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Procrastinating? Try This Trick

"Halve it, then halve it again"

I got this advice a while back from a friend. I was procrastinating on my yoga goals. Back then, I wanted to spend an hour on my practice. I was doing it at home, following along with a video available online that was, you guessed it, just about an hour long. So my goal, my plan made sense. But I wasn't doing it.

Instead of leaving the conversation at "I should be able to do this, it's a good plan," she told me a trick she'd learned: Take your goal, then cut it in half. Then, cut it in half again. That meant that all I had to commit to doing was 15 minutes of yoga.

I've remembered this and have suggested it to my own clients when they're facing procrastination challenges or simply a lack of time. One of my current clients works full time and has family responsibilities in the evenings and on weekends. But she's determined to apply for academic jobs this year, which means she needs to carve out time to work on applications. An hour -- the amount of time she wants to have -- is a tall order; 15 minutes is much more doable. And that means she's more likely to actually do the work.

My client isn't dealing with procrastination, but it's a challenge I'm on intimate terms with! A couple years back I listened to an interview with research psychologist Tim Pychyl, an expert on procrastination. Pychyl explained that it's often about "providing immediate mood repair." Instead of facing head-on a task that may be unpleasant, draining, or difficult, we chose not to do it -- and then we feel better! But of course in the long run, we harm ourselves. (See my Storify for more info and ideas from Pychyl.)

In my own life, I procrastinate on administrative tasks. I dislike putting together the materials that I send new clients. The task isn't a pleasant one for me. But it is something I must do! Instead of putting aside a big block of time to do it all in, I'm better off "halving it, then halving it again," at least in spirit. In practice that means breaking the task into small chunks.

I did this the other day, after a new client signed on to work with me. I did the administrative work over three different days, doing just a few minutes at a time. It made the work much more palatable. Over time, I might build a better, more efficient habit, but I'll never get there if I'm procrastinating.

That's the impetus behind the popular book Writing Your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day. The author, Joan Bolker, isn't saying you only need to do 15 minutes a day. But if you're not working on your dissertation at all -- an experience I know all too well! -- focusing on just 15 minutes can help you get started. And once you've started,  then you can work on building a good-for-you long-term habit. You'll never get there if you don't start small.

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