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#7 - NOVEMBER 2016

Call for Applications for the "Erik Holst" IFMSA March Meeting Scholarship 2016!


  • Are you a medical student and a member of IFMSA?
  • Are you involved in IFMSA activities locally?
  • Do you consider yourself a promising leader in your community?
  • Are you interested in participating in an IFMSA General Assembly (GA)?
  • Will 500€ enable your participation?
Then, this is your chance! Apply now for the “Erik Holst” IFMSA March Meeting Scholarship 2016!

IFMSA GA Scholarship - In particular
Awarded to promising GA attendees from any IFMSA member-country. The award recognizes the contributions the students have made at a local level and their potential to contribute to the activities of IFMSA. Many students cannot attend the GA because lack of financial resources and unfortunately the excitement and inspiration of this conference is therefore closed off to them. The PEHF wants to open the door a little wider for these students. This will help those interested participate in the GA and can only strengthen the spirit of the GA.

Call for Applications
The “Erik Holst” IFMSA GA Scholarship will be 500€ and will be awarded to one (1) medical student, to be used only for participation at the IFMSA GA - March Meeting 2015 in Malta.
Those interested, please fill-in the application form online, making sure you provide data for all required questions. Do not forget to provide your CV and motivation letter at the end. These will mostly define the applicant who will be awarded the scholarship. After submitting your application you will receive an e-mail from PEHF informing you of the successful submission of your application. Make sure to visit for updates on the application review process.

Deadline for receiving applications:  1st December 2015, 23:59 GMT (UTC)

The applicant selected will be informed by e-mail with instructions how to receive the scholarship. Make sure you enter a valid e-mail address. The name of the awardee will also be announced online at .

Don’t miss your chance to apply for our scholarship!
Don’t miss your chance to attend the IFMSA GA – March Meeting 2016!
Don’t miss your chance to make a difference for you and your local community!

Prof. Erik Holst Fund – “Giving back something for what IFMSA has given us”

1st "Erik Holst" Scholarship Awardee reflects... 


My fifth and the final year had already begun in medical school and I was not in the Executive body in my NMO, so I had given up my hope of attending the IFMSA GA for a year or until my internships started. By now I have had a wonderful experience in IFMSA; I attended a General Assembly  in Taiwan, a  Regional Meeting in Dhaka and an external meeting in Kolkatta. I attended these meetings despite financial constraints and it was relatively easy as they were close to Nepal. Attending AM 2015 was like a dream and I had to forget about that with a heavy heart because I couldn’t afford the expenses.

When there was a call for applications for Prof. Erik Holst Fund Scholarship for AM last March, I felt like giving it a try. I was happy, as it was for the first time in the history of IFMSA that Prof. Erik Holst Fund was going to support a promising medical student from the world to attend a GA covering some of the expenses. My joy knew no bounds when I received an email saying that I had been selected. I was amazed to see myself on the top of the list in such a fierce competition. Thank you Prof. Erik Holst Fund. Without it, I could not have thought of attending this GA.

I always felt until a couple of months ago, that being involved in IFMSA in the past year was my luck. Prof. Erik Holst Fund has turned this luck into passion. I believe my selection is a mirror of my motivation and utmost desire to get involved in IFMSA. This GA, undoubtedly will be a platform for me to grow as a trainer and leader and evolve as a global health doctor.

Surendra Sapkota, MBBS 5th year  student, Maharajgunj Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu, Nepal, NMSS-Nepal.

Appeal for accepting donations


At the IFMSA 60th anniversary General Assembly in Copenhagen, IFMSA Alumni established the Prof. Erik Holst Fund.
The purpose of this Fund is to allow former IFMSA Alumni to help support the activities of the IFMSA members in attending General Assemblies and projects.
To oversee this process, an IFMSA Alumni Board of Directors and an advisory Board of Trustees consisting of past IFMSA presidents, has been created. More at
The IFMSA has had many achievements and being a large part of many our development, to make this world a better place. Please help us support the next generation.

How to donate

(Note: This is a separate bank account managed by the IFMSA Treasurer, but under the supervision of the Prof. Erik Holst Fund Board of Directors.)
Donations should be transferred to the account of the

International Federation of Medical Students' Associations
Coolsingel 119, PO Box 949
3000 DD Rotterdam, The Netherlands


IBAN number: NL31ABNA0621121460

You may also choose to DONATE ONLINE through Givlet! Just follow the link below:

How your donation helps

(Every bit helps! – We are focusing on getting large amounts of people sponsoring €100-200 on a yearly basis to help future IFMSA participants and projects)

€100 - 800 – help cover flight costs of IFMSA GA participant.

€800 – 1000 – help cover full cost of an IFMSA GA participant.

€1000 - 2000 – significant encouragement to cross-national project initiators.

How to keep up-to-date

Please, feel free to visit our official Facebook webpage at:
and read News & Updates of the Fund!


By donating to the Prof. Erik Holst Fund, you offer future generations of IFMSA activists the chance to get to know IFMSA better through our GA Scholarships. You also give IFMSA project initiators the "fuel" they need to start a brand new project through our Project Micro-Grants. Every bit helps!


IFMSA General Assembly is the biggest international student congress in the world. Each year on the same GA participate more than 850 delegates from 119 country members and other representatives from almost all nongovernmental organizations from the United Nations system who are official partners of IFMSA. 

IFMSA General Assembly offers a unique chance of medical students to be involved in ideas exchange and opinions among their colleagues and about questions that concerns public health, medical education, reproductive health, human rights and all global issues actual in the moment. This GA reliefs the development of the global network to all medical workers round the globe. Students can participate in dozen of trainings which affects on forming the cultural and sensitive medical students and future doctors. 


Read more from IFMSA in the new MSI issue! Reports from officials, standing committees, projects and other initiatives!
The Medical Student International (MSI) is a biannual magazine that focuses on global health perspectives brought by medical students worldwide. It is published both in print and online and you can check out previous issues here:
The 32nd issue of MSI is devoted to "Migration of Healthcare Workers".


The IFMSA Strategy 2014-2017 was adopted during the August Meeting General Assembly 2014, held in Taipei, Taiwan, as per of a structural long-term organizational reform process. It shall be renewed in August Meeting 2020.

All organisations evolve. Even without an overall plan for where the organisation is headed, new ideas will emerge, new initiatives will kick off, and a lot of work will be done, although these efforts may not be very well-aligned.

The strategy helps the organisation implement structural changes that transcend individual leaderships. It is key to ensure that future leaderships follow up on and conclude the implementation. It will ensure continuity, transparency and accountability in the work of IFMSAs elected and appointed leaders.

The Strategy 2014-2017 will guide the collective work of the upcoming three years of the IFMSA Team of Officials to achieve long-term strategic goals, defined by the National Member Organisations:
  1. Sustainability
  2. Impact
  3. Relevance.
The engine that drives IFMSA is fuelled by the initiative and passion of our volunteers and members. And it is from this grassroots layer new ideas and activities. IFMSA employs a soft approach to strategic planning. This means that the plan has a narrow scope on structural changes that cannot be realised in one term, and it leaves room for each Team of Officials to also work on their own short-term objectives.


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