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Keepin' Up With The Betties - March 2015
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  • Speed Dating With CAP
  • Flash Back to February
  • Featured Bettie - Amber
  • Birthday Betties
Cynni Divine,  Roxie Gee, Hottie HeRo,  Jessie Rox

Animal Speed Dating With CAP
By Cynni Divine

Since becoming a Benefit Bettie, I have had the pleasure of working numerous events and volunteering with numerous organizations.  One of my favorite organizations to work with has been CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection).  On February 13, 2015 the Betties teamed up with CAP and their staff to do “Animal Speed Dating”.  This gave potential adopters time to love on and play with every animal they desired.  It was tons of fun and CAP even offered special discounts and prizes for the event!  While I was there I browsed around the Cat room, as I have always had a soft spot for the little felines.  In the cat room was a fluffy little guy who would not stop meowing at me so I took some time to play with him and absolutely fell in love.  That night I adopted my new forever friend, Mufasa.
          Mufasa is a 2 month old Tabby and a loud mouth little boy who LOVES to play rough.  When he is not trying to bite your hand off he loves to take his share of catnaps.  He is a sweet little snuggler who has to be close to someone when he is sleeping.  CAP made sure he was up to date on his vaccines, healthy, and neutered before I brought him home.  He has been the most awesome companion for my family, I am forever grateful to the staff at CAP for making the adoption process smooth.

February was full of helping out! 

From Speed Dating with CAP, Adoption Day with Houston Pets Alive!, a trip to the Houston Food Bank, and even helping out Angels and Hooves at their Pancake Breakfast; the Betties had a month contributing to many other organizations in the Houston Area. 

Here are just a couple (more) photos from our visits!
Here is a snap shot of Glitter Freehugs and Toni from their visit to the Houston Food Bank in February.
B. Paige and Wynter Harlow helped out with adoptions at PetsMart. 

Featured Bettie:

I had the opportunity to interview the lovely and elegant Amber.  She is a hard worker who juggles being a caring mother, full time employee, and philanthropist.
  1. When did you become a Bettie?
I joined the Betties in January of 2013. I saw a Facebook posting from another pinup that I followed and inquired to help in any way I could. I went to the first meeting and met this AMAZING group of women that I knew instantly had the same drive to help others as I did!
  1. What were your reasons for joining?
I feel that it is important to give back to the community. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget that there are people out there that need help, even in the smallest gesture. I have two small children and I always stress the importance of philanthropic efforts. I started both my children early by carrying Care Kits in my car and handing them out to those that we saw were in need. It’s a small simple gesture towards mankind and hopefully will leave a lasting impression in the minds of my children that the act of giving back is so very important.
  1. What is your favorite event you have participated in from the past?
I always have a great time at the Bettie’s Ball and all of the burlesque events that we support but some of my most fond memories are those that I have been able to do with my children. They love to help in any Bettie’s event that they can. I have even given them the pet name of “BIT”s (Betties in Training).
  1. What event are you most looking forward to?
I would have to say again, I love the Ball. The satisfaction of seeing an event that these amazing women can create and pull off is awe inspiring!
  1. What are your favorite hobbies?
I love to travel but with two children and a full time career, it can at times be difficult. I love exploring our great city of Houston! There are so many amazing things to do and hidden gems! Also, as any proud Texan & Houstonian I LOVE TO EAT! Nothing is better than trying new and exciting cuisine and sharing a delicious meal with friends and family.
  1. If given the choice to go out to dinner or stay in for a home cooked meal, which would you most likely choose?  What would you have? 
My love of eating and the multitude of different cuisines and cultures that our city provides
means that I can have anything at almost any time of the day or night when dining out, but I love to cook for people. My grandfather was a second generation Italian that operated many restaurants on the east coast. Growing up, there was always food and he was always passing on his art and love of cooking to me. I think food is something that can tie all people together regardless of differences.
  1. You always look so elegant in your photos; tell us about your favorites.
Each shoot is very different and unique in its own way. I still look back on my first shoot, how nervous I was! My photographer worked with me to make me comfortable and confident with my own body. I was hooked at that point! Pinup, whether for private or public use, is such an empowering experience and you will have these amazing photos for years to come!
  1. Do you have any pets? 
I do! I have 2 Sphynx (hairless) cats. Their names are Winkles and Botox, although we call him “Bo” for short. So many people have asked me why I would ever want a hairless cat but if you met them, you would agree that they have the most amazing personalities. I have always grown up surrounded by pets, but these are by far my favorite! There is no love more pure than the love of a pet!
  1. What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future? 

I want to continue my involvement in the Bettie’s and potentially grow into a leadership position. I want to encourage my children to give back to their community and society whenever the opportunity presents itself. I want to teach them the importance of love and tolerance of others and to embrace people’s differences. It is truly what makes this world an amazing place to be in!  I plan on continuing to grow in my full time career which I absolutely love, and will continue to be involved in several of my industry related committees and groups.

I can't wait to get with Amber to create some Care Kits to carry in my own car, and it sounds like my Bitty Betties would love a chance to hang out with her BITs! 

Jessie Rox

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