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January 2015

Welcome to the January edition of NSW CID e-news. 

Find the latest news and information for people with intellectual disability - plus links to training workshops, conferences and interesting resources.

Please send us any information you would like to see included in our e-news:

In this edition we have:

Our Voice to meet Parliamentary Committee

Our Voice is a group of people with intellectual disability who are part of Inclusion Australia.  NSW CID Chairperson Michael Sullivan is our representative on Our Voice.  Members of Our Voice provided very valuable input to NSW CID’s Getting the Best from the NDIS conference in 2014.  To view their presentation click here.

Now, the NDIS Committee of Federal Parliament has agreed to meet with Our Voice.This will be a great opportunity for key politicians to hear direct from people with intellectual disability on how the NDIS can be improved.

NSW mental health plan has no action for people with intellectual disability

NSW CID is very alarmed by the lack of specific action on the mental health of people with intellectual disability in the NSW Government’s response to its Mental Health Commission’s Strategic Plan. Click here to view the plan.
The Mental Health Commission set out clearly the fundamental problems facing people with intellectual disability in obtaining mental health care and provided practical steps for action. The Commission’s approach is in line with the outcomes from the National Roundtable on the Mental Health of People with Intellectual Disability which NSW CID convened in 2013. 
Mental Health Minister Guy Rowell stated that the Commission’s Strategic Plan “provides a 10 year roadmap for strengthening mental health care in NSW”. However, there is no specific provision for people with intellectual disability in the initiatives the government has announced.
NSW CID is seeking a meeting with the Minister.

Budget cuts - Disability industry shake up
The federal government has recently announced that it has cut $240 million in funding to advocacy peak bodies, many of which are disability specific NGOs. These include; Inclusion Australia (previously called National Council on Intellectual Disability), Down Syndrome Australia,  Australian Federation of Disability Organisations, Disability Advocacy Network of Australia, and all other single disability peak groups.

NSW CID sees this as a very negative step and is particularly concerned that there will be no funded national peak group focused specifically on people with intellectual disability. NSW CID will continue to advocate strongly on this issue.

eHealth records for people with intellectual disability

People with intellectual disability can register to have an eHealth record so that their health information is on a Commonwealth Government website. With their approval, doctors and hospitals can look at a person's eHealth record. NSW CID supports eHealth records which can help doctors to provide the best treatment and help you to be healthy.

People with intellectual disability should be given support to make their own decisions about having an eHealth record. However, even with good support, some people will not understand the eHealth records process. Therefore, closely involved supporters like family members can then apply to be an‘authorised representative’ for the person to make decisions about registration and management of the eHealth record. 

For more information and to register for an eHealth record click here. 

Run Projects recipient blogs
Run Projects recipients talk about their experiences. One Run Projects recipient who tried out some new exoskeleton technology in Japan writes about his experience in this blog entry, Learning to Walk Again.

Get More Skills
My Choice Matters will be running Get More Skills work shops for people with disability and mental illness.Get More Skills is about learning new skills such as visualising, organising, problem solving, reflecting and evaluating, great skills to use when planning for individualised funding.
Click here to find out more information and to register.

Congratulations to Julian Trollor

Dr Julian Trollor is the Chair in intellectual disability mental health at University of NSW.  He has been promoted to Professor.  This is a well deserved recognition of the great work being done by Julian and his team to improve the mental health of people with intellectual disability.  From the start, Julian has been keen to work closely with NSW CID and has seen how crucial it is to hear the direct voice of people with intellectual disability.  For example, Julian employs people with intellectual disability to co-deliver education sessions for mental health professionals.
Mardi Gras 2015 float for people with disability

People With Disability Australia, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Northcott and Touching Base have joined forces to have the brightest, most colourful presence of people with disability in the Mardi Gras parade yet! 

If you would like to participate in the float contact Patty;

 New UN guide to the Convention on the Right of Persons with a Disability  - The United Nations has released a new and updated guide for professionals on the Convention. Click here to download the free PDF version.

Support, childcare needed for mothers of children with an intellectual disability.
A study of West Australian mothers who have a child with intellectual disability from an unknown cause found that they are 5 times more likely to have mental ill health than the those without a child with intellectual disability. However mothers of children with Down Syndrome have no increased likelihood to have mental ill health. The paper recommends better early intervention and support for mothers.Click here to find out more.

Attitude- ABC TV series
A showcase series on compelling stories of real people living with disability. Attitude will have 26 episodes which will air every week on Saturday at 6:30pm on ABC 1.. You can view the latest episode on line here.

New app for the National Relay Service (NRS) - A new app has been released for both Apple and Android devices that allows access to the NRS. Features include multiple options such as internet relay, Speak and Listen, video relay and web-based captioned relay. Click here to find out more.

Disability Inclusion Action Planning resource - The NSW Disability Network Forum has put together a useful resource to help organisations to assess their accessibility and provides strategies to remove subtle and overt forms of discrimination within an organisation. Click here to download this useful resource.

Children and young people in disability advocacy - Children with Disability Australia (CDA) have released an insightful issues paper highlighting how there are barriers that prevent children with disability from being advocates. The paper explores this in-depth and provides practical strategies on how organisations can encourage and include children and young people in being a voice so social and policy change. Click here to download the issues paper.

Every Australian Counts new website - Every Australian Counts has launched a new website that is more accessible and has updated information.


My Choice Matters Get More Skills.
Workshops will be held in various locations.Click here to find out more information and to register.

Intellectual Disability and Dementia: Sydney, February 19th. Click here for more information.

Sydney Community College: Various courses will commence in February. Click here for more information.

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