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New Look

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped decide on the new Teen Science Café Network logo. Our vibrant new logo represents the passion and positive influence on the teens who trust in our programing, while keeping a youthful feel. The TSCN is thriving and preparing for our largest increase in membership to date, with new members registering weekly. Thank you for trusting in us! 

2016 TSCN Annual Workshop

Thanks to iExplora! museum in Albuquerque, NM for hosting the 2016 Teen Science Café Network Annual Workshop.

Thanks to everyone who registered for the 2016 Teen Science Café Annual Workshop. We will be coordinating travel arraingments with everyone very soon. Please keep an eye out for our correspondence. 

Drive for Five

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We know finding great content to put on your social media platforms can be difficult. The TSCN pages offer up-to-date daily news on the science and technology that effects our daily lives, especially focuses on what teens are interested in. We're sure to have something you'll want to share!

TSCN Featured on

Science Cafés bring scientists and the public together for relaxed conversation in restaurants and coffee shops. The Teen Science Café Network shows that the concept isn't just for adults. Read our featured story in EOS.

Running in the Hall 

Dr. Hall runs Boston
Congratulations to our very own Teen Science Café Network Co-Director Dr. Michelle Hall for running the 120th Boston Marathon on April 18th. 

Michelle took the time to answer a few questions the network had about running such a prestigious race and shares some of the science that goes into training to run 26.2 miles.

Read the interview. 

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Spotlight on Meghan McFail

This month, the spotlight interview takes us to Taos, New Mexico. Fantastic outdoor activities, rich history and heritage, and home to one of the sites of Café Scientifique New Mexico node of the Teen Science Café Network. Meghan McFail joins us to discuss her successful journey to weave a Teen Café into a small art-heavy community.

Read the full interview on TSCN's Spotlight blog.


Surprise your teens by knowing all about Golden State's Steph Curry


The NBA Playoffs are upon us, and one of the most popular names in basketball is Golden State's Steph Curry and his incredible baskets. 

ESPN's Sports Science breaks down the physics behind his amazing shots. 

Welcome to the Network

TSCN expands to San Diego, California and Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Please welcome the EYH Teen STEM Café from San Diego, CA and the G.E.E.T.I.E.S. Café at UAPB from Pine Bluff, AR to the network.

The EYH Teen STEM Café joins us from the Expand Your Horizons Network, and will be lead by Liz Ferguson and Sue Lowery.

The G.E.E.T.I.E.S. Café joins the network from the University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff lead by Janeé Adams. 


Cool Cafés

What gives a cell it's shape?

What gives the wide variety of plant and animal cells their unique shapes? And once a cell is formed, can it change its shape? The Saint Louis Science Center site of the Gateway Teen Science Café node in St. Louis, Missouri, held a Teen Science Café centered around the structure of cells.

The teens built a variety of different plant and animal cell types out of recyclable materials. The challenging part was that each group of teens had to make their cells as accurate as possible with a supportive cytoskeletal structure.

Read the Cool Café blog...

Have you recently held a cool café?
Tell us about it!

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"With the end of the Café season approaching, what did you learn from your teens this year?"
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