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Alhumdulillah, our first Hackathon event have been a great success. Jazak'Allah Khair to everyone for attending the first ever Muslim Tech Conference & Muslim Hackathon. In particular, we're very grateful to the MAS Islamic Center of Dallas. It was inspiring to see everyone come out and partake in what we hope becomes a core part of the community - using technology to connect our communities, and to help us engage our Masjids in the future. We are also grateful to all of the volunteers who spent tireless hours to provide the best experience possible.

We had over 80+ attendees for the 9 tech talks - which ranged from an overview on Bitcoin and Crypto-Currency, to 3D Printing to Big Data and the use of Cloud Technology. We also had tremendous participation in the workshop. We're especially grateful to all of the speakers who took time out of their valuable weekends. We received tremendous feedback from the attendees who gave us helpful tips and advice on how to better integrate the Hackathon with the Tech Conference in the future, and it's given us the opportunity to reflect on how to make the next event even better.

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Hackathon Teams

The Hackathon went very well. With over 10 teams participating, the spirit of innovation was alive, and it was remarkable to see the results produced in such a short period of time. The full entries included:

  1. Team Funtaastik: Event Tracker for community. Can feed and view events from various organizations like ICNA, ISNA, MAS Youth, etc., Used HTML5 to make it responsive.
  2. Team Unseal: Mobile Game app - A fun way to learn the English meaning of the Quranic words in Arabic.
  3. Team Young Muslim Hackers : The Web Page include the Islamic info & student-made resource pages, the classified ads section, and the MAS chat box. Used Tumbler Framework.
  4. Team Longhorns : Mobile App to track events, find Masjid etc., Used Python Script & Masjid API.
  5. Team Pakeer: Windows App - Masjid Alert App with feature to put your mobile on silent mode during Salah Times and configurable.
  6. Team Iqbal: Interactive Mobile App - Key features includes:Adhaan / Iqama Times, Subscribe to lectures of your favorite speakers, Announcements, Business advertisement, Islamic Quiz & games for youth. Developed the prototype in Java Flex.
  7. Team Riad: Ijma Web App - Can view different schools of thought (scholars) opinion on certain matter and more features.
  8. Team Shplice : An Ubuntu application that's designed to slice videos into clips showing only what needed to see. Used YouTube APIs.
  9. Team Hussam: Mobile App for MAS - Features includes Events & announcements pages.
  10. Team Gazelle: Mobile App - Gazelle is a local community connection service, allows members to connect with other local to registered organizations. Members and organization will be able to post events, ads, YouTube videos, poll, RSVP requests and salah time with connected groups.

The winners were:

  1. Team Iqbal : Interactive Mobile App - $1,000 Prize
  2. Team Unseal: Islamic Mobile Game App - $500 Prize
  3. Team Young Muslim Hackers & Team Shplice - $250 Prize to each team.


We've begun to think about what we can do to make the next event even better - from location to internet connectivity to the kinds of projects people want to work on - as well as how to help teams come together more spontaneously. We hope you will stay engaged by subscribing to our mailing list (hyperlink into mailing list subscription). Thanks again to everyone for their contributions and congratulations again to the winners.

Muslim Hackathon is an incredible event & if you are ever looking to run one in your city, don't hesitate to contact us ( if you have any questions on getting started!

JazakAllah Khair !

Muslim Hackathon Team :)


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