January 2015 Benefit Betties Newsletter
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Keepin' Up With The Betties - December 2014
In this Issue:

  • A Little Note From Our President
  • Bettie's Play Santa Claus to the Mission of Yaweh
  • 2014 Year in Review
  • Featured Bettie - Mrs. Queen
  • Birthday Betties
Sci-Fi Sama, Cynni Devine, Misty Meanor, Lady Jae
Al E. Cat, Roxie Gee, Hottie HeRo,  Jessie Rox
A little note from our President:

Happy New Year to all of our friends and family who continue to support the Benefit Betties! We are so excited to kick off 2015 and share another great year of giving back to our community with you! 2014 involved rapid growth of our gorgeous group of gals and will continue to help us expand our efforts to make Houston a better place. We have so much planned for you, here is just a taste of what to expect from your favorite ladies that like to do good while looking good:
- Kicking off 2015 with the Bettie's 70's Disco Prom January 24th at Outlaw Dave's.
- Continuous shipments for care packages to our military personnel serving overseas.
- The Third Annual Benefit Bettie's Ball promises to be the charity event of the year!
- For the third year in a row, we will join our friends at Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) for the Houston Pride Parade
- Volunteering and outreach for the Houston Foodbank
- The Fifth Annual Holiday Drive benefiting the Mission of Yahweh
And that is just a few of the many amazing events we have planned for you! Be sure to continue reading our monthly newsletter, keep up with the Betties on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and of course, join us for all the fun.
Thank you again for a successful 2014 and we look forward to seeing you!
Lots of love,

Al E. Cat
Bettie's Play Santa Claus to the Mission of Yaweh
By: Misty Meanor and Lady Jae
On Friday December 12th, the Benefit Betties had the pleasure of hosting a holiday party for the children living at the Mission of Yaweh in West Houston. Through our annual holiday drive, the Betties were able to donate 4 cars full of clothes, toys, food and other holiday goods to the children, their families and the mission itself.

The evening kicked off with hula hooping on the mission's playground with individual hoops made for each child by our own Hedi Von Hoop; and then moved inside for a buffet of cookies, candies and other treats. While snacking on their sugarplum buffet, the Betties played activity games, passed around jars full of regular and peanut M&Ms for children with the closest guess to win, and spent quality time with the kids. After all the snacks were eaten, BB Lady Jae led the group in a choreographed sing a long to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, that eventually turned into a massive dance party culminating in a full on Soul Train line.

Once the dancing was done, the winners won the jars of M&Ms, and the leftover treats were distributed among the kids, they all thanked us and asked us when we would see them again, which we promised would be soon! The night was full of fun, dancing, laughter and lots of love, reminding the Betties what this season is all about; giving back to those kids who might not get a Santa Claus. And next season we plan on recreating this Santa Claus experience for them again! If you would like to find out how you can be one Santa's helpers next year for this great cause, contact the Betties at!
2014 Year in Review
-My First Year As A Bettie-
By Sci-Fi Sama

I can hardly believe that 2014 is over, much less that I’ve already completed my first full year as a Benefit Bettie. Last January, I met the Benefit Betties at an open prospect meeting along with other potential prospective members. Since then, my first year has been a crazy ride, and I’ve very much enjoyed the journey.

My first event was the first Benefit Betties Prom, complete with a classic 1950’s theme, a crowned prom king and queen, and a hula hooping contest amongst other fabulous entertainment acts.  Excited to be there and to be a prospect, I had an incredible time, and saw the beginning of what has become an annual event as the Benefit Betties are hosting a 2015 Prom at Outlaw Dave’s on the 24th of this month (and we hope to see you there by the way).

The next few months of the year, the Betties worked and planned tirelessly in preparation for the Annual Benefit Betties Ball. This included everything from the planning of the event itself to working pre-sale ticket tables at events and locations throughout Houston. Each and every Bettie was involved in the planning and the execution of the annual ball. The annual ball itself was an absolute smash, and raised more money than previous years, making our 2014 ball our most successful annual ball to date. The planning for the 2015 annual ball has already started to take place. It will be an event you don’t want to miss (and reader, we expect your presence at the 2015 annual ball also).

After the annual ball, the Benefit Betties made a couple of appearances in the local Houston comic book community. The Betties visited Third Planet Comics for National Free Comic Book Day, signing prints for donations, alongside some of Texas’ local comic book writers and artists. Next, our lovely Betties made appearance at Houston’s own comic convention, Comicpalooza. Several of the Betties had a blast hosting a panel and workshop to discuss and teach vintage fashion, make up, and hair throughout the decades, covering the 1920’s to the 1970’s. The Betties in attendance did this dressed in cosplay no less!

