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All of the feels with Keone and Mari (7:31)

There isn’t much else to say about Keone and Mari Madrid once you know that they are, by far, the best dance couple on the urban dance scene right now. Their choreography induces 12th man-level squealing ... in my apartment. Sorry-not-sorry that I keep talking about them.

This video is a lovely two-parter featuring the original and acoustic versions of Disclosure’s “Latch.” Two different dances, framed in a sort of vague but emotional plot line!

It’s a rare opportunity to see Keone and Mari so up close, and though I would not give them an Oscar for their acting abilities, I so feel the emotive tone of the video just through their dancing. Oh, and Keone’s eyebrow. I would give Keone’s eyebrow an Oscar.

Watch video!
Erm, you might need tissues.


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