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March 7 3PM Eastern - Monthly Network Discussion

Weekly Update - February 18, 2014

International Public Science Events Conference (IPSEC)  and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Conference
Some of us attended the IPSEC and the AAAS meeting in Chicago last week. The IPSEC crowd is mostly aligned with the Science Festival Alliance, and our purpose for attending that meeting was to make connections between their network and ours. There was much interest in Teen Cafes at the meeting, and this coming year will likely see an experiment or two involving the inclusion of Teen Cafes into festival events. Along with Howard Rutherford of the FL Teen SciCafe node and Carolyn Noe of the Gateway node, we gave an hour-long presentation on the Teen Science Cafe Network to a very interested group of attendees.
We had an hour and a half at AAAS to give another presentation on our program. It was early in the morning of the last day, and the attendance was not overwhelming, but those who were there seemed quite interested and engaged. Mike introduced the session, Michelle gave an overview of the Teen Science Cafe Network, Carolyn Noe presented on youth leadership, Stacey Forsyth of the Discovery Teen Cafe node talked about how the programs in all of our nodes attract a diverse teen audience, and Rick Tankersley gave a spirited presentation on the importance of training presenters to communicate and his Presentation Boot Camp program in particular. We attempted to bring in three youth leaders to give their perspective. The kids stepped up, but the technology did not; the audio feed was unfortunately quite poor. Carolyn was approached by a reporter, and we look forward to seeing the outcome of her interview. Michelle was approached by two young women from Norway who are keen to connect their youth program with ours.
A man came in and took our pictures.

Moving Forward on the Sustainability Strand
 Howard Rutherford, now with the USF Development Office and Carol Conine of Conine and Associates have agreed to lead the professional development strand on Achieving Sustainability. We will provide more details of the strand next week. For now, we need folks to indicate their interest and availability in this strand. Based on our convenors schedules, we will meet mid-day on either Tuesday or Wednesday. If you plan to participate in this professional development (3- 4 webinars over the next two months and collaborative work on proposal development), please indicate your availability on these two days of the week. We will close the poll on Feb 28.

Tracy McMahon of the national evaluation team sent the final version of the Interaction Survey and asked that we distribute it to you. Here is the link to the survey in the Resources section of our website:

Reminder: Youth Leader Hangout - Bringing the best to the Network
We would like to start a monthly gathering of youth leaders from around the Network to hangout with some of the best of our Cafe presenters. Two things need to happen to make it work. We need nominations of your most dynamic presenters to lead a Google Hangout with the teens, and we need your youth leaders to participate. Once we get the hang of this model of online engagement of the teens, we can open it up to unlimited teens across the country. Please send your nominations of great presenters from your cafe that would be willing to host a hangout to by March 7.

Reminder: blog posts and photos
We would much appreciate your sending in whatever you can manage for this month.

Have a great week!

Mike and Michelle
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