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At Tailster, whether it's us, our owners or our carers, we're one big bunch of pet lovers. So don't you want to know some of the best animal stories going on around the world? Whether they're laugh out loud, health-related or even on the scary side, we've played sheepdog and done the round-up for you!

Panda-monium as Chinese cafe dyes dogs to look like pandas 

A Chinese cafe has faced widespread criticism after painting their Chow Chow puppies to resemble pandas… Yes, really. 

The cafe is in the south-west Sichuan province which is home to a large number of the endangered bear species. You can even pay for your own pooch to undergo a panda transformation there and then whilst you wait. 

But critics are concerned that these poor pups are being used to make money with little consideration for their health, especially as the dye could harm their skin. 

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Dogs sniff out 3,000-year-old burial sites in Croatia

Archaeologists have discovered iron age tombs in a Croatian hilltop fort with the help of scent dogs. The burial chests contain human bones dating back nearly three thousand years!

The heroic dogs in question? The trusty German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. The classic police dogs had been used to sniff out graves in criminal investigations so had the perfect skills needed for this case. 

The dogs were so accurate that experts are keen to use canines sniffers as it’s far less destructive than many traditional methods. Good job doggie detectives! 

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Emotional support dogs kicked off plane 

Two French Bulldogs and their owners have been removed from a plane after the cross pooches refused to stop barking. 

The plane was all set for take-off from Gatwick when the Bulldogs took a disliking to other passengers and started relentlessly barking. The dogs were fully verified support animals – meaning they were supposedly trained to sit on an anxious flyer’s lap to keep them calm during the flight. 

The crew doubted they were support animals at all, questioning whether the owners were trying to get the pups across the pond on the cheap. The captain made the decision to boot the disgruntled dogs and their owners off the flight to save the dogs from undue stress and the rest of the passengers a nine-hour flight from hell. 

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Driving with your pet? Strap ‘em up or face fines 

A study has shown that driving with a pet running loose in the car can cause drivers unnecessary stress and distraction – shock horror.  

Whether it’s a seat belt harness, pet carrier or crate, drivers are urged to invest in a proper restraint for their pets. If you fail to do so, you could find your insurers won’t pay out due to careless driving and up to £5,000 in fines. 

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Doggy swimming pool set to open April 2020

News just in! There's a swimming pool for four-legged friends coming early next year.... Norwich locals rejoice – it's coming to a patch near you and us humans are invited to jump in for a dip with the dogs too!

The Doggy Paddle – an excellent name – will be a pleasant 29C all year round. The pool will be fully decked out with life jackets and water toys to make even the water-averse feel comfortable, and you don’t even have to spare a thought for dangerous water currents in this pool. Just dive straight in and enjoy.

Swimming comes highly recommended by vets as it’s been proven to improve canine fitness, joint health and body condition. So, would you take the plunge and swim with your hound?

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Top 10 pet names for 2020 revealed… 

Country Living has rounded up the top pet names for 2020 just for you. Naming your pet is one of the biggest decisions you have to make as a new owner. Many of us turn to the big screen for inspiration with names such as Simba and Lady being top of the charts. 

But the top ten is just for starters. Here at Tailster, we’ve put together our own list after taking a look at over 300,000 pets in our database. So if you fancy doing a deeper dive, check out our top 100 pet names here.

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Obsessed with your pet? Blame the Victorians

Whilst many blame Millenials for our barking mad obsession with treating our pets as fur-babies, historians have been delving deep to work out when our close bond with pets became the norm. 

Pre-19th century, pets were seen as a bizarre luxury – in those days, animals needed to earn their keep or else find themselves plated up. Fast forward several decades and historians started seeing birds hanging in cages and pedigree pups cropping up left, right and centre. It’s thought that Victorian parents had a similar idea to the modern-day parent – give your child a pet, teach them responsibility. Sure. 

Cats weren’t quite as popular as our loyal canine companions, they were still working animals whose main purpose was to keep mice to a minimum. Because of their day job, cats weren’t as well-fed as other pets since they needed that peak prey drive, so they got themselves a bit of a reputation as sly, devious characters when pinching their next meal. Fear not though, the popular feline secured its spot as one of the nation’s top pets by the 20th century. 

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9 signs your dog doesn’t actually like you (awkward)

We came across this article on ‘surprising’ ways to tell your dog isn’t your number one fan. Surprising? Definitely not. If your dog is behaving in any of the ways described in this article, we’re pretty sure you’ll already know your pup doesn’t like you. 

When trying to turn your relationship with an untrusting pooch, make sure you give the dog plenty of space and time to make them feel safe. Avoid any sudden movements that could give your dog a fright and encourage them to associate you with all things good and delicious like toys and treats. 

To read up on what your dog’s body language really means, check out our very own blog post here

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How to help a grieving dog cope with loss

Dogs struggle to cope with the loss of a loved one, just like humans do. Whether it’s the loss of an owner or their canine companion, the absence of their best friend can really affect our pets. 

When there’s a big change in your pooch’s home, you can be sure they’ll notice. Your dog will pick up on any changes in your behaviour or daily routine on top of the obvious hole their loved one will have left. 

Some dogs will lose their appetite, wait by the door for their missing piece to come back or demand more love and affection from you. Or in this instance, a dog regularly came back to the bed he once shared with his best friend and left him enough space should he return for a nap despite him passing away the year before. 

The key is to give them time, and don’t rush into any big decisions like buying a new puppy to cheer them up. 

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