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At Tailster, whether it's us, our owners or our carers, we're one big bunch of pet lovers. So don't you want to know some of the best animal stories going on around the world? Whether they're laugh out loud, health-related or even on the scary side, we've played sheepdog and done the round-up for you!

Low-cost car sensor can detect unattended children or animals 

Thanks to some brainy researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada, a new sensor has been developed that could save animals and children who have been left unattended in cars. 

The little gadget combines radar technology with artificial intelligence triggering an alarm when youngsters or pets are left alone in vehicles. 

Last year, a whopping 58 pets died after they were left in sweltering cars. Here at Tailster HQ, we’d love to see this become the new norm so these unnecessary deaths could be wiped out entirely. 

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New AI set to diagnose chronic pain in suffering pups

New research by the University of Surrey has produced a novel AI technique that could help diagnose a disease that affects a number of breeds.

From Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Chihuahuas to Boston Terriers and Pomeranians, these poor pooches are prone to a disease that causes a deformed skull and neck.

The pain is difficult for vets to clock – but, hopefully, not for long. The new technology would help identify patterns in MRI data, meaning vets could diagnose and help any pooches suffering from pain caused by the disease.

The data should also help vets when developing breeding recommendations around the predisposed pups. 

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Bull Terrier owner must pay €22,000 to girl bitten on face

If you’re a dog owner, it’s an all too familiar scenario: you’re out and about with your pooch, and someone approaches to ask if they can pet your four-legged friend. We’ve all been there. 

But for one owner, their worst nightmare was about to take place. A man in Portugal was perched in the open back of his car with his Terrier when the four-year-old daughter asked to stroke his canine companion. Suddenly, the dog turned and the child was bitten badly on the face.

The poor little girl has been left with a disfigured lip, and the owner of the biting Bull Terrier has been condemned to pay damages of €22,000. 

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Heartbreaking study finds shouting can leave dogs fearful long-term

A new study has shown that yelling at dogs will cause more harm than good. 92 pups took part in the experiment with 42 sent to enjoy reward-based training and 50 signed up to the aversion training. 

The canines lapping up the calm and patient teaching methods passed their class with flying colours, while the pooches braving the shouting and lead-jerking sessions seemed to pick up new tricks a lot slower than their happy counterparts. 

In fact, they showed much higher stress levels through their posture and even their saliva which contained high levels of cortisol when tested. 

So the moral of the story? Be kind to your pups – but we didn’t need to tell you that, did we? 

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Aggressive dogs to undergo compulsory training 

According to new plans being considered by the Government, owners of aggressive hounds will be expected to take their misbehaving mutts on training courses – much like the dreaded speed awareness courses!

These programmes are already a hit abroad, with France, Switzerland and Canada leading the charge. The lessons would focus on obedience, calming tactics and recognising trigger signs in their anti-social pups, police officers and dog wardens would have the authority to send an owner on the course when responding to complaints around the canine. 

We think it could be a great way to improve responsible dog ownership, but you can share your thoughts here.

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Pet passports on the up despite Brexit

Travelling with your pup can put a stop to worrying about them while you’re away, but it can be a right headache to arrange! 

From worming and vaccinations at least three weeks before travel to finding a vet on the other side before heading home, there’s a hefty to-do list. 

But with plenty of planning and preparation, the Pet Travel Scheme can work wonderfully for travellers, which has been proven by the increase in pup passports over the last few years! 

Not all four-legged companions are cut out for that high-flyer lifestyle. If that sounds like your pet, why not check out Tailster?

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Help save the planet with your furry friend

From food packaging to questionable ‘biodegradable’ poo bags, the pet owner essentials contribute a surprising amount of waste.

If you’re looking to make a change, here are six ways to get started on your sustainable pet ownership journey. 

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Cat owner discovers other woman in feline’s life

Pixie the Mexican kitty has been keeping a secret. His owner, Mary, had taken him in as a little kitten when he showed up on her doorstep one day and allowed him all the freedom he could ask for. 

But when Pixie returned one day with a brand new collar, Mary started questioning exactly what her little tinker had been up to. To get to the bottom of her cat’s secret adventures, she attached a note to his collar and awaited his return. 

And return he did – with a brand new note revealing his double life. Pixie even had a second name when visiting his other home!

The two families still swap notes from time to time just in case they double up on vaccinations or flea treatments. 

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16 Golden Retrievers spotted on train platform

Commuters were in for a treat while they waited for their train last week as they spotted 16 Golden Retrievers lined up on the opposite platform. The handsome hounds were shooting for the well-known animal charity, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. 

The model pups were on set for the charity’s annual calendar which raises money for animals in need. The gorgeous Goldens are bound to brighten up anyone’s day  – check out the snaps below.

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