Hot on the heels of our 3 releases arriving in a week or 2 (Bal Paré, Mixed Feelings, and Le Cliché), we are opening up preorders for 3 more releases coming out the end of Jan or first week of Feb 2015

MR-043  Tse-Tse "Land In Sicht" LP
MR-044  Laika "Silver Apples Of The Moon" LP
MR-045  Post Industrial Noise "The Official Anthology" LP

Here are the descriptions/links/covers:

MR-043  Tse-Tse "Land In Sicht" LP    $18

Medical Records returns to Germany for another piece of the Neue Deutsche Welle story with the reissue of the one and only album by Tse-Tse.  Long out of print from it’s original 1983 pressing on Neuland Tonträger, it is due to be heard again. Tse-Tse were Claas Melhop and Clement Hülse. The duo met in Hamburg at a disco.  While Claas was a medical student and trained flutist, Clem was a school drop out playing in a German punk band (Hermann’s Ogrie) which he joined when he was only 16. They hit it off and spent a lot of time listening to early Human League, Virgin Prunes and other oddball stuff from the time.  In between hanging out at trendy bars at some point, Clem took a tiny toy Casio keyboard over to Claas’s place.  They began improvising and playing through the home stereo.  The drum machine sounds were simply whatever was built into the cheap gear, and everything was recorded on a cassette tape player. The songs came together quite easily with key changes and rhythms evolving quite instinctively. A friend of the band ran an independent record label and insisted they go into the studio. They recreated their homemade tunes and added some vocals, sax, bass, and effects. They did use a Korg MS20 and Roland Drumatix which they now had access to.  Following the recording, Clem moved to Berlin and later London.  He played in multiple grunge bands, but none of them had any use for the novelty toy synthesizers (which at this point were deteriorating rapidly).  Back in Hamburg, Claas finished the album but shortly thereafter he suffered a serious car accident.  Sadly the entire project suffered a premature end, and none of the pieces were ever performed live. Clement is still playing in bands today and works as a web designer.  Claas eventually finished his medical degree and moved to Berlin.  He continued to play music with Temple Fortune who released several albums. He is now an established psychiatrist.  The album is a very interesting hybrid of minimal instrumentals interspersed with unique more melodic tracks with vocals.  There seems to be an almost prog element (in the most stripped down of fashions) and a clear knack for experimentation. After the brief intro, the first track “Land In Sicht” highlights the duo’s mastery of novelty keyboards highlighted by restrained use of synth and bass guitar with moody vocals.  Whereas the first side tends to feature more traditional style synth oriented tracks with vocals (though still quirky and atypical), the second side evolves into long convoluted instrumental pieces with samples and an array of synths and drum machines in a more heady fashion. Highly recommended for fans of the Neue Deutsche Welle genre and especially those fans of Die Gesunden, instrumental tracks of Der Plan, and even the synth stylings of Soft Cell.  Remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage Studios, UK.  Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight green transparent vinyl.  Limited Edition.

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MR-044  Laika "Silver Apples Of The Moon" LP    $18

Medical Records continues on it’s exploration of seminal 1990s reissues with the 1994 masterpiece “Silver Apples Of The Moon” by England’s Laika.  Originally released on the iconic Too Pure label in 1994, this record has long been out of print on vinyl.   The members of Laika hailed from various interesting places.  Margaret Fiedler was actually born in Chicago but relocated to London to pursue musical interests and was one of the vocalists and songwriters for Moonshake (also on Too Pure) as well as a previous member of Ultra Vivid Scene.  Guy Fixsen was (and still is to this very day), a renowned audio engineer and producer.  In fast, he was involved in the infamous production of My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless”. The bass player John Frenett was also in Moonshake and left that band the same time as Fiedler after their first USA tour.  The drummer, Lou Ciccotelli, had previously played in Kevin Martin’s band God.  The band also had a saxophonist, Louise Elliot.   “Silver Apples Of The Moon” was Laika’s first album and is almost unclassifiable.  Taking a very forward-thinking approach, the sound is the result of a very unique equation of live drums/percussion, layered guitars/samples, and diverse analog tones that all fuse together to form a hypnotic polyrhythmic combination that was truly original.  Too Pure was known for it’s cutting edge roster including Seefeel, Mouse On Mars, and Pram.  Laika was certainly no exception to these game-changing artists. The opening track “Sugar Daddy” explodes from the first note into a percussive frenzy that is quite dizzying before it smolders a bit and is layered with various samples that propel the track. “Coming Down Glass” exudes a more mutated trip-hop form with thick powerful bass lines. Other standout tracks include the intense “Red River” and the harder track “44 Robbers”.  While it is exceedingly difficult to draw any similarities of this album with other artists, one can make loose associations (or at least influenced by) some of the most challenging percussive experiments of Miles Davis, the brilliant exotica of Martin Denny, and the gut churning bass magic created by Jah Wobble in early PIL.  Fans of the crucial and long lasting mark left by the Too Pure artists such as Pram and the like will definitely need to own this album if they have never heard it.  For most fans, the original vinyl LP was not available or accessible (especially in the USA).  The masters for which this reissue is sourced were directly transferred from the vinyl master source material courtesy of Beggars Limited with the utmost care and quality.  The LP jacket features similar original artwork, and the LP contains a bonus insert with an engaging interview and write up by Dave Segal featuring exclusive interviews with Guy Fixsen and Margaret Fiedler.  Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight colored vinyl.