By the time Comicpalooza was finished, June had arrived and the Betties were involved with the Houston Pride Parade. We supported the Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) manning their float for the parade. Adhering to the animal theme in the parade, we had Betties dolled up as vintage and pin-up cats, leopards, foxes, peacocks and Dalmatians amongst other animals. The pride parade was probably one of my favorite events of the year, and I was quite proud when the Betties were announced with CAP at the parade review stand. CAP also liked the Benefit Betties so much, they’ve put us on their parade committee for 2015.

July of 2014 brought around the Benefit Betties’ first large-scale social event. The Betties had their first official beach weekend, a Betties-only event, and a bonding opportunity. This social side of the Benefit Betties isn’t as widely advertised or well known as our volunteer presence in the Houston community, but it’s an integral part of the Benefit Betties. Joining the Benefit Betties and becoming a Bettie isn’t just “Doing good, while looking good,” but also includes joining a small community made of friends, and for many, people they consider to be family.

Houston Vintage was one of two big Benefit Betties events in September. The Benefit Betties not only had their own table at the event, but also provided an opportunity for Houston Vintage guests to write letters to soldiers, and for kids to color our lovely logo “Bettie.” We also had a few of our own Betties run in the Ms. Houston Vintage contest, representing our non-profit with both style and class. As September progressed, the Betties also hosted one of their biggest annual events: their Annual Car and Dog wash. Betties were out in the summer heat in their vintage swimsuits, looking good while they washed cars, motorcycles and dogs for donations. Our lovely ladies raised hundreds of dollars that have since been donated back to CAP.

In October, the Benefit Betties made their first appearance at the Houston Zoo. Volunteering as a group, the Betties manned a booth at the Houston Zoo’s annual Halloween event ZooBoo. The Betties interacted with zoo guests, helping stick on temporary tattoos on kids and their parents. The kids were the cutest dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

The Betties completed their second Houston Food Bank group volunteer shift in November. While I wasn’t able to make the first Houston Food Bank shift of the year, I was able to make the November event. The Betties showed up en mass and helped sort and pack food for the food bank. We were also lucky enough to get a tour of the Houston Food Bank facility, something that was most definitely an enlightening experience. At the end of the four hour shift, the Benefit Betties, had helped sort and pack enough food for over 10,000 meals.

The Benefit Betties wrapped up the year with their annual holiday toy and clothing drive. The Betties solicited donations all over the Houston metro area and donated them for the benefit of those aided by the Mission of Yahweh. Looking back at 2014, I can only say that it was an outstanding year, and definitely a great year to start off my status as a Benefit Bettie. I only hope, - as well as expect - 2015 to be just as amazing for the Betties, if not more so!

Featured Bettie:
Mrs. Queen

This bodacious babe is a deadly combination of both brains and beauty.  Doubling as a member and our treasurer Mrs. Queen is an essential part of our organization.
What first Peaked your interest in the “Pin-up lifestyle”?
I grew up always interested in music magazines and photos my grandparents had around the house.  My great uncle always had photos of Marilyn Monroe hanging up and I was just so intrigued by her style and beauty.  I would ask questions and learned a lot and liked all I heard so I ventured out to do my own research and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I actually never imagined I’d meet so many ladies who were just as enthused about the same things and I am so glad I did.
How did you find out about the Benefit Betties?
I was browsing events and posts on Facebook for pinup style things and messaged a few ladies about the scene and where they shop, did they have events they could share with me and more.  A few months after contacting and keeping in touch with them Al E. Cat told me that her and a few ladies were sending care packages out.  I was thrilled and so excited to join them but my schedule had conflicts so I waited for the next group outing and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since.
What is your favorite part of volunteering with the Benefit Betties?
There are so many wonderful things I could choose as my favorites, the friendships, the family, the warm fuzzies from doing charity work, and the getting dolled up and looking good while we do good.  But my favorite is that I am the treasurer and able to combine my career with something I enjoy so much.  I get the best of both worlds.  I absolutely love being in leadership and being a part of this amazing organization.
What is something many people may not know about you?
I RULE!!! Just kidding. I struggle with infertility and so does 1 out of every 8 couples.  This is also another reason I was excited to join a group. It keeps me busy and keeps my mind off the struggle as well as allows me to get support when I’m down about it from a lot of the ladies in the organization.  One of the things the Benefit Betties supports is women and children, so I get support and get to give support.  Lots of the ladies have littles and I get to love on them and it gives me hope that my time is coming.
What is your favorite annual Benefit Betties event and why?
I enjoy all aspects of our Betties Ball, it’s our biggest fundraising event of the year and is jam packed with awesomeness!!  I get to be in the planning, budgeting, decorating, and working end of the whole event.  I am super excited for our upcoming ball and trying to keep the excitement in until details are released.  SAVE THE DATE AND DON’T BE LATE!!
Personally, Mrs. Queen is my favorite Bettie.  Not only is she my Benefit Betties partner in crime, she is also one of my best friends.  She has the biggest heart than anyone I’ve ever met(There is plenty of room behind those boobs!), always keeps me on my toes, and a smile on my face!
-Cynni Divine


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