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Keone & Mari Madrid at WoDNY 2013 (5:57)

Keone and Mari Madrid were already making waves as dancers/choreographers for the multiple-award-winning dance crew Choreo Cookies before they decided to get married and nearly make the urban dance world, and my heart, shatter into a billion pieces. 

This four-part video, from New York’s World of Dance 2013 show, is a fantastic introduction to Keone and Mari as individual choreographers, but also a great look into their super-strength: couples choreography (a term that I think I just made up but should definitely exist if it doesn’t already). When they dance together, they create something greater than the sum of its ridiculously awesome parts: a style that emphasizes the dancing of the duo, where each person’s move is a puzzle piece that fits perfectly into its partner's.

And can I please mention how much FUN it looks like they’re having when they're dancing together? My dance instructor Eric says that you can do all the moves but the audience won’t be convinced of your performance if your face isn't into it. Keone and Mari look like they love each other so much that I end up loving them. Swoon!

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