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Kyle Hanagami: Yoncé (1:53)

Guys, I am SO excited. I saw this video about a month ago, and was SO READY to share it with you guys, but then it got taken down! I was saddened to the core of my being. And then, on the eve of WAWD-Wednesday, it was back up! So please, do excuse the repeating of Beyoncé songs. It is so, so worth it.

A couple months ago, I wrote about a routine that was choreographed by a woman, but mostly danced by men. This time it’s the other way around, with Kyle Hanagami (the guy on the right) choreographing some super sexy moves and having a lady (Haley Fitzgerald) take the center. 

The second time you watch it, focus on the guys in the back. You may notice how masculine they look in comparison to Ms. Fitzgerald, even though their moves aren’t that different from hers. Part of that is the clothes (and the fact they are men, obviously), but even in the details of the dancing you’ll see that the differences in how they check a person out (0:38), put their hands on their hips (1:08), or walk (1:28) have a pretty big impact on whether you look “like a guy” or “like a girl.” It’s those extra details that really sprinkle the flavor into a good dance routine.

Ah, whom am I kidding, trying to get all “dance-analytical” on you guys? It’s an awesome video, okay? You’ll love it.

Watch video! Before it gets taken down again!

I also want to give a shoutout to Kyle’s choreographic range — this video (4:51) to The Lumineers and One Republic is much less hip-hop. I don’t know much about contemporary dance styles, but I do know that it requires a difficult-to-achieve athletic combination of grace and strength, like ballet. This video is just too dang beautiful not to share, so you should watch this, too.