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A Word from our Directors

Sukkot without a Sukkah?!?

Dear <<First Name>>,

Has this ever happened to you? 24 hours before Shabbat or an upcoming holiday, the food spoils, your plans fall through, you miss your flight...

Now, imagine you are hosting 30 guests, 60 guests, or 300! 
This is what happened at Chayal el Chayal with just 24 hours until the Chag! As it turned out, our Sukkah would not be able to be built due to city constrictions! Cancellation is not an option, well not at Chayal el Chayal anyway; it was time for plan B or as some call it plan G (AKA G-ds plan).

We honestly wondered how we could pull this stunt off. However, plan “G” always has a way of being bigger and better than plan A. As it turns out, my friend, we got a much larger Sukkah sponsored by the City, Or Lachayal and the FIDF! Our new Sukkah location was given to us by a generous school down the road, who upon hearing the words "Lone Soldiers in need of help," were only too willing to provide us with their premises for the holiday.

It turned out to be an incredible Sukkot with hundreds of smiling Lone Soldiers walking proudly through our wide and open Sukkah door. Thank you for standing with the Lone Soldiers of the IDF. Because without you, we would not be able to provide a home away from home for our heroes.

Thank You for your friendship and Shana Tova!

P.S Stay tuned for exciting upcoming news!


Mordy Botnick
Ari Abramowitz

Donate Today!
These are the delicious SHANA TOVA packages that were given

out to start off the month on a sweet note! 

This is just the beginning of the 1,600 portions of food that were

cooked for the 300+ Lone Soldiers that joined us over Tishrei!

Rosh Hashana @ CEC

The overwhelming attendance of Lone Soldiers at our Rosh Hashana
prayers on both days made it so special.

Following the prayers, our Lone Soldiers were invited upstairs to relax and enjoy delicious, home-cooked, gourmet 4-course meals!

Givati  Beret Tekes!

Nothing can get in the way of celebrating our soldiers' milestones together with them. Even while preparing for the hundreds of soldiers who passed through our doors throughout the Chaggim, they did not feel alone at their Tekes.

It was such an honor to see so many of our Givati boys receive their purple berets after months of grueling training!
We wish the soldiers much Hatzlacha and success on their journey ahead!


On the holiest day of the year, it was an honor to pray alongside over 105 Lone Soldiers, men, and women, at Chayal el Chayal.

Singing and dancing with the sound of the Shofar piercing the heavens...there was no other way to finish off such an emotional and inspirational Yom Kippur at Chayal el Chayal. After Havdalah and the blessing of the moon, the soldiers were invited upstairs for a delicious break-fast with bagels, lox, cream cheese, tuna, egg salad, and cake with juice and coffee.

WOW! Thank you to everyone who joined us in spirit by praying for your special Lone Soldier. May this year bring only happiness, healthy, love, and revealed goodness!!


With the tremendous giving hearts of dozens of generous donors  and The Shul Of Bal Harbour, 72 pre, post, and present Lone Soldiers received full sets of Lulavim and Esrogim this Chag! Woah, Thank you!!
Thank you 
Or Lachayal - אור לחייל and Friends of the IDF (FIDF) for sponsoring such an incredible Sukkah that enabled us to bring so much joy to so many Lone Soldiers over Sukkot!
Pizza In The Sukkah!!

On the first night of Chol Hamoed PIES and PIES of pizza were enjoyed by dozens of soldiers; pre, present, and post! 
 Bodedim B'yachad

Chol Hamoed, Wednesday, we kicked off our first Former Lone Soldier event of the year! It was a beautiful night of socializing, new friendships, and community building.

Thank you to everyone who made this incredible event happen! Especially, Sushi Rehavia Bar for the perfect variety of sushi! To Beer Bazaar Jerusalem for the cold and refreshing draft beers. And to We Sell It for a taste of home with your imported soft drinks!

Amazing 17K Hike!

By 8 am we were already off!! Former, pre, and present Lone Soldiers, together with friends and family, trekked 17k over 9 hours! This beautiful hike was called Wadi Kelt. All along the way, there were dozens of natural springs, streams, waterfalls, and pools of water! It was unreal!

If you are ever in Israel and have a pair of sneaker, we totally recommend this hike..or at least try some of it!!

Sukkah Party With The Community!

The Soldiers danced alongside the community, at the Great Synagogue, for a Simchat Beit Hashoeva with world famous singer Yishai Lapidot. Thank you Chabad of Rechavia for making this happen!

We would like to wish a HUGE Mazal Tov to our hard working and INCREDIBLE general manager, Choni Botnick!!!

May you and Rivka build a beautiful home together!
If you didn’t get a beautiful lone soldier calendar, let us know! 

Email us at with your home address.
Sponsor a Lone Soldier For Shabbat!
Sponsor A Lone Soldier For Shabbat
Help Us Continue Our Incredible Work!

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