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November 2015

Temple project

The day after returning from the UK, Ajahn Chandapalo accompanied the temple project managers to officially inform the Mayor of Poggio Nativo that the work has begun. After many years of patiently accepting the seemingly glacial speed of the legal and bureaucratic process, it is very gratifying to witness the rapid progress that is now being made on the ground. In a little over a week the tufa-block outbuilding, the 'cantina', has been demolished and the rather extensive excavations - around 1,500 cubic metres of earth removed - have been completed. A selection of photos showing this first phase can be viewed on our website, from the 'news' page. The next stage is the drilling of 22 holes to a depth of 12 metres, to be used for the reinforced concrete foundation posts.

Last Sunday, shortly after the Kathina offering of cloth and other requisites, a large metal box containing various objects of symbolic value, such as a set of robes and bowl, damaged Buddha images and a selection of Dhamma books, was gradually lowered into a hole at the centre of the building site. At the same time, the monks, while holding a white thread connected to the box, recited traditional auspicious verses, thus inaugurating the building project.

It was an exceptionally warm sunny day and we were also blessed with the presence of five senior Thai monks, including Luang Por Jundee of Wat Ampawan, who were our guests for several days. They were accompanied by lay supporters from Thailand, Switzerland and the UK, having brought many generous donations towards the temple construction. A very substantial sum was offered at the Kathina ceremony, thanks also to contributions by many people who attended on the day.

With the funds already available, together with those pledged, about 90 per cent of the costs of the first phase has now been reached. The second and final phase should only cost a half the amount of the first phase, which means that about 60 per cent of the total cost has already been raised. Once the first phase has been completed it will be possible to take a pause before continuing, depending on the financial circumstances, and the second phase may be divided up into several stages that may be done as and when funds become available. In this way we can avoid getting into debt.

Our appreciation goes to all those who have contributed so far. Any further offerings, no matter how modest, will help towards the completion of the project. It is intended to make more detailed information of the finances, as well as updates on the building progress, available on the website.

Community News

Samanera Paradassi is about to return to Amaravati, while at the beginning of December Samanera Pemasilo will go to Cittaviveka monastery in the UK for a period of about six months. As usual Ajahn Preechar will be visiting Thailand between late November and the end of January.



Events at Santacittarama do not require booking, unless stated otherwise, and are free of charge. However, those wishing to stay  overnight need to book in advance. Unforeseen circumstances may cause changes to this programme, so it is worthwhile checking beforehand on the website, which is regularly updated.

14th NOVEMBER:  Meditation class for beginners
Saturday, 3:30-5:00 p.m. In italian. Due to space limitations it will be necessary to book in advance, preferably via email. Priority is given to those who have never previously attended such a meeting. 

21st-22nd NOVEMBER:  Residential retreat near CAGLIARI
With Ajahn Chandapalo, in Italian, at La Scogliera, Solanas ( For information and booking:, 334.679.5221 (19:00 - 21:00), Rita: 333.457.1030 (19:00 - 21:00). 

12th DECEMBER:  Meditation class for beginners
Saturday, 3:30-5:00 p.m. In italian. Due to space limitations it will be necessary to book in advance, preferably via email. Priority is given to those who have never previously attended such a meeting. 

26th DECEMBER - 6th JANUARY:  Daily silent meditation
Every afternoon there will be a silent meditation at 4 p.m. followed by a tea break at 5 and evening chanting and meditation at 7:30 p.m.

7th JANUARY - 31st MARCH:  Monastic retreat
A period for the resident community of Santacittarama to develop their practice, free of other commitments. Day visitors are still welcome if they wish to share the silence and meditate or to support the retreat by bringing food offerings. Overnight stays will not be possible during this period.
The evening meditation beginning at 7:30 will continue as usual, except for Mondays. During this time there will be no informal meeting over tea at 5 pm and the telephone will be answered only in the mornings between 8:00 and 9:00.


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