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Keepin' Up With The Betties - April 2015
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  • HAWC Race Against Violence Recap
  • Showgirl Saloon Costume Inspiration
  • Featured Bettie - Natty D'Light
  • Birthday Betties
Darling Dee, Cherri Von Dame,  Roxie Gee, Hottie HeRo,  Jessie Rox


HAWC Race Against Violence Recap
By Darling Dee

On March 7th, the Benefit Betties were honored to participate in the 27th Annual Houston Area Women’s Center Race Against Violence (RAV). This was the Betties’ second year participating in the event and we raised over $500 among our team members, which contributed to the race exceeding its goal of $275,000! This event is such an important factor in increasing the awareness of domestic violence. We have to remember that it’s not just the battered woman at a shelter. Wives, mothers, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, children… all are affected by and victims of domestic violence.
Many of our Betties find this event fulfilling for various reasons, but I feel I have a more personal connection to it than most. Last year was my first time to participate in the RAV and it was during that first walk that I realized… I am a survivor. Obviously I knew the experience I had been through in my past with domestic abuse, both emotional and physical. But it wasn’t until last year—almost 20 years since my experience—that I made the connection. I never thought of myself as a survivor, I just thought my experience was “something I went through,” not something I survived. Now I realize the truth. I thought long and hard about whether to include my personal story. It isn’t easy letting everyone in on a deep dark secret. But, I have decided it is important that I share. It is important because, as one of the senior members, many of the Betties look up to me. They see the woman that I am now and 90% of them would never think that I am someone who would be trapped in an abusive relationship—but I was.
I was only 17 years old when the abuse began. I was 20 years old when I walked away. For three years, I suffered daily emotional abuse including name calling, manipulation, and lies. The physical abuse began toward the very end, but it was mighty.  It took a dear friend telling me how worried she was about me and that she couldn’t see me like this anymore—broken, afraid and hurt. She didn’t recognize me anymore, the girl she had known since junior high was nowhere to be found under the blanket of shame and fear with which I was covered. She was afraid that if I stayed, I might not survive. It was then that I realized I could save myself.  I could never save my partner, but I could save myself. And I did. I left and never looked back. I will always be grateful to the woman who helped me to understand that I deserved better. While I can never be happy that I went through this experience, I am grateful that I escaped at such a young age. It has helped make me the person I am today and has given me knowledge and strength to help others who are going through something similar.
I encourage everyone to speak up to your friends and family who might be in an abusive situation. You never know if the person you are worried about is waiting for someone like you to speak up and help give them the courage to leave. I also encourage anyone in an abusive relationship to seek help and advice from your loved ones. You might be surprised to find someone already in your life who understands exactly what you are going through and would like to assist you in achieving the life you deserve. Because you don’t deserve to be abused, nobody does.
If you or someone you know is the victim of domestic or sexual abuse, please contact the Houston Area Women’s Center for assistance. They have a 24-hour crisis hotline available:
Domestic Violence Hotline - 713.528.2121
Sexual Assault Hotline - 713.528.RAPE (7273)

Time for some Benefit Betties Ball:
Showgirl Saloon Inspiration!

With this year's Benefit Betties Ball in less than one month, the countdown is on for finding the perfect outfit.  We have gathered some of our photos for inspiration.  Check out our five quick tips to dressing for a swell time!

The lovely, Volare Valentine has put together a fantastic Pinterest Board of ideas for all of you lovely ladies, as well as you kind gentlemen

Check out the link below:
1) Take a look in your closet!  You may be able to rustle up something cute and casual. 
Bettie: Jessie Rox
2) Sport your sexy Saloon Girl.  Don't be afraid to rummage through your RenFest attire, you might be able to reuse some pieces
Bettie: Roxie Gee
3)  You can't go wrong with fancy feathers!  Whether you sport Saloon Girl hair accessories or are interested in coming as a sweet Indian Princess, feathers are a great go to.
Bettie: Jenni Jezebelle
4)  Leather, Boots, and an amazing SMILE are always a plus!
Bettie: Angel Deville
5)  Are you still trying to come up with a perfect inspiration? 
Corsets, Corsets, Corsets!
Bettie: Darling Dee
NOW Giddy up, Cowboys and Girls!
VIP Packages and General Admission are on sale, so be sure to grab your tickets NOW to the best little fundraiser in Houston!
Featured Bettie
Natty D'Light
By Cherri Von Dame

