Race 13.1 - The Extra Mile, November 2015 Edition      
Happy Thanksgiving, Race 13.1 Runners! 
We're thankful for you and we wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving! Take time to relax and remember all you're thankful for!

Race News

- Fall Race Season: Our final race of the season - the holiday-themed BCBSNC Race 13.1 Durham, NC half marathon, 10k & 5k - is less than three weeks away on Dec. 12! This is going to be our largest Race 13.1 event ever! We've added 500 more registration slots, so don't wait to sign up - register soon before it sells out!
- 2016 Schedule: We know many of you are patiently (or impatiently!) waiting to see more races added to our calendar! We hope to have our spring schedule finalized in the next few weeks, and we know you'll be excited about some of the new races we have planned! We plan to add 19+ races to the schedule that's posted now, so stay tuned to our website for calendar additions in the coming weeks and months!  

- Race 13.1 Season Pass: Experience great half marathons in great cities with a great community! The Race 13.1 Season Pass will pay for itself after just three half marathons, so the more you run, the more you save! Pay $150 for the season pass, and you'll only pay $15 for any Race 13.1 event you'd like to run, no matter the distance or location! Click here to learn more!
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Race 13.1 13x Runners!

Congratulations to James Howard and Amy Enz, who were our first two runners to earn their 13x Bonus Bling this year! James and Amy completed their 13th Race 13.1 event this year at BCBSNC Race 13.1 Asheville earlier this month! Way to go James and Amy!
Tip of the Month: Know when it’s safe to keep training—and when to back off.
The chillier weather most of us are starting to see often means cold and flu season is approaching. If you're determined like us, you might not want to take time off to let yourself recover. This month's tip from Runner's World can be helpful in determining if it's time to back off so you can heal fully!

Training with illness always presents a runner with a difficult situation. Most of us in sports medicine use the “neck check” as a guide. If you are ill with an upper respiratory infection (URI), it is considered reasonably safe to work out and compete as long as the symptoms are localized above the neck and you do not have a fever. If you have a fever, cough, sore throat, enlarged neck lymph nodes, muscle aches, or feel systemically ill, you should refrain from activity until you feel well.

From my personal experience, I usually feel better when I work out if I only have symptoms above the neck. If I feel worse during or after the exercise session, I back off. I also monitor my pulse first thing in the morning. If it's 10 to 15 beats per minute above my baseline, I reduce or skip my workout. If the illness is below the neck, I take rest days until the illness resolves. [CONTINUE READING]
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Race 13.1 Training Plans

Whether you're looking to set a new PR in the 10k or starting to train for your first half marathon, we're proud to offer FREE training plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for the 5k, 10k and half marathon! These training plans are an excellent tool to help you prepare for your next race, whether you're a seasoned pro or looking for a couch-to-5k program! 
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