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MR-045  Post Industrial Noise "The Official Anthology"  LP    $18

Medical Records in collaboration with Crispy Nuggets ( is proud to present a collection of tracks by Post Industrial Noise.  PIN was an “audio artsemble” conceived in 1982 in Columbus, Ohio by the trio Robert Crise Jr, Gerald F. Nelson, and Dana Riashi Ritchey.  They started on a drum machine, guitars, and vocals but quickly evolved to one member on synths and two guitarists on occasional synths. Robert Crise Jr maintained a studio titled “The Center For Contemporary Realism” where he conceived most of the lyrics for PIN. Gerald F. Nelson was a local performance artist, and Dana Riashi (OSU art student) claimed to be the “idea-mediator” between Robert and Gerald.  Robert produced a flexidisc of PIN material through an Ohio Arts Council grant and distributed it through the OSU art tabloid “Dialogue”.  The accompanying article from Cleveland’s Spaces Gallery noted PIN to have “redigested their input from influence bands such as Tangerine Dream, PIL, and Kraftwerk, to produce their own unique sound”.  PIN performed mainly in galleries and occasionally clubs at the time.  They produced a cassette release and were soon feeling the pressure to specialize towards more concrete art performance or club venues. It was this pressure that soon led all activity of PIN to a strangling halt unfortunately. Robert soon left Ohio for graduate studies in Detroit where he remains a “future archeologist” today. Gerald and Dana then proceeded to form the outfit Near Paris (reissued on Medical Records in 2013).  The output of PIN could be described a more experimental/minimalist offshoot of new wave with pleasant synth sequences blanketed in rich synth tones. Fans of Near Paris will obviously draw comparisons, but the overall feel of PIN is a bit darker and possibly more lo-fi in all aspects.  The opening track “Sketch” has a definite cold wave vibe with slightly echoed vocals over a subtle drum machine beat and monotonous synth lines.  “Prelude” is a deep instrumental cut with synth and sample interplay resulting in a hypnotic slab of brilliance.  The tracks on this collection have been restored from the original analog tape reel for this reissue.  For fans of the previously reissued Near Paris and other synth outfits such as Chris & Cosey, early 80s new wave, and even more edgy artists such as Suicide.  Remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage Studios, UK.  Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight colored vinyl. 

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Releases On The Horizon:

April 2015
MR-046  TBA LP by solo project of Kip Uhlhorn (Cloudland Canyon)
MR-047  Peine Perdue "Disparition" LP
MR-048  Kitty "S/T" LP

Record Store Day 2015 late April 2015
MR-049  v/a Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 3

June 2015
MR-050  Pram "The Stars Are So Big…" LP
MR-051  Pram "Helium" LP
+ one more surprise


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Lou Champagne System "No Visible Means"                       MR-009            $10
Dalek I "Compass Kum'pas"                                                   MR-010            $10
Christof Glowalla "Erde 80" 10"                                             MR-014            $11
Tony Carey "Explorer and Yellow Power" 2LP                     MR-016            $18
Gina X Performance "Nice Mover"                                         MR-017            $18 (LOW)
Body 11 "Youth"                                                                     MR-023              $18
Laugh Clown Laugh "S/T"                                                     MR-025              $14
Play "Red Movies"                                                                  MR-026              $14
Paul Nelson "Vortex" LP                                                        MR-024               $18 (LOW)
Illustration Sonore "Undisciplined Strips Of Emotions"    MR-027               $18 (LOW)
V/a Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 1 LP                              MR-028               $16
Aloa "S/T" LP                                                                          MR-029                $18
Roladex "Anthems For The Micro Age" LP                           MR-030              $18 (LOW)
Alexander Robotnick "Ce N'Est Q'Un Début" 3rd pressing MR-002              $14
Gay Cat Park "Synthetic Woman" LP 2nd pressing             MR-012              $14

Alexander Robotnick "Vintage Robotnicks" LP                  MR-032               $18 (LOW)
V/A Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 2 - Fuzz Dance LP        MR-033                $16

Severed Heads "Since The Accident" LP                              MR-034              $18

Severed Heads "City Slab Horror" LP                                    MR-035              $18

Kline Coma Xero "S/T"                                                             MR-036              $18

Rollerskate Skinny "Shoulder Voices" LP                            MR-037              $18

IKO '83 LP                                                                                MR-038              $18
Null And Void "Happiness And Contempt / Montage Morte" LP
MR-039                    $18
((PRESSURES)) / Roladex Split 7"                                       MR-030              $8.50

Bal Paré "Early Recordings" LP                                           MR-040              $18
Mixed Feelings "Remnants" LP    "S/T"                             MR-041                $18
Le Cliché "Consumer Behaviour" LP                                  MR-042               $18


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