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At Tailster, whether it's us, our owners or our carers, we're one big bunch of pet lovers. So don't you want to know some of the best animal stories going on around the world? Whether they're laugh out loud, health-related or even on the scary side, we've played sheepdog and done the round-up for you!

In the dog house...woman puts a roof over the heads of 27 unwanted disabled dogs

In Milton Keynes, word’s got out about the Mother Theresa to all sick pups – Claire-Louise Nixon and the 27-and-counting disabled dogs that she’s taken under her wing. 

The huge-hearted dog lover has opened her home to give pooches from all over the world, who have lost limbs because of landmines and bombing, a place to call their own. It all started with a cleft-lipped puppy who couldn’t suckle and was about to be put to sleep. Claire saved the little mite and the rest is history. 

As you can imagine, raising and rehabilitating this doggy gang is a full-time job, and so Claire dedicates all her time to caring for each and everyone, which involves extensive physio and hydrotherapy. She even runs her own charity Wheels to Paws UK that helps support all of the hobbling hounds across the country.

Meet Claire and the gang

A dog with a human-like face becomes overnight sensation

Yes, you read it correctly. 

Over the ocean in Seattle, there’s a pet pooch whose face is remarkably (and a tad alarmingly) human-like, and since making his social media debut, he’s gone viral. 

He goes by the name of Nori and is an Aussiepoo (aka an Australian Poodle cross) with expressive almond-shaped eyes and a full-on pink-lipped smile – seriously. 

See what all the fuss is about

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Introducing Faith, Britain’s loneliest dog

Faith has spent over 1000 nights in Bath's RSPCA kennels. The three-year-old brindle Staffie has been waiting almost three years for her perfect family to give her a chance. Faith was brought into the shelter when she was found evading traffic in 2017.

Having spent most of her life in the shelter, she’s desperate for love and affection. Faith loves nothing more than a snooze in your lap and has picked up plenty of tricks in her spare time.

She’s looking for a quiet home with a steady routine and plenty of walks. This shy Staffie doesn’t make new doggy pals as easily as others so she needs her confidence built up in that department. Could you be the pet parent she’s been waiting for? 

Get to know Faith

Curious George, the train-riding cat 

A seven-year-old tabby has been caught sneaking aboard public transport in Scotland. The travelling puss has been spotted as jumping on buses, trains and almost boarded a coach going 40 miles to Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park in Stirling with a group of school children. 

George’s escapades have captured the hearts of hundreds after a social media page was set up to help inform his elderly owners of his whereabouts. Elizabeth and Dennis, both 90, rescued George almost five years ago. He acts as a great companion to Dennis who suffers from dementia – when he’s within cuddling distance that is. 

Take a peek at George’s travels

You’d better Belieb it – $35,000 for Justin Bieber’s new exotic pet cats, and PETA isn’t happy

New to the celebrity pet circuit are freshly-wed Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin (now Biebs), who last week welcomed brother and sister duo, Sushi and Tuna, to the family. But these are two kitties that don’t need to rely on their popular parents for status. Being rare Savannah kittens, the Biebers parted with $35,000 (roughly £28,000) for the pretty pair – something which animal rights organisation, PETA, promptly pounced on with criticism aplenty.

The root of the backlash? PETA believed the Biebers are fuelling the designer pet trend rather than bucking it to back the homeless, rescue cats of the world. 

Not one for being afraid of speaking his mind and standing up for his own beliefs, Justin fired back at PETA to ‘suck it’ and to use their time on ‘real problems’ like poaching and brutality. 

What do you say? Touché or touchy? 

See the controversial cats for yourself

Uber launches pet-on-board pilot feature

Anybody who’s tried hopping into an Uber with their pet sidekick only to be told to hop right back out will appreciate how frustrating it can be to find a pet-friendly ride. It’s time wasted for the drivers too of course, and so Uber has just announced it’ll be piloting a new pet feature in a handful of US cities from 16th October. 

Uber Pet gives you the option to request only drivers who’ll welcome you and your furry friend with open arms. There will be a small surcharge – your pet will have to pay its way – which Uber has announced will mainly go straight into the driver’s pocket. 

Fingers crossed it’ll be a roaring success and can make its way over to British shores in the very distant future! 

