PROMERC Newsletter 1 - June 2015
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Dear reader,
The PROMERC project is an European funded project under FP7 dealing with the aim to develop protection measures for merchant ships against piracy. We contact you because our partners indicated that you might be possibly interested in our results.
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Facts & Figures

Full name: Protection Measures for Merchant Ships
Acronym: PROMERC
Duration: 24 months
Start date: 1 March 2014
Total budget: 3.13 M€
EC Funding: 2.22 M€



PROMERC - Consortium

The PROMERC Consortium consists of 9 active partners from 7 EU countries.

FLIR Systems UK

- Oldendorff

- UoA

- Uniresearch

European Commission

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 607685.

PROMERC aims to reduce the vulnerability of EU merchant fleets and maritime supply lines to criminal abduction and extortion and thereby reduce risk to mariners, shipping, and the environment, while also reducing costs. Read more...

Collaboration with IPATCH on joint database

IPATCH (Intelligent Piracy Avoidance using Threat Detection and Countermeasure Heuristics) aims to analyze current non-military measures against maritime piracy. At the end of the two projects, PROMERC and IPATCH counter piracy measure manuals will be combined as a single document/package. Read more...

Layered Defence

PROMERC will provide a layered approach to planning, routeing & threat reduction. This concept forms part of military doctrine. Read more...

Piracy and the monsoon season

The Indian monsoon has been known and used by mariners for centuries; indeed in the age of sail it shaped the patterns of trade between China and Africa. Now the monsoon seasons are closely linked to piracy in the Indian Ocean and mariners would be well advised to renew their understanding of the phenomenon. Read more...

Incorporating PEESLE in decision making

How can shipowners evaluate countermeasures? An introduction to PEESLE factors. Read more...

Development of an evolutionary routeing algorithm

A network of dynamic assets equipped with surveillance sensors (e.g. radar) operates to keep the vessel traffic in a given region of interest (ROI) under control. The problem addressed in this work is the coordination of the network by providing an optimal routing plan with respect to given objectives and given operational constraints for a temporal horizon of few days. Specifically, for the sea counter piracy scenario... Read more...

Related technologies - Development of SURPASS

SURPASS (an acronym for SURface Picture ASSessment) is a simulation model, which has been developed by TNO, for the process of maritime surface surveillance. Read more...

Scope of SAMI

SAMI works to foster and develop ever closer links to the commercial shipping industry, Cruise, Superyacht, Offshore Oil & Gas sectors and Ports – to ensure that the view of maritime security is properly and effectively represented. Read more...

Counter Piracy Training Competencies Model

Maritime professionals need to have specific competencies in order to accomplish their mission efficiently and effectively, which in other words is eventually the success of the protection of their merchant vessel transiting through a high risk area. Read more...

Recommendation on IMO Piracy Event Database

When  developing  the  database  to  catalog  piracy  events,  a  number  of  sources  were  considered.  These included the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and International Maritime Bureau (IMB).
Huw Davies
FLIR, PROMERC Project Coordinator

"There are a bewildering number of options available to shipping companies to mitigate the risk of piracy and to deter pirates with scant information regarding their operational effectiveness or the cost benefits of their use." Read more…
Sergio Funtò

"Engineering Ingegneria Informatica (EII) is very happy to participate in the PROMERC project as this allows us to get to know people, ideas, rules and traditions coming from the European merchant ships world." Read more...

Elisabeth Wilson

"The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) is pleased to be a part of PROMERC, a hugely important and significant maritime security project. For too long shipping has been left dealing with the problems of piracy, but without the solutions it needs." Read more...


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