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#17 - SEPTEMBER 2019

AM2019 Awardee: PEHF "...gave me a huge relief and I was so happy that I couldn't believe it's happening"!



Part One - The application

I applied for this fund for the first time few weeks before the March Meeting 2018 in Egypt. I was serving as the Treasurer of my NMO at that time. I didn’t get the scholarship, but I was really happy for the person who was elected. I realized that maybe it wasn’t my time to attend my first General Assembly. August meeting 2019 was happening in Taiwan, Asia. Many things had changed so far. I was working as the IFMSA Fundraising Assistant term 2018/2019. I learnt many things working in coordination with VPF and other team. Every year VPF and fundraising assistants conduct the PreGA workshop on financial management and administration. The time had come where I really had to coordinate the PreGA workshop as well as attend the first ever GA. This year everything was favoring me to attend my first ever GA which was actually happening in Asia which would cost me less and there won’t be much of visa issues for me.
I wanted to attend this GA at any cost.

Part Two - The anticipation

I remember checking the fund’s webpage time and time again so that I could know when the application opens. I got my CV prepared, my motivational letter, and also prepared myself psychologically if I didn’t win the fund again. I wanted to work hard this time with document preparation as I didn’t get the fund before. I started writing about everything I had worked, all the events I had been to, opportunities that had been presented to me, my goals and expectations for the GA, what I plan to do in my NMO and at an international level, etc. I was giving every effort to make my application look better than last year.

Part Three - The news

On May 15, I got an email with subject "regarding your application for the Erik Holst AM2019 GA Scholarship". Even though I wasn’t selected for the fund I was happy that I become first runner up. Being 1 st runner up of the fund it gave me big hope and confidence. I prepared for PreGA workshop, NMO management session and plenary procedures and responsibilities of assistant secretary in Plenary.

Part Four - Surprise, surprise!!!

On July 27, a day before my departure I got an email stating “since you were our 1st runner-up for the AM2019 scholarship, it means that you are eligible to receive it”. I was so happy to get the email. This gave me a huge relief and I was so happy that I couldn’t believe it's happening. I logged out of email and login again to check whether it was true. Yes there was the same email stating I got the scholarship. I packed all necessary things and fly for GA in Taiwan.

Rajesh Sharma, NMSS-Nepal

Echoes from the IFMSA GA-August Meeting 2019 in Taiwan



PreGA coordinator and trainer

I would like to call myself lucky to have such talented VPF, experienced co-trainer and amazing participants during PreGA workshop on financial management and administration.
They made the whole PreGA workshop run smoothly. We used to spend a lot of time in the night to make tomorrow’s workshop better. It was my first GA, first PreGA and so on. Everything was new for me. Finally month long preparations and many sleepless nights came to an end. We were able to deliver over 12 sessions to amazing 8 new financial management masters. After PreGA in Taichung, we packed everything up for GA in Taipei.
I was serving as NMO management sessions team and Assistant secretary for the Plenary and that even in my first GA! Yes it’s true. It was whole new experience for me. I wanted to give it a try and learn as much as I can that too in my first GA.

Assistant secretary in the plenary

We had an amazing team in the Plenary. Everyone were so helpful. They didn’t let me realize that I didn’t know anything. They were always my back support and taught me many things about plenary procedures. Second plenary was the longest plenary ever. While everyone were frustrated with longest plenary, I was enjoying it the most as it was my first experience in the IFMSA Plenary (P.S. I missed the first plenary). The way how IFMSA members take part in decision making process was something great to learn. We had to sacrifice social program at night because of the Plenary. The chocolates from Switzerland and Belgium added glucose to our blood and helped us work during the Plenary.

NMO management sessions team

I still remember the first online meeting of the sessions team. It was really a great opportunity for me to be in the highly experienced session team. Everything was for the first time. The session team were very helpful. They always pushed me up whenever needed. Because of the good session team and active participation of all the participants, NMO management session went well. Even though I was session team, I was learning mostly from others.

To conclude, this GA was a great learning experience for me. I enjoyed every role as PreGA coordinator and Trainer, NMO management session team and assistant secretary in the plenary. I went there with great hope and came back with many more experiences. I am more motivated to work in my NMO and IFMSA.

I would like to thank IFMSA Alumni & Prof. Erik Holst Fund for making my IFMSA GA dream come true.

Rajesh Sharma, NMSS-Nepal


By donating to the Prof. Erik Holst Fund, you offer future generations of IFMSA activists the chance to get to know IFMSA better through our GA Scholarships. You also give IFMSA project initiators the "fuel" they need to start a brand new project through our Project Micro-Grants. Every bit helps!


AM19 Policy Documents | Overview

IFMSA AM19 in Taiwan was a fruitful meeting, full of new policy documents issued by the Federation on various issues of interest to medical students globally. Below, you may read through some of them, that we at PEHF consider, of upmost importance:

Human Rights, Democracy & the Rule of Law (August 2019)

Technological Innovation in Healthcare (August 2019)

Transparency and Integrity in Medical Education (August 2019)

Mental Health (August 2019)


The Medical Student International (MSI) is a biannual magazine that focuses on global health perspectives brought by medical students worldwide. It is published both in print and online at each General Assembly (March Meeting and August Meeting). The thematic section of each MSI aligns with the one of its respective meeting, as decided by the Federation. Additionally, the magazine features articles from medical students on their perspectives and activities related to our standing committees: public health, medical education, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, professional and research exchanges. It also includes a section on the best projects of IFMSA that are nominated for the Rex Crossley Award.

In a short summary, the MSI is an interactive, engaging and inspiring magazine, given a space for medical students around the world to communicate their projects, ideas, and initiatives.

Check out the last edition of the MSI – Issue 40 – published in August 2019.



Earlier in June, IFMSA was invited to attend both regional meetings organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross as our collaboration has grown strong and steady the past 7 months.

IFMSA was present in order to share one the recently published best practices: the Healthcare in Danger Toolkit! (find it here:)

Participants included some governmental bodies (representing ministries of health), civil society organizations, national red cross and red crescent societies and representatives of the department of defense of several nations. Some of the sessions focused on international humanitarian law and its applicability in different settings (refugee camps/ different cities or regions within a country); other sessions focused on healthcare in danger initiative initialization in various countries and some focused on best practices. There was a variety of topics to keep the discussion running and the outcome of the AP RM was the drafting & adoption of the Manila Declaration by the attendees of the meeting and the outcome of the EMR meeting was the drafting of an outcomes protocol.


K. RODITIS (Greece)
External Relations Officer

IFMSA President
C. ACOSTA (Brazil)

Alumni Partners
G. CINELLI (Italy)
L. LUKIC (Croatia)
A. MURT (Turkey)




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