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2016 TSNC Workshop

The Workshop was quite the experience. Jam packed with information and ideas, we've set the season in motion. With the new café season upon us, it’s time to put these ideas and excitement into our programs to make sure we can be the positive influence in a whole bunch of teens’ lives.

If you missed it, you can view at the resource-rich Workshop Agenda and find useful links and presentations of what we covered. 

2016 TSCN Workshop Video

Please enjoy this video montage of the highlights from the 2016 Teen Science Café Network Workshop. We look forward to all the great things you have in store this season. Start planning for the 2017 Workshop.

Teen Science Cafés and the GSA

The Geological Society of America and the Teen Science Café Network are teaming up to broaden recruiting and research impacts with Teen Science Cafés. Anyone attending the GSA 2016 conference in Denver Colorado on September 25th to 28th are invited and encouraged to attend a lunchtime session where we will showcase how a Teen Science Café program can offer geoscience departments a substantive way to meet the challenges many of them face: finding ways to increase enrollment, helping faculty satisfy the broader impacts requirements of funding agencies, connecting with the surrounding communities, and providing opportunities for faculty and graduate students to learn how to communicate their science effectively to the public audience.

TSCN Featured in NSTA

National Science
Teachers Association
Highlights Teen Science Cafés

Teen Science Café Network is featured in the September 2016 issue of NSTA Reports, the newspaper of the NSTA. In the article, Debra Shapiro, Associate Editor of the NSTA Reports describes what TSC's are, who they're intended for, and why they work. 

Make sure to pick up your copy today, or check out the NSTA Reports online edition. 
Setting the Standard

Wouldn't it be great if I...

At the workshop, attendees were invited to write down at least one high priority challenge they set for themselves for the coming year. As stated in the agenda, “Members will be asked to report back to the network on progress, struggles, and achievements.” The Resource Center is prepared to help members achieve their goals in any way we can. We will check in with members who wrote down their challenges early in the new year to see how it is going.

See the nework goals. 

Spotlight on Leah Golubchick

As we’ve seen in the movies, museums come to life at night. That’s the case with the American Museum of Natural History, although, instead of the exhibits coming to life, the Museum is filled with curious teenagers attending Teen Science Cafés.

This month we shine the spotlight on Leah Golubchick and her program in New York City.

Read the full interview on TSCN's Spotlight blog.

Cool Cafés & Hands-on Activites

Café and Hands-on Activity Ideas 

A question that came up quite often from the 2016 TSCN Workshop was, "where can I get ideas for the types of cafés that have been presented around the network, and what kinds of hands-on activities did you have." Luckily, we've compiled a list of both on the TSCN Website  under the Cool Café resource section. You can submit a Cool Café of your own to help others in the network.

Developing Teen Leadership

Building Vibrant Teen Leaders

Why are some youth groups dying with boredom while others are alive with energy?  The answers could be attributed to the group climate, the leadership style of the adult facilitators, the strength or weakness of youth/adult partnerships, and the purpose of the group. 

An extensive annotated set of documents on developing youth leaders provided by Kirk Astroth can be found here.

Found on the Forum

"I am wondering what resources people are using to get ideas on coaching scientists for communicating about the awesomeness of their work?"

Visit the Forum or tweet us @TeenScienceCafe 

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Teen Science Cafés empower teens to grasp the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics discoveries changing our lives. The Cafés open doors to these careers by connecting teens with professionals who share their passion and enthusiasm for their work. Teen Cafés enhance teens’ ability to use facts to support scientific points of view, to consider societal impacts of discoveries, and fortify science as a cornerstone in their life.
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