Race 13.1 - The Extra Mile, December 2016 Edition      
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Race 13.1 Runners! 
We wish you and your families a joyful holiday season!
We look forward to seeing you accomplish even more in 2017!
Race News

- Holiday Promotion: Get a jumpstart on your 2017 race goals and save $10 on your next Race 13.1 event with code Race2017  through January 2! Click here to check out all of the 2017 races that are open for registration so far, and stay tuned as additional races are opened in the coming weeks! Remember, "A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot." We can't wait to see what you conquer in 2017! 
  • Please note: This discount is only valid on Race 13.1 series events, excluding the BGR Greensboro Meet-Up and The Greenbrier Half Marathon. This discount cannot be combined with the Race 13.1 Season Pass and cannot be applied to prior purchases. Valid through 1/2/17.
- 2017 Schedule: We're excited to announce the opening of two brand new Race 13.1 events in Lansing, MI (6/18) and Grand Rapids, MI (8/12), as well as a brand new Race 13.1 Destination Race, The Greenbrier Half Marathon (details below)! Registration is also now re-opened for our Raleigh-Fall (10/7) and Little Rock (10/8) races!

- Race 13.1 Season Pass: The Race 13.1 Season Pass will pay for itself after just three half marathons, so the more you run, the more you save! Purchase the season pass, and you'll only pay $15 for any Race 13.1 event you'd like to run within 365 days from date of purchase. Click here to learn more!
Introducing the Debut of Race 13.1 Destination Races:
The Greenbrier Half Marathon
If you're looking for a last minute holiday gift for someone (or yourself!), we have just what you're looking for! We're excited to introduce The Greenbrier Half Marathon, a brand new luxury destination race at one of the finest luxury resorts in the world, The Greenbrier! Half marathon, 10k and 5k runners will be treated to a course with minimal elevation gain run along some of the country’s best golf courses at the base of some of West Virginia’s most breathtaking mountain ranges. Run exclusively on the 11,000-acre grounds of the world-class Greenbrier Resort that has played host to 26 of our country’s 44 presidents and has long been a favorite destination of royalty, celebrities and business leaders.   

Take advantage of early bird pricing available through Monday, December 26 and join us for a luxury destination race like no other on May 21, 2017! Click here to register and get all the race details, and stay tuned for more Race 13.1 Destination Races to come!

This Greenbrier Half Marathon is a Race 13.1 Destination Race but is not included as a series event. Season passes and race bucks can not be used towards the registration of this event.
Monthly Motivation  
Tip of the Month: The Benefits of Winter Running
With 2017 just around the corner, it is important to keep in mind the benefits of making exercise a habit. This article from the New York Times has great tips on doing just that!
Q: What's the best way to create a habit of exercising? I want to exercise regularly but its hard for me to do things daily.

A: You are not alone, especially now, when many of us make New Year’s resolutions to be more active, which we promptly break.

But there are ways to bolster your resolve, said Ryan Rhodes, a professor of behavioral medicine at the University of Victoria in British Columbia who studies exercise intention and compliance.

First, set a realistic goal, Dr. Rhodes said. “People who intend to exercise a lot, such as four or more times a week, are more likely not to meet those intentions,” he said, than people who aim lower.

Also, don’t undermine yourself at the outset. “Someone can plan to go to the gym Friday at 5:30 a.m. before work and do powerlifting,” he said. But if that person hates waking early, doesn’t enjoy the gym, and knows nothing about weight training, those intentions will evaporate. [CONTINUE READING]

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