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Jump shot!

On the beach with Chris, Dea, Kevin, and Bruno Mars (3:06)

I encountered a dilemma this week. I found this amazing class video by San Diego-based Chris Martin, to Bruno Mars’ irresistibly catchy “Treasure.” The moves were so buttery smooth, even the hits were like being whacked with a velvet hammer (what???).

But then I did more searching and I found THIS video, which is a collaborative effort between Chris (flowery hat, top button only) and Dea Sevilla (long dark hair, unbuttoned chambray) and Kevin Nguyen (red hat, leather jacket), Chris’ co-dancers at Cookies. It was the full song, with so much more dancing, set on a beach, with tons of friends in formation. Fun factor +++. But I just felt that the choreography that I saw in the class video didn’t fully come across. Maybe there was just so much going on. Maybe I was looking too hard for moves I liked but got lost in a cut.

Which video do I share? Obviously both, but which do I feature? More cinematic videos like the one above allow for the choreographers to expand their visions beyond just the moves. They can put their work in context: location, occasion, attire, etc. But a more-than-small part of me says “No, if the performance is good enough, the message will come through. Adding more elements might dilute the dance!” I don’t know the answer, but I guess this time around I want to stay true to the visions of the choreographers.

Watch video!

PS: Here’s that class video of Chris’ part of the choreo. After you’ve watched the cinematic version, I highly encourage you to give this one a look. (2:03)
PPS: And here’s Dea teaching her part! (3:04)
PPPS: Thanks for reading though my inner conflict! Also, I’m curious to hear what you think. What do you like to watch?


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