effective training method that can help you increase your fitness faster, recover from hard workouts, and return from injury with less chance of relapse. [CONTINUE READING]
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After registering for a Race 13.1 event, be sure to like our Facebook page and RSVP to the race Facebook event where we'll post updates leading up to the race! A list of Facebook events can be found here! More will be added soon, so check back periodically!
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