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IACC - Code To Win Summer Camp

Assalaamualikum <<First Name>>

Alhumdulillah, our Junior Muslim Hackathon event have been a great success. Jazak'Allah Khair to everyone for attending the event. In particular, we're very grateful to the IACC Board. It was inspiring to see everyone come out and partake in what we hope becomes a core part of the community, especially the youngsters - using technology to connect our communities.

We also had tremendous participation in the 2 weeks - Web & Mobile App coding bootcamp.

The Hackathon went very well and it was remarkable to see the results produced in such a short period of time from these youngsters. 

1st Place Winner: 
Team Muslim Youth Masail (MYM): Muslim Youth Masail was created to help solve the most common issues that the Muslim youth are currently facing, such as bullying, identity crisis, problems with family, and more. This website includes ayat from the Quran, Hadith, and Duas related to these issues, as well as Related Links for more information on the topic to help them overcome the challenges that life throws at them.  (Demo Website)

2nd Place Winner: 
Team The Hash Browns: We created a website named Islamic Inquiries and the goal behind our site was to provide information to all ages in an interactive form. We provided information for New Muslims, included a section for renowned Prophets and their attributes, misconceptions about women, interfaith, and compiled resources from local scholars.

3rd Place Winner - Tie: 
Team Ansaars - created a website for helping refugees with kool calendar feature. 

3rd Place Winner - Tie: 
Team Code Masters - created website 'Islamic: Learn the Quran & the language of arabic'. It contains audio & videos sections along with text for self learning.

Team Islamic Arts - created a unique islamic art gallery and very informative website for islamic art lovers.  

Team Islam 101 - created very neat & clean website about The Five Pillars of Islam. 

Team Samosa Dudes - created website on supplications & islamic books for all to enjoy & share. Audiences was unhappy as team didnt bring samosas to the presentation... lol

Team Shakeel - created web page for New Muslims moving to Plano area, providing them all necessary info needed. 

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Thanks again to everyone for their contributions and congratulations again to the winners.

Muslim Hackathon is an incredible event & if you are ever looking to run one in your city, don't hesitate to contact us ( if you have any questions on getting started!

JazakAllah Khair !

Muslim Hackathon Team :)


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