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At Tailster, whether it's us, our owners or our carers, we're one big bunch of pet lovers. So don't you want to know some of the best animal stories going on around the world? Whether they're laugh out loud, health-related or even on the scary side, we've played sheepdog and done the round-up for you!

Paw-less pup finds loving new home in Scotland

Tally the paw-less Shar-Pei is one lucky pup. The gorgeous girl was rescued and rehomed with a lovely family in Scotland after she was found chained to a tree stump in Romania. 

She was probably only eight months old when she suffered a brutal act of cruelty and had her two front paws chopped off. But rather than fear people when she was found, she met them with a waggy tail – consider our hearts melted. 

It took over six months to get poor Tally over to the UK and the vets who treated her were shocked to find her bones had become infected. Tally’s now recovering in her new home and a fresh set of wheels to help her walk properly. 

The charity is now looking to raise £10,000 to fit 15-month-old Tally with prosthetics as well as her friends! You can donate here.

Take a look at Tally

Meet Daikichi and Fuku-Chan – the travelling cats of Instagram

Introducing the luckiest rescue cats we’ve ever come across – Daikichi and Fuku-Chan. These two rascals have been exploring Japan for the last three years in their owner’s arms, bike basket and leads. 

They started travelling with their owner after the rescue cats became frustrated with his frequent business trips. After numerous complaints about their antics whilst he was away, the fluffy duo’s owner decided they’d better join him. 

From Mount Fuji to the cherry blossoms of Kyoto and the ‘Floating’ Torri gate in Hiroshima, these feline friends have seen it all. You can even follow their adventures on their Instagram here.

But what if you can’t take your unruly feline wherever you go? Well, look no further. Tailster can hook you up with a cat sitter, no problem. 

Show me the travelling cats

Adorable elephant helps tortoise off the road 

News just in! A video of a baby elephant stopping in his tracks to help a little lost tortoise out of danger’s way has taken the internet by storm. 

The unlikely – but heartwarming – friendship blossomed as the young elephant nudged the tortoise with his trunk to help him on his way out of the road. 

See it for yourself
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Man verbally abused for owning guide dog

When you’re visually-impaired, being matched up with a guide dog can be life-changing. But a man has been accused of being ‘cruel’ for having a working pooch by an animal rights campaigner.

Jonathan Attenborough and his guide dog Sam were paired over 18-months-ago. The duo was out with a friend recently when they were approached by a middle-aged woman who took issue with the working dog. 

The activist claimed the dog didn’t choose to become a guide dog and it wasn’t fair for Sam to be expected to work. She even questioned whether Sam was looked after properly. 

Guide dogs undergo months of training until they’re up to the task and once in their homes, the working pups are kept in top nick with regular health checks and only the best food. 

What do you think? Let us know here.

Get the full scoop here

Grandmother in coma after ‘spiteful’ Siamese cat attack

A 65-year-old woman has been left in a coma after her ‘spiteful’ cat, Chan, scratched her. She contracted a flesh-eating disease and was left fighting for her life after she developed sepsis, septic shock, organ failure and pneumonia.

The poor woman was placed in a medically-induced coma after doctors performed emergency surgery to remove the infected tissue for five days in order for her to recover from the nasty scratch. 

Chan has since been rehomed after she spent six weeks in hospital undergoing multiple operations and skin grafts.

Many people think of cats as the ideal low maintenance pet for the elderly but paired with weakened immune systems and scratchy nature of some felines, could they be less friend and more foe? Have your say here

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Fireworks take the life of 18-week-old puppy

A petition calling for the end of random fireworks after a little terrier puppy died of a heart attack has gone viral on social media. The poor 18-week-old pup had a heart attack caused by the loud fireworks in the area.

The dog’s owner posted the sad news on Facebook which has now been shared a remarkable 67,000 times – proving she’s not alone in her desire to see the fireworks come to a close or at least find a better alternative. 

One town in Italy banned loud fireworks in 2015, switching to 'silent' fireworks – showing only the much-loved colourful lights. Here at Tailster, we’d love to see a move towards a more pet-friendly firework season! 

Vote in our poll to let us know what you think of fireworks – is it time for them to go or are they all part of the festivities? 

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Ruff luck for dog walkers stuck in the mud after ‘wrong turn’

A couple found themselves in a sticky situation earlier this week when they popped out for a dog walk and ended up stuck in the mud in Lincolnshire after an apparent wrong turn. 

Brian and Jean Garrett went the wrong way whilst out on a beach walk with their dogs, Penny and Lucy, leaving them fighting for freedom from their sludgy surrounds for a full 40 minutes! The pair were eventually rescued by the emergency services who battled the incoming tide to free the couple. 

The husband and wife were covered from head to toe in mud – shock, and their dogs, Penny and Lucy, were shivering. 

Don’t do a Brian and Jean – make sure you’re aware of your surroundings when out and about, especially in dangerous terrains like muddy beaches! 

Read more here

Heartbroken cat owner hired a private detective for £1,000 to find missing pet

A woman from Sevenoaks has hired a private detective after her beloved Siamese cat, Kobe went missing. The owners have been searching for the roaming feline for over three months, setting up social media pages in the process, and decided it was time to get professional help. 

The family fear that the designer kitty may have been stolen as they can see the feline’s movements right up to the afternoon he went missing thanks to his high-tech collar. The collar was later found abandoned in a field, with no trace of Kobe. 

According to Kobe’s owner, three more Siamese cats have gone missing in the area since the much-loved pet vanished leading her to think someone must be behind these disappearances. 

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Vets warn foreign pets could bring diseases into UK

As the trend to adopt needy pooches from abroad continues to rise, British vets have issued a health warning as these pups can carry life-threatening diseases to the UK.

With the numbers of dogs imported to the UK through the Pet Travel Scheme doubling since 2013, the desire to rescue dogs from Romania, Cyprus and Morrocco show no sign of slowing down. 

But vets are concerned about parasites like Leishmaniasis, often found in the Mediterranean that can prove fatal in our canine friends. Heartworm and hepatozoonosis are also major threats to the UK’s doggie population. 

Far from discouraging people from adopting from overseas, The British Veterinary Association is urging political parties standing in the General Election to make health checks for dogs brought into the country mandatory. 

Read the facts here

Top three most stealable breeds revealed

Dog theft is any owner’s worst nightmare. Gone are the days of leaving your pup tied up outside the grocery store whilst you do your weekly shop. With dog theft cases continuing to rise, police have urged dog owners to remain vigilant. 

New Dog Theft research has also revealed the top three breeds most at risk of being ‘napped: Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniels and Labradors, with any designer breed also finding a target on their heads.

Pet Theft has put together a list of top tips to prevent dog-napping of the nation’s pooches so we can keep our beloved canine friends safe and sound. 

Show me the list

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We’re a curious bunch here at Tailster HQ. A few months ago we set up the Tailster Pet Panel so we could ask the UK’s pet-fanatics our burning questions.

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That's all for now folks!

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