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Two-Bedroom Unit Design Revisited

In March and April 2015 Prairie Spruce Commons members met with Chris Kailing, our architect from Pattison MGM, to consider final adjustments to our building design. It was once again magical to watch Chris move rooms and spaces

Chris used the layout of one of the one-bedroom plus den units as a base then applied transparent overlays to sketch out the revised concept for the two-bedroom units. In essence he removed the hallway area near the bedrooms in the original design and leveraged the found space into a larger kitchen area, more closet space and a second full bath, instead of the half bath. That put a bedroom on each side of the unit, with the kitchen and living area in the middle of the unit.

Chris later incorporated these changes into the formal construction documents. This was our community's 
last opportunity to “move walls”. Our workshops with the architects from here onward will focus on finish and design details. The existing two-bedroom unit holders, and the entire community, are extremely pleased with the new design and the design process as a whole.

A word of encouragement for any would-be two-bedroom buyers:
 there is only one two-bedroom unit still available to purchase, so act quickly!
Chris Kailing re-imagining space. Sketch signed by the architect.
Jane's Walk participants.
Look for the gargoyle in the neighbourhood.
This section features a short project update from our Project Consultants at Connexus Cohousing Collaborative: Jasen Robillard and Chris ScottHanson. 
It's been a busy and beautiful month of May for our Prairie Spruce Commons community. The community has truly enjoyed introducing the project to so many people this month, particularly at the Jane's Walk and the Cathedral Arts Festival. 

We're anticipating June to be another great month for engaging with new people and inviting community-minded people to join "our tribe". Along with our usual Information Centre hours (Sat & Sun, 1-4pm) and our Information Session, June will mark a Prairie Spruce return to the Regina Farmer's Markets. In addition, we will also be doing the first of many presentations to the Regina Rotary Club on June 5. 

With the success of our past Design Workshops with Pattison MGM (see above), the Prairie Spruce community is also very much looking forward to the next Design Workshop scheduled for June 20. At this workshop, our architects will be reviewing progress to date on the construction drawings, presenting 3D images of the building interiors, as well as initiating discussion about common house and private unit finishes (for example, millwork and cabinetry).

Are you considering joining the community or getting an in-depth look at the building design? This is the perfect opportunity for getting all your critical questions answered while also getting to know your future neighbours. If the workshop is of interest, get in touch and we'll fill you in on the workshop details.
Cathedral Arts Festival
The weather was perfect for the Cathedral Arts Festival held on May 23, 2015.  The festival included more booths this year. There were booths with art, jewelry, pottery, food, groups working on social justice issues, as well as others. Prairie Spruce’s booth featured Nature’s Best blender bike for making slushies. The slushies are made by pedaling a stationary bike frame that is rigged up to drive a blender for the making of slushies.  Thanks to Erik Mortensen for being  our main peddler. With the warm weather and sun beating down on the large crowd the slushies proved more popular than expected and additional supplies had to be purchased to keep up with demand. Many people stopped by the booth to ask questions about Prairie Spruce’s project and to learn about cohousing in general. To read more....
Prairie Spruce
Information Centre

1641 Badham Blvd.
Near the Naked Bean Cafe

(corner of Broad St. & Badham Blvd.)
Open Saturdays and Sundays
1 to 4 p.m
or by appointment:
by email or phone
Dave (306) 586-1363

Look for the building with the Canada flags.
Tuesday, June 16th
Information Night
& Meet the Community

The United Way, 1440 Scarth Street

7 p.m. Doors Open

7:15 p.m. Cohousing and Prairie Spruce Project Overview

7:45 p.m. Meet the Community
8:15 p.m. Q & A
At the Farmer’s Market

Wednesday, June 24th
Saturday, June 27th
Saturday, July 4th

Stop by and say
“hello neighbour”
Thank you to Ruth Blaser and André Gagnon for the informative and entertaining tour of Canterbury Park during the Jane’s Walk on Sunday, May 3.  Their explanations and anecdotes clearly illustrated that our neighbourhood is rich in history and friendship.
Thanks to Ann Gagnon and Faye Huggins for digging in and providing excellent and fascinating research on Canterbury Park for Jane's Walk.  Now known as Canterbury Park, this patch of 7.5 acres is on Treaty Four Territory and was for decades the Anglican Diocese of Qu'Appelle. 

Thanks also to Suzanne Sauder for taking the lead in organizing the first Jane's Walk in Canterbury Park.  This Jane's Walk started and finished (with a tail-gate party) at the Prairie Spruce Commons Information Centre, which was humming with Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing conversations all afternoon. Oh, and did we say 60 people showed up!
Potatoes in Bed

About 20 years ago, when I was a new bride, my mother-in-law Eva saw me peeling store-bought potatoes. She promised to bring me in some potatoes from the farm the next time she came to town. Having grown up on a farm with the obligatory giant farm garden, I was none too fond of store bought potatoes and was happy at the prospect of real potatoes. As promised, Eva showed up a few days later with a 5 gallon pail of potatoes. I was wondering if they would be red potatoes (best for making perogies) or white potatoes (best for baked potatoes). It never crossed my mind that there were any other kinds of potatoes.
Apparently there are; she had brought me a pail of Bintje potatoes.

They look delightful, don't they? What you don't know is that the size you are seeing right now is pretty close to real size. The big ones are about the size of you thumb.
To

We look forward to growing this vibrant community with you!

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