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Been there done that. 

For most of us the desert seems like a place with temperatures over 110F or 42C. A place with too much sun and not enough water. 

That's what it feels like in the summer months. 

And then comes winter, bringing along its polar opposite weather... 

Mordy and I were both stationed in the Jordan Valley, near the Dead Sea, during part of our service. Throughout the summer the heat was unbearable. Yet, once winter strolled in it would start to rain and the temperatures would drop drastically. Just standing outside and guarding for even a few hours,  was brutal. 

I came to Israel with no coat, no gloves or anything for the cold winter. I thought I would get everything in Israel. And either way, how cold can Israel get?!

It's like when your mother says put on your coat and you put on a jacket. Only after leaving the house do you realize you are freezing. It's too late. If only you would have had that little extra layer it would have made so much of a difference. 

That is when I learnt my most important lesson in the army, no matter what you do always take a ski hat! It may be 80 degrees during the day but at night, after dripping with sweat, the temperatures would drop into the 30's and 40's. 

My dear friends, it's the little things that we give to the soldiers, those extra layers, that make all the difference!  Trust us, when we say they will remember it for the rest of their lives!

Thank you for caring about the Lone Soldiers and giving them a little extra warmth.

Ari Abramowitz 
Mordy Botnick

Tzanchanim Beret Ceremony

Earlier this month we hopped on the tram to Giv'at Ha'tachmoshet for Tzanchamin's Tekes Kumta. After training tirelessly for months on end, seeing the smiles on the soldier's faces once they received their red berets made it all worth it!

Mazal tov! May you all be blessed with the strength and courage to keep our land safe and secure!

A BIG shoutout to the IDF Project for the incredible tactical flashlights that were handed out to our Lone Soldier paratroopers!

Pre Shabbat BBQ
It was a small, yet, delicious BBQ for the former Lone Soldiers
of Chayal el Chayal.
Winter is on it's way!! 

"I actually found Chayal el Chayal by a very lucky accident. It was in my first few months in the army, and I was in Jerusalem, exploring the winding streets of Nachlaot. As I was walking, I heard people loudly discussing army life, in English, on the other side of a wall. Curious, I peeked around, and was instantly welcomed with, "Come on in, glad you found us!" Of course, I still wasn't sure what I'd found. Soon enough though, I was loaded down with winter gear, which to be honest I'm not sure what I would have done without."

Matt Kaplan, Seattle Washington, Air Force


YOU can share the warmth TODAY!

THEY are counting on YOU! Be a hero to our heroes today!!

#ShareTheWarmth Today!
A hearty MAZAL TOV to our amazing Bodedim B'yachad director, Yossi Antopolsky, on his marriage to Esther Adler! 

May you and Esther build a beautiful home together!



Stay tuned for warm and cozy winter gear photos.
As well as exciting events and base visits over Chanukah!
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