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#12 - APRIL 2017

Meet Dana Shubat! Our MM2017 GA scholarship awardee from Damascus, Syria!

2o April 2017

She is the 5th-year medical student studying at the University of Damascus in Syria who has been awarded with the 4th GA Scholarship in the history of our Fund  to travel to Budva, Montenegro for the IFMSA General Assembly – March Meeting 2017 representing her country and SMSA-Syria, of which she has been the founder!

Dana was chosen among 94 excellent applicants for the scholarship, according to her background, expertise and motivation. The amount of €500 of scholarship money has partially covered Dana’s expenses for registering and traveling to the MM2017 in Montenegro to meet with friends and colleagues studying Medicine from all over the world!

Learn more about Dana, by reading through her CV, as well as her Letter of Motivation.

Call for Applications for the Erik Holst AM2017 GA Scholarship

17 April 2017

Dear IFMSA medical students worldwide,

  • Are you a medical student and a member of IFMSA?
  • Are you involved in IFMSA activities locally?
  • Do you consider yourself a promising leader in your community?
  • Are you interested in participating in an IFMSA General Assembly (GA)?
  • Will 500€ enable your participation?

Then, this is your chance!



Read more at!

Dana Shubat: Reflections from IFMSA GA - March Meeting 2017

18 April 2017

"When I was a little girl, my parents taught me that whatever I work for, I get it back somehow! At a young age, I became a sports champion, poet and programmer. I couldn't feel how important that was until I started coaching, teaching and entrepreneuring for special needs, children, women and students like me.

I grew up loving medicine and became a student in 2012. My journey started when I wanted to do something positive and different for my society and colleagues! I have founded SMSA, step by step.. It was a dream that came true.. but could never have the chance to see the impact of my enthusiasm and effort because in these circumstances at the seventh year of war, it is a luxury to afford anything but food, drink and warmth! Prof.Erik Holst scholarship seemed to be a sparkle in my eyes.. I could feel that there is support! And someone in this big world cares and appreciates efforts that are given by youth! I got it! It was not expected... I didn't know that the tunnel I went through in all my life will drive me to a light! An opportunity to attend a great General Assembly with more than 1200 enthusiastic medical students from more than a hundred countries! It is a unique experience that is multi-cultured and full of successful stories, projects, and careers.

I owe Prof.Erik Holst foundation what I learnt in March Meeting Montenegro 2017 and the motivation I got to come back home, transfer all the knowledge I got to every single motivated young person not only in my society, country, region but also in the whole world! I will carry this experience wherever I go and to the end last I live.

I was awarded with an appreciated certificate and was honored to offer the foundation with a handmade piece from Damascian tradition hoping that some time peace will be spread in my country and everyone can join a visit to witness the beauty, diversity and love we have" ❤

Dana Shubat, SMSA-Syria.


By donating to the Prof. Erik Holst Fund, you offer future generations of IFMSA activists the chance to get to know IFMSA better through our GA Scholarships. You also give IFMSA project initiators the "fuel" they need to start a brand new project through our Project Micro-Grants. Every bit helps!


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