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Christmas Is Almost Here!

A gift certificate for massage or bodywork really is one of the best Christmas gifts available. One of the best gifts that you can give anyone is time. Why not give someone who’s eternally busy the gift of a timeout… Some space to breathe and disconnect from everyday stresses? An hour or two of blissful quiet and relaxation could be the best present anyone gets this year!

Massage is the gift that keeps on giving, the option that says you really do care about someone’s health and wellbeing. It gives the recipient a healthy dose of happy hormones, promotes movement and increased flexibility, and eases aches, pains and stress. What better way to treat someone?

So, Here’s The Deal!

This is how Intuitive Bodywork is giving you a little help to finish your holiday shopping, save money and put a smile on someone special’s face! It’s easy, peasey, and affordable!

  1. Click the Shop Now button below to visit our 2022 Holiday Massage Therapy & Bodywork Super Sale.

  2. Pick the massage therapy or bodywork single visit, Custom Combo, or discount package you know your special person will appreciate. There is no better time than now! Everything is on sale and you can save 10% to 25% on everything through December 31!

  3. Wait. there’s more! Since you are buying this massage for someone else, I think that is mighty nice and you should be rewarded, so enter code “HOLIDAYSPIRIT” at checkout to save an additional 10% on your purchase!

  4. Now, here is the best part! If you purchase a gift certificate for someone who—to the best of your knowledge—has never had a massage before - Enter code “FIRSTMASSAGE” at checkout to save an additional 20% on your purchase!

  5. Last, But Not Least… I can’t leave you out! Want to buy massage or bodywork for yoursef? If buying for yourself, use code “SELFCARE” to save an additional 5% on any single visit, custom combo or package deal you buy!

Now, Go Ahead! Make Someone’s Holiday! Maybe Even Make Your Own… Shop Now!


The Fine Print: You can only use one of the above discount codes—HOLIDAYSPIRIT or FIRSTMASSAGE or SELFCARE—at checkout. The codes cannot be combined in the same order. But you can make two or more orders using the appropriate code each time!

For full Gift Certificate Terms of Service Click Here