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Keepin' Up With The Betties - Summer 2015                             
(May, June, July)

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  • Summer Fun
  • 3rd Annual Benefit Betties Ball
  • Featured Bettie - Cherry Von Dame
  • Birthday Betties
 Natty D'Light, Roxie Gee, Hottie HeRo,  Jessie Rox

This summer has been jam packed with fun and exciting events! 

We kicked off summer with our Third Annual Benefit Bettie Ball and followed it with an array of events.  We had the opportunity to perform and work with the Fort Bend Symphony at their Fabulous 40's Radio Show.  We geeked out at Comicpalooza and talked cosplay and costuming with other convention goers.  Throughout June, we worked with Citizens for Animal Protection to prepare and attend the 2015 Pride Parade.  July allowed us to take a step back from big events and work in smaller groups to attend and help other organizations.  Some of the members worked the Psychobilly Swapmeet, others have worked with the Houston Food Bank, and Pet adoptions with BCS at Petsmart.  A few members even had the chance to talk to many of the attendees at Kiki's Sordid Sideshow.

We are gearing up for helping HAWC with their Back to School Supply Distribution Event, Houston Vintage, and Strutt Your Mutt all coming up in the next few months.  On top of that, we are in the process of planning this year's Dog and Car wash and even working on some of the details for the 2016 Benefit Bettie Ball ... It is going to be a wild time!


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Third Annual Benefit Betties Ball:
Showgirl Saloon

Thank you to all for your support and attendance at this year's ball!  It was an amazing success and would not have been the same without you.  We made an amazing $6000 to put toward care packages and supplies for the many events thoughout the rest of the year.  
Here is a peek back at a few snap shots from this summer's events!

Fabulous 40's with the Fort Bend Orchestra

Comicpalooza - Budget Friendly Cosplay Panel

Comicpalooza - Pinup Your Cosplay Panel

Pride Parade 2015

Psychobilly Swapmeet

Houston Food Bank

Houston Food Bank

Kiki's Sordid Sideshow

Featured Bettie
Cherry Von Dame
By Natty D'Light

Meet Miss Cherry Von Dame our featured Bettie this month!  This rockabilly darling is a dedicated member of our leadership as the Second Chair of care packages, she is also a published pinup model and aspiring Registered Nurse.  Want to know more about makes this hot rod loving hottie purr besides her Russian Red lipstick and love for leopard print?  Then try to hold on to your heart and keep reading!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. How did you learn about the Betties and what made you join?

I was 18 years old when I attended my first Rock Baby Rock It Pinup Contest, and met the Benefit Betties at their table that day. I loved what they stood for and how beautiful they looked. I wanted to be a part of something great in my city and give back to my community. So, I emailed, and had to wait for my golden opportunity to become a member. I received an email in August of '13, and attended my first meeting in January '14 and started my life as a Bettie.

2. So far, what has been your favorite event as a Bettie?

Oh gosh, there are so many! I enjoy any time I get to spend with the Betties, from tabling events looking pinup perfect, or wearing our t-shirts and jeans and getting our hands dirty with the Houston Food Bank and animal shelters. I really gotta say, even though it's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, the Benefit Betties ball is my favorite. It's the one time a year we get to go all out and raise money for local Houston charities and care packages for our troops overseas. The past two balls I have been a part of were absolutely fantastic, and I can say I actually had fun working! Who do you know that can say that?! It's also a time to really pull together with the other women and be a team. Teamwork and integrity is instilled in me, and with all of us, we're one hell of a group that can really put on a show. 

3. What puts bread on the table?

I work at Houston Methodist St. John in the emergency room as a Patient Care Technician. I'm currently going to Texas Women's University working on getting my Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN).  Hopefully I'd like to work in pediatrics, or emergency/trauma. 

4. Tell me about the "best day you've ever had" at work?

Well, I haven't had a "best day ever" at Methodist just yet. But I will say when I was younger, working in the nursing homes, I've had little old ladies and gentlemen tell me how amazing of a person that I am. Those poor people barely saw their family members, and the nurses and I were all they had. They needed a kind soul. I've been asked to be someone's grandchild I don't know how many times, or be their girlfriend (ha-ha!). I've gone home in tears from the constant thanks and appreciation I would receive. It pushes me every day to be the best I can be and impact a person's life, no matter what age.

5. What do you do in your spare time when you're not "Doing Good While Looking Good"?

I like shopping (what girl doesn't?), go to yoga classes to keep myself in shape mentally and physically, cook or bake healthy meals and treats, explore the downtown Houston area, go to concerts, and of course, spend time with my boyfriend Garrett. We could do nothing and still have a great time!

6. Who is your style icon and why? You have an amazing taste in vintage!

Thanks! My taste in vintage is forever expanding! I don't necessarily have a specific icon, more of a clash of fashion. I like to describe it as a 1950's beauty queen, a punky rockabilly dame, and a sultry boudoir siren walked into my closet and created my one-of-a-kind wardrobe. Anything black, green, red, or leopard will do :)

7. What's your favorite lipstick?

I started out with MAC "Russian Red", Dita Von Teese's favorite. As time passed and more make up became available, my favorites have grown in numbers. Right now, I'm on a huge Kat Von D kick. Her matte lipsticks are immaculate, have beautiful shades, and LAST! My favorite shade is "Hellbent" 

8. Tell me a few of your favorite things, the little things that make you happy..

Art, classic rock vinyls/record stores, Mid-Main, Mid-Century Atomic anything, ATX, concerts (SO MANY CONCERTS), peanut butter fudge shakes from Sonic, Sephora trips, Victoria's Secret sales, peonies, Sailor Jerry, getting a new tattoo, and band t-shirts. Gives me the fuzzies.

9. Do you have a favorite photographer that you have worked with or dream to work with one day?

My girl Dani Dahl of Dahl Baby Pinups! She's grown on my not only as a business partner, but as a wonderful friend. Her images are beautiful, and nothing shy of perfect. I feel comfortable in her studio, which happens to be her home that she opens up to so many women. Her sets are DARLING and make me go "yaaaaaaassss" every time I see a new one come out. She's gotten me published in several magazines, some including Retro Lovely Kat Club, and Atomic Bombshells. One day, though, I would love to get shot by Celeste Guiliano on the East Coast. If you haven't seen those photos, I suggest you go look, and then you'll see why I want to go get shot by them so badly. 

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

31, maybe married, popped out a lil' monster and maybe working on another, living in the city/near the city, working at Texas Children's Hospital in their Pediatric Trauma unit, still collecting and wearing vintage, being a Bettie still, and most importantly, HAPPY (and FABULOUS)!

11. What made you get into pinup and modeling, what are your goals as a model? 

I got into pinup when I was about 16 years old. I was working at Sport Clips as a receptionist, and my boss did pinup modeling. I saw her boudoir photos and instantly fell IN LOVE! I wanted the glitz, glamour, and fabulousness. I loved seeing the sirens of the silver screen and how hauntingly gorgeous they were. I loved Bettie Page and her outrageous attitude and sexiness. I started wearing the cat-eyes and the red lips, and then got into contests after I graduated high school. After that, see question 1, my pinup modeling has grown since then, along with the Betties!

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