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Charlotte meets May 1 due date for Google Fiber's Checklist.


On February 19, 2014 Google Fiber announced Charlotte, NC in the next group of cities being evaluated for fiber deployment. Each city under consideration was provided a 29 page checklist of items arranged in three parts:
  1. Information about existing infrastructure. This includes information on utility poles, conduit, and water, gas, and electricity lines.

  2. Help to ensure access to existing infrastructure. In order to avoid duplicating of poles and/or digging up streets Google is asking for the ability to access and lease existing infrastructure.

  3. Help to make construction speedy and predictable. Google requests that the City of Charlotte ensures an efficient and predictable permit and construction process appropriate for a project of this size.

Download the City of Charlotte's Response

Google Fiber Huts

Google Fiber will have to deploy Fiber Huts in order to serve the residences of Charlotte. Each hut is approximately 12' wide and 28' long, and supports up to 20,000 households. The City of Charlotte identified 28 potential locations for these huts. Download the list and map of potential locations via this link: Potential Google Fiber Hut Locations

Google Fiber Posts Job Openings in Charlotte

OSP Fiber Engineer: Link to job posting

Community Impact Manager: Link to job posting


Community Support of Google Fiber in Charlotte

Many members of the entrepreneurial community in Charlotte are supporting the Google Fiber initiative. This is purely a volunteer initiative, and was not initiated, endorsed, or funded by Google Fiber.

Why are we supporting a commercial enterprise?
  • We believe a Gigabit Internet Infrastructure will Attract Talent to Charlotte, Boost Entrepreneurship, and Drive Innovation
  • Before Feb 19 no carrier promoted Gigabit to the home in Charlotte
  • Google has a track record of doing what they say, not marketing fluff
  • Google Fiber made a $300M investment in Kansas City, and we want that investment in Charlotte too!
  • Google Fiber announcements force other ISPs to step up their game. Now AT&T and others are following Google's lead on gigabit.
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The City of Charlotte has a Mind Mixer website page for Q&A on Google Fiber, with City CIO Jeff Stoval answering the questions. Access the City's Google Fiber page here.

What Happens Next?

Google is evaluating Charlotte's response to the checklist:
  • Information about existing infrastructure
  • Help to ensure access to existing infrastructure
  • Help to make construction speedy and predictable
  • Fiber Hut agreement


  • Google will provide an answer to Charlotte before the end of 2014, ….but
  • It looks promising, and potentially we will hear something much sooner, perhaps by the end of the summer
  • One Google employee remarked “surprised if Charlotte wasn't selected”
  • Google's Marketing Manager for the Southeast just moved to NC


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