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At Tailster, whether it's us, our owners or our carers, we're one big bunch of pet lovers. So don't you want to know some of the best animal stories going on around the world? Whether they're laugh out loud, health-related or even on the scary side, we've played sheepdog and done the round-up for you!

Five dog-toxic plants to avoid this autumn

What’s better than an autumnal dog walk? Wrapping up warm and crunching through jewel-toned leaves covering the forest floor is one of our favourite ways to spend a Saturday. 

But it’s a time to stay alert and watchful over your four-legged friend as they follow their nose through their daily playground. Naturally, they want to investigate almost everything they come across but there are five dog-toxic plants that could cut your walk short. 

At the top of the list are acorns and conkers. These autumnal features contain tannic acid which affects the liver and kidneys when eaten in high quantities. Next up, we’ve got the needles and seeds of the festive yew tree which can lead to death in critical cases and leaves from the horse chestnut trees which can cause gastrointestinal irritation, wooziness, spasms and even death. 

The last two, whilst beautiful to look at, are highly toxic to pets. Autumn crocuses and hydrangeas can both cause drooling, vomiting and diarrhoea. 

Read up on the toxic plants here

New map showing lungworm outbreaks across UK 

Pharmaceutical company Bayer has produced a map showing all reported outbreaks of lungworm across the UK, with Essex coming out on top as one of the UK's worst counties for lungworm infections. 

Lungworm is a parasite often found in snails and slugs which some dogs have a nasty habit of gobbling from the garden. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to lungworm with 9% of infected pups passing away. 

Regular worming treatments which cover lungworm come highly recommended by vets as well as removing all bowls and toys from the garden overnight – snails and slugs can slither across them leaving infected lungworm larvae in their tracks. 

See the map for yourself
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Microchipping faux ‘paw’ – dog owner fined more than £3,000

A man from York has been fined £3,200 after failing to keep his dogs under control. His Alaskan Malamutes repeatedly escaped his home with incorrectly registered microchips and at one point, were found wandering neighbouring properties including a children’s nursery – yikes. 

He had been issued a Community Protection Notice in November 2018 which required him to secure his home and keep his dogs under proper control. But in May 2019, his dogs ran out of sight whilst out on a walk and attacked a Cockapoo leaving the poor pooch with injuries requiring over one week of treatment at the vet. 

With Brexit looming ever closer, don't fall into the same trap as this chump. Always chip your pets! To read up on microchipping post Brexit, check out last week's NEWSletter – scroll down to article eight. 

Read the full story here

Experts reveal how much exercise your dog REALLY needs

Think you were down with how many minutes of walkies your dog longs for day after day? Think again. 

Healthy pet food pros Pure Pet Food have done a whole load of research to uncover just how much exercise is right for each breed of pet, from your bichons to your boxers. 

Here at Tailster, our dog walkers know that one rule doesn’t fit all though. So if you find that your Cavvie needs far more than 30 minutes a day to keep him or her entertained, we say listen to your pooch. Just be mindful of the research because sometimes our pets want more than their little (or large) bodies can handle! 

Read the exercise advice
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Police stick flags in dog mess to encourage clean up

“Is this your turd? ‘Cause that’s absurd” is just one of the many slogans sticking out of abandoned dog poop in Springfield, Missouri. US police are planting flags made of bamboo and recycled paper in a bid to encourage locals to clear up after their pooches. 

Back in the UK, Animal Friends conducted a survey which showed one in four Brits refuse to pick up their pet’s waste. A new law has in fact been introduced which sees messy pet owner’s copping fines of at least £80 if they are caught walking their pup with less than two waste bags on hand. 

If all else fails, maybe we’ll be seeing some flags flying over this side of the pond too... 

Check out the scoop here

Robo-pets keeping elderly care home residents company 

Twenty robotic pets have been donated to care homes in Lancashire after research showed the bots can help with loneliness and isolation, especially for those with dementia. 

The robo-pets fill a hole for many of the care home residents who miss having a pet of their own. The automated pets bark, meow, wag their tails and the cats will even purr when you stroke them. This way they can enjoy the best bits of having a furry companion by their side, without the need for a walk, grooming or remembering dinner time – ideal. 

A fundraising drive was organised by Lancashire County Council and Lancashire 50+ Assembly raised more than £1,800 which made the donation possible. 

Teen left cat for dead in washing machine 

Squeak the cat, suffocated and died after he was shut in a washing machine overnight by 17-year-old owner Harry Thompson. He failed to show any remorse in court – he reportedly laughed after discovering the cat had passed away. 

Thomson has been sentenced to two months in custody, a further two months under the Youth Offending Team’s supervision, and a pet ownership ban of five years under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. 

Do you think that’s a fair punishment? Let us know here.  

Read the full story here

Pets: health enhancers or health hazards? 

Does owning a pet improve our health? Some say yey while others cry nay. 

For a start, stroking a pet has been proven to lower both your heart rate and your pet’s – regardless of pet type apparently. Rumour also has it that pet owners make fewer visits to the doctor and have a better night’s sleep than their pet-lacking counterparts. 

Not only that, but studies have shown the bacteria brought into our homes by our pets roaming the great outdoors helps strengthen our immune systems in a world of anti-bac and hygiene hysteria. 

Being a pet owner demands financial security, so perhaps the link with good health, as some academics have considered, is more to do with access to cash rather than access to cuddles. One Finnish study even suggested owners are more, not less, likely to have higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

With dog bites and pet tripping hazards sending people on impromptu hospital visits every year, maybe they’re not as good for us as we thought? This week, The Guardian discusses in-depth...

Keep reading

Brits aren’t caring for their pet bunnies 

Often dubbed as the perfect ‘starter’ pet for young children, there’s a rising number of neglected bunnies across the UK. 

Gone are the days of popping your rabbit in a hutch in the back garden and shoving some muesli in a bowl every now and again. These animals need more care than you may have been led to believe. 

A study conducted across 6,349 pet rabbits has shown that a shocking number of bunnies are suffering from overgrown nails and teeth, anorexia and dirty fur which can lead to a deadly disease, flystrike. 

All of these medical conditions can be easily avoided if given the proper care and nutrition but a closer eye needs to be kept on your furry pal.

Six signs your rabbit needs more attention

Tortoise on wheels takes Instagram by storm

A baby tortoise by the name of Helix was born with a leg deformity leaving him with legs pointing skywards. But does that hold him back? Absolutely not. His owner attaches a small set of fingerboard wheels onto his shell to allow him to wheel himself about. 

With over 60,000 followers on social media and a full wheel wardrobe to choose from, Helix is an inspiration to literally thousands and has the fan art to prove it. Take a look here.

Watch Helix in action

And finally...

That's all for now folks!

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