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Dave, Knud & Lil sweeping hard!
Inaugural Prairie Spruce Curling Blender

A few weeks ago we experienced the draw of Canada’s “other” sport. Of course we are talking about curling, as in the Inaugural Prairie Spruce Curling Blender that a good number of our community members attended on April 11. It was an innovative fun-filled event at the Tartan Curling Club. Games were four ends, the score didn’t matter, rules were optional – fun was mandatory! Ten dollars per person included ice time, live music and a free beer.

That night brought many of us out of curling retirement ready to participate in the fun and frolic. Self-professed curling black sheep of her family, community member and amateur photographer Joanne summarized it best when she said “It was absolutely the best time I’ve ever had curling.” Prairie Spruce fielded two teams. Prairie Spruce One was Henning, Warren, Murray, and Suzanne. Prairie Spruce Two was Dave, Lill, Roger, and Knud. We were the only group that fielded two teams and had a team photographer, as well as a cheering section of Kim, Suzanne’s daughter, and Laurie and Claire.

We also enjoyed the company of the other teams as the relaxed pace of the game allowed plenty of opportunities for “re-hydration,” chitchat, humor, and in some instances dance moves. Perspiration and inspiration were evident everywhere, and along the way we even learned some new definitions for old curling terms. One new favorite came to mind watching the three-point seated-position delivery technique from an opposition team member. It definitely appeared to be hard, as in “a measure of the surface tension of the ice as it rapidly encountered the posterior of the hapless curler who lost their balance.”

One thing is certain. It definitely won’t be hard next year to choose to sign up for another curling blender.
This section features a short project update from our Project Consultants at Connexus Cohousing Collaborative: Jasen Robillard and Chris ScottHanson. 
As many of you know, the members of Prairie Spruce Commons are entering the next phase of the community design process: construction documentation.  We just completed the first of three new workshops, confirming our common house design. In mid-June we will be verifying the individual unit designs and beginning work on specifying final finishes. We also passed the big achievement of having over 50% of the units sold this winter, and we are hoping that the spring-like conditions will inspire more people to join our cohousing community.

As supporters and interested future community members, we are encouraging you to touch base with us again. We would love to have you join the community and very much welcome your participation and feedback in this final phase of the design process. We are also seeking input from interested parties as we work towards an expanded affordable cohousing strategy. If the idea of an affordable cohousing strategy piques your interest, we would like to know what needs we might be able to meet for your family.

Get in touch with the community at one of the many opportunities we have in the month of May. We look forward to chatting with you.
Permaculture at Work: The Gardens of Prairie Spruce Commons

The philosophy of permaculture is to work with nature to produce food, shelter, and energy for humans and other organisms. This form of practice values and makes use of ecosystem services such as water filtration, natural decomposition of organic matter, nutrient cycling, and pollination. Permaculture therefore shares many of the values of cohousing and other forms of intentional communities where resources are shared, energy and water are conserved, materials are reused or recycled, and everyone’s contribution is important and valued.

Let me take you on a virtual tour of the garden that we are planning for Prairie Spruce Commons. We start at the greenhouse where seedlings are started in early spring. There are kale, tomatoes, red peppers, broccoli, squash, cucumbers, and lots of herbs. We have a homemade irrigation system made out of an old garden hose which supplies water to all of the seedlings on the raised beds in the greenhouse. The water tap in the greenhouse is connected to our grey water recycling and biological filtration system.

Next we visit the vegetable gardens. We use raised beds of various heights to allow everyone access to the gardens. Our children and the elders are often found working in the garden together. Those who wish to participate will have responsibility for a particular part of the garden, but most of the produce is shared. We also have an orchard where we grow apples and saskatoons. Our grey water recycling and rainwater collection systems allow us to irrigate frequently throughout the growing season which rewards us with a large harvest. We also have several pollination gardens with native plants such as gaillardias, blazing stars, prairie clovers, and other species that attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.

The last stop on our tour is our composting station. We use a combination of rotating and static composters to allow us to efficiently compost food and garden scraps  from 27 households. We have several residents who have taken master composter courses and who now teach all households how to compost efficiently. Many of our younger residents are particularly interested in the composting and are learning how to collect compost and rotate and harvest soil.

Our garden, teeming with life, will be a place where people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can work and play together, learn from each other, and value each other's company and contributions.  It will be a place that gathers us into the community of life which includes, earth, sun, stars, plants, insects, humans and more.
Wed. May 6
Cohousing Movie Night

Abstractions Cafe
2161 Rose Street at 5:30pm
Join us for a few inspirational and informative movies about life in cohousing communities. You will hear what people who are living in cohousing communities around the world are saying about their experience, and you will hear from the person who brought cohousing to North America from Denmark. Members of Prairie Spruce Commons will also be there in person to answer your questions.

Come by for supper or a cup of coffee or tea. This event is free, and everyone is welcome!

RSVP and invite your friends here.
The Prairie Spruce Commons
Information Centre
Open Every Sat & Sun
1 to 4 pm

1641 Badham Blvd.
down the street from the Naked Bean Cafe
at Badham & Broad

or by appointment, 
by email
or call Dave
(306) 586-1363
Sat. May 23
Cathedral Arts Festival
YEP! We'll be there!
Drop by - we would love to see you!
Wed. May 27

Information Night & Meet the Community Members
7 pm doors open
The United Way, 1440 Scarth Street
  • 7:15 pm presentation of cohousing and the Prairie Spruce project
  • 7:45 pm community members introduce themselves and their journey to becoming a member of the Prairie Spruce Community
  • 8:15 pm. Q & A
A very special thank you to Global TV News Regina for featuring Prairie Spruce Commons on Focus Saskatchewan on April 25-26. You can view the excellent feature article and video at the links above.
The Prairie Spruce Commons' community is looking forward to beautifying the landscape around the Information Centre on Badham Blvd. this spring and summer.  We are planning to grow some potatoes and giant zucchini!  

Check out our latest blog post for a great zucchini recipe! 
We look forward to growing this vibrant community with you!

You can connect with us anytime through e-mail, or any of the links below.

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