This is the official newsletter of the Prof. Erik Holst Fund.
#3 - MARCH 2014

Website up and running!

7 MARCH 2014

Dear IFMSA Alumni,
dear Prof. Erik Holst Fund supporters,

It is with great pleasure to announce that our official web presence is finally  up and running! You may find it at Visit our website and learn more about the Fund, its mission and vision, its structure and management, its Board of Trustees and the available ways to send-in your donations! You may also find a comprehensive biography of Prof. Erik Kristian Holst, who played a key-role in the Fund's development.

The website is still new and in development. We kindly ask for your patience. Stay tuned for more to come!

On behalf of the Fund's Board of Directors,
Konstantinos M. Roditis, Chair
Prof. Erik Holst Fund


Letter of support by a Fund's initiator

26 FEBRUARY 2014

Dear All,
Seeing the list of distinguished alumni from all around the world playing a part in the Fund, I am optimistic that this initiative will really strengthen alumni connections with the IFMSA. Renaming it in honor of Dr. Holst is a tribute to a man who helped make our organization what it is today. 

With that in mind, I have donated US $50 to help fund the GA scholarship. I think it will be excellent to receive an update in the newsletter on the students or programs that were funded from our donations. Especially gratifying would be to receive a small letter from the funded students, describing their experience at the GA, or of a local funded project 

A core group of IFMSA alumni proposed the idea for the Fund in December 2010. Those involved in its early stages included Marija, Anas, Ahmed, Kostas, and myself. A big motivation was to help open the doors of the GA to talented medical students who might not have the resources to experience this wonderful event. Fast forward a few years, and it is really gratifying to see the Fund become a reality. I am really looking forward to seeing how it develops in the years to come!

Take care,
Vasu Sunkara, M.D. Ph.D 
Pennsylvania, USA


Official Appeal for Accepting Donations

10 FEBRUARY 2014

Dear former IFMSA activist,
Dear IFMSA Alumni,

At the IFMSA 60th anniversary General Assembly in Copenhagen, IFMSA Alumni established the Prof. Erik Holst Fund.
The purpose of this Fund is to allow former IFMSA Alumni to help support the activities of the IFMSA members in attending General Assemblies and projects.
To oversee this process, an IFMSA Alumni Board of Directors and an advisory Board of Trustees consisting of past IFMSA presidents, has been created (see attachments).
The IFMSA has had many achievements and being a large part of many our development, to make this world a better place. Please help us support the next generation.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Konstantinos M. Roditis MD, MSc, Athens-Greece
Prof. Erik Holst Fund

How to donate

(Note: This is a separate bank account managed by the IFMSA Treasurer, Mr. Benjamin Skov Kaas-Hans but under the supervision of the Prof. Erik Holst Fund Board of Directors.)
Donations should be transferred to the account of the

International Federation of Medical Students' Associations
Coolsingel 119, PO Box 949
3000 DD Rotterdam, The Netherlands


IBAN number: NL31ABNA0621121460

You may also choose to DONATE ONLINE through Givlet! Just follow the link below:

How your donation helps

(Every bit helps! – We are focusing on getting large amounts of people sponsoring €100-200 on a yearly basis to help future IFMSA participants and projects)

€100 - 800 – help cover flight costs of IFMSA GA participant.

€800 – 1000 – help cover full cost of an IFMSA GA participant.

€1000 - 2000 – significant encouragement to cross-national project initiators.

How to keep up-to-date

Please, feel free to visit our official Facebook webpage at:
and read News & Updates of the Fund!

Official Appeal for Accepting Donations



The Prof. Erik Holst Fund needs the support of all IFMSA Alumni in order to achieve its long-awaited and much anticipated goals...

But how can IFMSA Alumni help?

Just by being an IFMSA Alumnus/a, you are entitled to candidate for one of the positions of our Board of Directors!

The term lasts for 2 years with the possibility of getting re-elected and all that one has to do is truly believe in the Fund and its vision and have the appropriate skills and energy to help it achieve its mission and become a tradition within the IFMSA Alumni Division!

If you are interested in joining this ethusiastic team and feel up to it, do not hesitate to contact us at: for more information! Current Board of Directors' members will be there for you to introduce you with the basics!

You can also always approach the IFMSA Alumni Relations Support Division Director, Fabian Klein at the MM2014 in Tunisia and express your interest!

An official call for candidatures for the upcoming election of a new Board of Directors for the term 2014-2016 will soon follow via email on the IFMSA Alumni server. Stay tuned!


By donating to the Prof. Erik Holst Fund, you offer future generations of IFMSA activists the chance to get to know IFMSA better through our GA Scholarships. You also give IFMSA project initiators the "fuel" they need to start a brand new project through our Project Micro-Grants. Every bit helps!



On March 6th, 2014, the Plenary of the 63rd General Assembly March Meeting of the IFMSA accepted the renaming of the IFMSA Alumni Jubilee Fund to Prof. Erik Holst Fund. The bylaw change was proposed by the Fund's Board of Directors, represented by our Liaison Officer to IFMSA, Fabian Klein. Before the presentation of the bylaw change, a short video with photographs from Erik Holst's life (kindly provided by his widow) was showed, followed by a moment of silence in the Plenary.


Medical students gather in Tunisia to unite voices on the post-2015 development 
This week 950 medical students from 90 countries gather at the 63rd General Assembly of 
the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). The theme of the 
one-week meeting hosted by the local member AssociaMed-Tunisia is “Health Beyond 
2015: Get Involved!” and aims at drafting the ‘Hammamet Declaration’ – a united voice of 
medical students worldwide during the final United Nations post-2015 agenda drafting 


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