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Dear SDPCA and Friends-
   As we welcome some cooler fall weather and begin our holiday planning it is time to gather those we love around us and also reach out to those less fortunate.  One of the goals of the SDPCA (as I am sure you know) is to fund projects abroad by currently serving Peace Corps Volunteers.  One way we raise money for these efforts is through our silent auction at our annual holiday party.
   This year we will also donate a percentage of our sales to the National Peace Corps Association's Ebola relief fund - another reason to open up your pocketbooks and your hearts for those less fortunate.  
   Having served in countries all over the world we have first hand knowledge of how lucky we are here in the States because of the resources available to us; potable water at home, safe public transportation, a voting system, public schools that educate both boys and girls - the list goes on.  Our system isn't perfect, but the fact that we can complain is also something not to take for granted.  Remembering the town where you served and projects that were dearly needed there may help you bid just a little higher on that item you want or round up your total and make a donation to the SDPCA.
   This year, let's break all of our fundraising records of yore!!! See you on December 7 at 11:30 a.m. at the Sherman Heights Community Center. (We now accept credit cards!)
In solidarity,
Sarah Fuhrmann Thorwirth
SDPCA President
Guatemala 2007-09
Return to Nepal IV, 2014
By: Brenda Terry-Hahn & Ron Ranson
Nepal (1964-66)
  We were 35 22-24-year old naive fresh faces, except for a 40ish female librarian and a 40ish totally visually challenged man, who met at the University of Oregon for our training to be TOEFL teachers in Nepal.* Additionally, the librarian was to help establish library systems, and the visually challenged but very capable and independent PCV was to teach how to bring one’s otherly-abled family members out of the attic and teach them braille. We all knew we were taking a great risk to serve as English teachers in Nepal (the Chinese had just taken over Tibet), but we also had the naive invincibility of the young. Among us also were several serious peak baggin’ mountain climbers, a classical pianist and several anthropology-bound heads.
  Later after PCV service, we went our separate ways, having been given contact information on everyone in case we wanted to be in touch. To my knowledge, few did.Then in 1986, one of us decided to take another great risk and contact all of us she could find for a reunion in Winter Park, Colorado (she says her phone bill was astronomical, tracking us down after 20 years). None of us, including the convener, knew what to expect ( Would anyone come? Would we hate each other and the adults we had become? Would people hate the venue? What about spouses and children?).
Yet most of us took the leap and showed up at Winter Park, Colorado. Our gathering became a surprising feast of deep friendship, which has since become much more than family, and those that missed the first one are still kicking themselves.
   Who knew? We have since had further reunions, which strengthened ties much more: in a barn on a farm dating back 200 years in Vermont (in huge downpours); in the blue summer of Sun Valley, Idaho; in the crisp mountain air of Bend, Oregon; and on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. (Notice, please, that all these places have at least some semblance of mountains. We were Nepali, after all. It was recently proposed that we re-une in the desert of Joshua Tree, but that got the kabash.)
  Our spouses and children are as enthusiastic as we, including two widows of RPCVs of the group who still attend. One considers us "MY reunion." We are now scheduling reunions more frequently, since we are aging, and several of us have already "gone on before."
The convener of the reunion schedules appropriate activities for our days, and our nights are spent discussing our lives( i.e., One of us spent his post-PCV time as an anthropologist treking in the furthest outposts of Nepal, recording Nepali folksongs which were rapidly disappearing (the music has since been donated to a grateful university library. Another became a rather famous author, documenting American political celebrities). And of course we also discuss politics and the state of the world, and practice our Nepali (some of us are still fluent). And eat authentic Nepali food!! A bhoj which we traditionally prepare. Hence the requested recipe below.
I have since asked other RPCVs whether their group has had reunions. Most say no; some even say, they “don’t even speak to each other.” So it seems we are really fortunate. We have since had further reunions about every 5 years. In September we recently celebrated our 50th anniversary, almost to the day, since we arrived in Nepal.
Reunion Venue in South Bristol, ME

*I always cringe when I say we taught English then as it seems very colonial; however, the British established it when they were there before us and the graduation requirements of all schools even then required standardized ability in English. Now, of course, learning English is a boon.
Bhojlai Khukara-ko Tarkari (chicken curry for a feast)
For a few / For a crowd of 20
1. Cut into bite-sized pieces and dry with paper towel:
chicken thighs - 3 lbs. / 12 lbs.
2. Sprinkle the chicken with:
salt 2 teaspoons / 6 teaspoons
3. In a large, heavy pan, heat over high heat:
vegetable oil 1/2 cup / 2 cups
4. Add the chicken and saute for three or four minutes until it has turned white.
5. Meanwhile, prepare:
onions, finely chopped 1-1/2 cups / 6 cups
garlic, finely chopped  1 tablespoon / 4 tablespoons
fresh ginger, finely chopped  1 tablespoon / 4 tablespoons
6. Remove the chicken with a slotted spoon, draining excess oil carefully, and place on paper towel for a moment to drain.
