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Weekly Update - January 28, 2014

Sustainability Strand a.k.a Pitching the Passion

Keeping the java flowing at our Cafe programs is a priority for all, with the exception of those who have direct access to Bill Gates.  For mere mortals, we need a strategy and some tools. With the help of Howard Rutherford (Florida Node), we have roughed out a plan for going forward with professional development in how to raise funds from private and corporate foundation.

We envision two components: 1) Offering several webinars exploring the mechanics of seeking private or corporate funding. These might include exploring the world of private and corporate foundation grant opportunities, learning how to make personal connections with the foundations of interest, and how to write strong proposals that address the foundation's interests.  2) Writing proposals individually or collaboratively. Participants may find common ground with other Members in writing collaborative proposals or individual proposals with common elements. The webinars would be followed up with monthly virtual meetings, during which participants check in to report on their progress, and provide help to or seek help from others in the Network.

A valuable outcome of this strand would be to develop an archive of stories or "case studies" that would illuminate successful strategies—and pitfalls—of fundraising. These could be an inspiration and guidance on best practices for adaptation by Members of the Network to local circumstances. A second outcome is engaging anyone in the Network ready to go forward with targeting a particular source of funds in their region and supporting each others efforts with constructive feedback. The process and outcome of each such effort could become a story for the archive, and thus become further inspiration for others.
This series will launch in the last week of February.  Look for a doodle poll seeking your availability.

Youth Leader Hangout - Bringing the best to the Network

We would like to start a monthly gathering of youth leaders from around the Network to hangout with some of the best of our Cafe presenters. Two things need to happen to make it work. We need nominations of your most dynamic presenters to lead a Google Hangout with the teens, and we need your youth leaders to participate. Once we get the hang of this model of online engagement of the teens, we can open it up to unlimited teens across the country. Send your nominations of great presenters from your cafe that would be willing to host a hangout to by February 15.

Cafe Program Evaluation

When registering as a new Member of the Network, each Cafe program committed to gather some core evaluation data on their program and to share it with the TSCN Resource Center, so that we can document our activities and outcomes of the NSF funded project. The Resource Center is required to complete two reports for NSF each year, both due in September. We ask that each Cafe program submit the required data to us by August 1 of each year. A link to the document listing the required and optional information can be found at:

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