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New study shows second-hand smoke affects pets too

Passive smoking is affecting thousands of pets across the UK a new study has shown. Experts suggest that pups who live with smokers are 60% more likely to suffer from lung cancer and cats are twice as likely to develop malignant lymphoma

It’s estimated that pets living with even one smoker could be exposed to a shocking 3,285 cigarettes a year. The study showed that 78% of smokers involved in the research admitted they knew it couldn’t be good for their pets and a further 68% indicated they would consider stubbing out their bad habit if a vet confirmed it was affecting the health of their pets. 

Read the facts
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Brexit – what does it mean for pets & their passports

The word on everyone’s lips – Brexit – is a big deal for our pets too you know. If we do break away from the EU on 31st October, it’ll have an impact on anybody with plans to travel across Europe, pet in tow, in the aftermath, and indeed thereafter. So what is it that you need to know?

The Hereford Times this week published a handy article detailing the new rules that’ll come into play for all pet owners to be aware of, from the certificates you need for travel to the strict timeline for blood tests

Heading to the likes of Malta or Finland? Better check your pet’s tapeworm treatment is ready to go, because it’ll need to be done and dusted one-five days before you jet off. Have your pet’s vaccination history to hand? If no, then you’d better unpack your bags. And what about the country status side of things? The guidance changes depending on whether we become a Part I, II or III listed country.

Head-scratching? Better brush up on your Brexit. 

Brexit pet travel advice this way

The loss of a pet and compassionate leave – does the law need to change?

Did you read about the case in Glasgow of a devastated pet owner whose treasured terrier Millie passed away and was subsequently fired for taking a day of leave to grieve? 

Shockingly, grief-stricken Emma McNulty called her manager to explain she felt too shocked and upset to come into work that day because of the death of her pet only to be told, if she didn’t find cover, she would be at risk of dismissal. Unable to arrange somebody to cover her shift, she was subsequently asked to leave the company

It’s thrown up the question of whether legislation should change to reflect employer compassion in bereavement cases, for pets and people alike? Head to our Instagram conflab to tell us what you think! 

Read the full article

Could the misunderstood rat actually be the perfect pet? 

Is it time to stop all the rat hate? The little critters have been viewed as pest rather than pet for centuries thanks to their disease spreading ways during the Great Plague, but they have a growing fan base who claim they make the perfect pet

If you’re looking for a pet you can find an emotional connection with but lack the time it takes to walk a dog, a Fancy Rat (a genuine breed rather than a ritzy rat) could be your answer. Whilst many small rodents make skittish, nervous pets with a tendency to bite, Fancy Rats are in fact bred specifically to have a friendly, curious, affectionate disposition

The biggest problem with falling for a Fancy Rat? Their life span. Since they only live around three years, you have to make the most of every rodent moment. 

Meet the Fancy Rat here

Introducing the women at the forefront of animal welfare

Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur founded the Unbound Project, a multimedia documentary championing females – from vets to animal activists – fighting the good fight for animal welfare

One of these women is Juliana Casteñeda who has been saving animals since she was just seven-years-old. She even brought home a little (human) boy once – sadly not as uncommon as you might hope in Columbia – and fed him in her room until he was discovered by her own mother. One of the latest rescues? Gita the cow who was liberated from a slaughterhouse. Juliana brought her home to live out her days in Columbia with her new family of pigs, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens. 

Then there’s Sneha Shrestha in Nepal, who openly admits to never being an animal lover – she now owns a dog shelter with over 100 dogs ruling the roost. She felt the switch after her husband brought home a new puppy, Zara, who left her head over heels. Sadly, Zara was poisoned by a disgruntled neighbour who disliked the pups barking. Sneha opened the shelter in Zara’s honour following a newfound empathy for unloved street dogs

Over in Thailand, there’s Lek Chailert who runs a slightly bigger operation – the Elephant Nature Park. She first witnessed the abuse suffered by the gentle giants on an elephant logging camp when she was just 16 years old. Since opening the sanctuary in 1996, Lek has been taking on ex-elephant handlers to care for the animals as the demand for elephant-based ‘entertainment’ slowly changes. Tourists can even stay and take care of the elephants for a week or two instead of riding them which is increasingly seen as cruel. Despite the kindness that emanates from Lek, there have been multiple attempts on her life as she threatens this highly lucrative tourist attraction in Thailand. 

See the sanctuaries for yourself

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