You may remember her from her stint as the morning show minion "Natalee the Intern" on 94.5 The Buzz, or spotted her digging for her next vintage treasure at Replay on 19th Street, but the Benefit Betties know her as our Houston Hellcat Deviant and Fundraising Chair, Natty D'Light! Natty and I were prospects together last year and grew incredibly close during that time. I've gotten to know her on a personal level, and value our friendship. For this Bettie article, I interview her so the world can know how AMAZING this woman is. I promise she's as good as gold!
1. We'll start off easy; how did you hear about the Betties and what made you want to join?

After posting pictures from my first pinup photo shoot, a friend sent me the Betties website and thought it would be something I would like to do. At the time, I worked the night shift and sadly couldn’t fulfill the requirements and commitment that is takes to be a Bettie. The minute I moved to the day shift, I sent an email and the rest is history!
2. After just being in the group for a year and now 4 months, what is your favorite event?

This is always so hard for me to answer because each one is amazing in its own right. Being a “Personal Shopper” at the Houston Area Woman’s Center for the abused kids getting school supplies was very moving. The children were so excited to get their new backpacks and school supplies. The big hugs from them made my heart melt. The Bettie’s Prom this year was a big one for me, it was my first big event with most of the planning responsibility as the Fundraising Chair, and I felt a great amount of pride (and relief!) that it was so successful!
3. What puts the bread on the table?
I love it so much; it’s not even like a job to me. I am a Registered Nurse in the Radiation Oncology Department at MD Anderson. I love going to work every day, and feel so lucky to be at such an amazing place. People come from all over the world to be treated there. I get to witness “miracles” every day. I work side by side with the doctors that have pioneered lifesaving treatments and will one day cure cancer.
4. As a registered oncology nurse at MD Anderson, I'm sure you've had many highs and lows. Tell me about the "best day you've ever had" at work?
Every time a patient or family member thanks me for making their treatment a little less horrible, it becomes the best day ever. I cherish the cards or letters I have been given.
5. What do you do in your spare time when you're not "Doing Good While Looking Good"?
I love to cook, watch live music, and football. You will usually find me on the back of a Harley getting my two wheeled wind therapy. I love to travel the country with my friends on the bike. There is no way to describe the feeling you get chasing the sun as it sets in the West Texas desert sky, the smell of wild mountain sage in the mountains of New Mexico, having a herd of wild horses running next to you in an open range Colorado, or trying to out run a thunderstorm while having a tornado touch down in a field next to you (true story).
6. Who is your style icon and why? You have an amazing taste in vintage!
Why thank you! I have always admired my BFF Theresa’s style; she has an amazing way of looking feminine and edgy without even trying. My style is ever changing and evolving. I was always such a tomboy and hid under jeans and concert shirts. After losing a ton of weight, I suddenly had this new body and had to learn how to dress it. As my confidence grew so did my wardrobe. I went from not owning a dress to having over 100.
7. What's your go-to shade of lipstick, the one that you HAVE to HAVE?
Maybelline Superstay in All Day Cherry. I’m still a tomboy and rarely check my makeup, but I adore my red lipstick!! I need a lipstick that won’t move so I don’t look like a crazy lady with it smeared everywhere.
8. Tell me a few of your favorite things, the little pleasures in life.
The Frio River, Waylon Jennings, Jack Daniels, my 62 Series '62 Cadillac, Indian food, and living those experiences that make a good story.
9. Do you have a favorite photographer that you have worked with or dream to work with one day?
Hands down my favorite so far has been Kat Mack of Intimate Expressions Photography. Not only is her studio and wardrobe collection amazing, her photos were so beautifully shot, I couldn’t believe it was me. She makes you feel pampered and it shows in the pictures. I LOVED 45 of the 60 unedited shots we took, and the rest were still better than the best shots from other photographers.
10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Probably working on a mid-life crisis about to turn 50!! I’ve learned where we think we will be and where life takes us are never the same! I hope to be a Nurse Practitioner or Doctor, maybe a nurse educator mentoring future nurses. Whatever comes, know I will definitely be working on my next adventure and great story.

Good Thyme Bella
April 4th


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April 7th


Natty D'Light
April 15th

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April 27th


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