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Circumstellar Disk - HD 15115. (The Astronomical Journal, 2014)

Top News

DTM experienced a month of new additions

in Richard Carlson's March 2015 Letter from the Director

A new state-of-the-art electron microprobe

was installed in the 101-year-old Abelson building this month. 

Peter Driscoll will join DTM's geophysics

staff in August 2015. At DTM, Driscoll will use large-scale numerical simulations to investigate the coupling of the mantle and core, and explore how this coupling is manifested in paleomagnetic and tectonic observations.

Alan Linde and Selwyn Sacks take us inside

the over 50 year history of DTM's borehole strainmeter program. 

New Mercury surface composition maps

that illuminate the planet's history were published this month in two new papers from members of the MESSENGER Science Team.

Postdoc Spotlight: Jemma Davidson

The life of cosmochemist Jemma Davidson revolves around

old, lifeless rocks, thanks to her 9th grade geography teacher and a high school research paper. Click here to learn more about Davidson's research at DTM. 

Awards & Announcements

Over 84 students gathered for the second international diamond school in the Italian Alps organized in part by Steve Shirey.
The Carnegie Institution for Science ranked top charity 14 years running by Charity Navigator.
Alan Boss and Michael Acierno attended a workshop for Carnegie's Scientific Computing Advisory Committee. 
Johanna Teske, Alycia Weinberger, and the Geophysical Laboratory's Anat Shahar led a postdoc workshop about Imposter Syndrome.
Timothy Rodigas gave an invited colloquium at the University of Delaware.
Alycia Weinberger made observations for her program, "Watching the Collisional Cascade of a Giant Impact", using NASA's Sofia Airborne Observatory
The March 2015 issue of Sky and Telescope Magazine featured an article written by Scott Sheppard about the Oort Cloud.
Marion Le Voyer gave an invited talk at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Lara Wagner gave two invited talks at the University of Maryland and the University of Chicago. 
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#ScienceWoman Jackie Faherty

DTM Hubble Fellow Jackie Faherty shared her female inspiration in science, Vera Rubin, with ‪#ScienceWoman! Click here to watch the video.

Upcoming Campus Events

Christopher Keane // American Geosciences Institute

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 @ 11 a.m.

Postdoc Workshop: "Jumping on the employment express - How to be part of the geosciences employment boom"


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Campus Departures

Jared Marske departs DTM this month after completing his Deep Carbon Observatory fellowship. 

Marion Le Voyer departs DTM this month after completing her Deep Carbon Observatory fellowship. 

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