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July 2018
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What Makes Diamonds Blue? Boron From Oceanic Crustal Remnants in Earth's Lower Mantle

Five Questions About Jupiter's New Moons
with Scott Sheppard

Photos: President Isaacs Visits BBR



Postoc Jaehan Bae: Protoplanetary Disks from Scratch


Sharon Xuesong Wang attended the UC Santa Cruz Other World Lab summer workshop held on July 10-21. Wang worked with Johanna Teske and other colleagues on planning out radial velocity follow-up observations for TESS planets. The DTM alumni met during the workshop and toured the lab of former DTM postodc Myriam Telus, who recently started on the faculty at UC Santa Cruz.  Also at the workshop was former DTM postdoc Hannah Jang-Condell, now a professor at University of Wyoming and former DTM Research Trainee, Maggie Thompson, now a student in the PhD program at UCSC.
Maximilien Verdier-Paoletti presented his research on presolar grains at the 81st Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society 2018,  held on July 22-27 in Moscow, Russia. This is the first time isotopic compositions of subgrains in a silicon carbide (SiC) grain of supernovae origin are directly measured.
Alan Boss participated in the NASA Astrophysics Advisory Committee (APAC) meeting held on July 23-25 at NASA's Headquarters in Washington, DC. Boss presented status updates for the James Webb Space Telescope and the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope, NASA's next two flagship missions.
My Riebe gave an invited lecture titled, "Clues to the formation of meteorites and extraterrestrial organic matter from noble gases and hydrogen," at NASA AMES in Mountain View, California on July 17.
Sharon Xuesong Wang gave a lecture at the 2018 Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshop held on July 24 at Caltech focusing on radial velocity detection of exoplanets.
Meredith MacGregor will be giving a plenary talk at The Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun ("Cool Stars") meeting held on July 29 - Aug. 3 in Boston, Massachusetts. 
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Recorded Seminar: Differentiation Sets the Stage: Core Formation and Mantle Redox State
Recorded Seminar: Grain by Grain to Plate Tectonics
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