7. To the remaining oil, add the onions, garlic and ginger (above) separately. Saute these ingredients in the hot oil, stirring constantly for seven or eight minutes until the onions are soft and golden brown and the ginger and garlic crisp. Reduce the heat to low.
8. While the veggies are sauteing, set out two smallish bowls. In one, combine:
cumin, freshly ground 1 tablespoon / 4 tablespoons
coriander seed, freshly ground 1 teaspoon / 4 tablespoons
khursani (chili pepper), ground 1 teaspoon / 3 tablespoons
water 1 tablespoon / 4 tablespoons
9. Add these ingredients to the onion mix which is still sauteing slowly. Continue sauteing the entire mix for a minute or two so the spices can “marry.” (biha garnu parcha!!)
10.Meanwhile, in the second bowl, combine:
tomatoes, pureed, canned or fresh 1 cup / 4 cups
plain yogurt 1/2 cup / 2 cups
salt 1 teaspoon / 3 teaspoons
11. Add these ingredients to the saute mix, stirring constantly. Increase the heat to medium and add the chicken and any juices that have accumulated with the chicken
12. Pour in:
Water  3/8 cup / 1-1/2 cups
13. Stir the mix and bring it to a boil
14. Sprinkle the top with:
lemon juice  1 tablespoon / 4 tablespoons
fresh coriander, chopped 1/4 cup / 1 cup
Stir in these ingredients. Reduce the heat to low and cover tightly, continuing to simmer for 20 minutes. As always, correct the seasoning. Serve with freshly made bhat or pulau to hungry babuharu.
 -- Vishnu Maya Dieffenbach**
* It must be thighs, or a whole chicken, cut up; use of breasts-only lacks necessary flavor.
** Vishnu Maya, my Nepali sister, married one of us after our service, a tale which still curls my hair.
Maybe you CAN go Home Again (to your PC Training, That is)
By: Lynne Graham
India (1967-69)
  25 volunteers from my India 44A and 44B group had a reunion in August at our training site at Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  We went to India in the summer of 1967 and relived our training days, toured our old residence hall and classrooms.  Our training chicken coops were long gone! The Indian restaurant and boat tour of the harbor were fun but we got the most out of our discussions about PC experiences and what we do now.  The starry-eyed 21 year olds have become pretty good world citizens!  It took about 43 years for our first reunion (2010) and then we met again in Washington DC during the PC 50th anniversary.  We also published 2 books about our adventures in the past 3 years.  So it may take years for your group to get back together but its definitely worth it!
Day at the Bay
By Lynne Graham
India (1967-69)
It was HOT in San Diego but 35 adults and a handful of kids took time to enjoy the cool breezes, lunch and a get-together at Tidelands Park (just to the north of the Coronado bridge) in Coronado on Sept 13th.
We had a shady site with a great view and loved our Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches and spring roll.. 2 quick games were  good mixers to get to know each other.  And we voted to choose the projects we would send our ISF funds to. This is an annual September event so join us next year!
HUNGRY FOLK--you can get bahn mi at Cali Baguette, El Cajon Blvd and 52nd street and the spring rolls at Van Hoa, 54th and University
Peruvian Dinner
By Heather Ginsky
Peru (2010-11)
On September 25th, SDPCA members, family, and friends joined in a Peruvian feast at the Nazca Grill in Clairemont.  There were 31 people at the event!  So many we overflowed the table seating set for us and took over the restaurant!  We enjoyed appetizers including anticuchos (beef heart), choclo con queso (corn with cheese) and ceviche.

The main course items were just as delicious, and we finished off with a donut-esque dessert called picarones.
There were three RPCVs from Peru at the dinner and we enjoyed reminiscing about our time and comparing who we knew from each others groups!  The restaurant was amazing and one we will definitely return to again.
SDPCA Camping!
By Sharon Kennedy
Thailand (1989-91)
  On a hot weekend in the city, 15 RPCVS and family members made the trek to Palomar Mountain for an overnight get way. It was indeed cooler but still a toasty 85 degrees!  
  We had a beautiful, spacious group camping site under the trees and our tents dotted the area.  Some folks went on an afternoon hike while others settled into camp. Dinner was a wonderful potluck with sausages cooked over an open fire, home made jalapeno cornbread, chili, and fresh squeezed guava juice.  Later, there were s'mores, of course!
  The next morning, we enjoyed coffee and breakfast while we shared camping tips.  Some packed up and left and others extended the mountain experience with another hike.
  It was a great trip - but sadly the memory card on which the photos were taken was corrupt!  Be sure to join us next year and we'll be sure to get some great photos.
SDPCA & SDDC Stone Brewery Happy Hour
By: Colleen Garrett
Cape Verde (2007-09)
October 14th was a perfect San Diego Day in the Gardens at Stone Brewery in Liberty Station. The planes overhead reminded us that it’s sometimes nice to take a pause and just appreciate the blue sky over our city. The beer was some of the best that San Diego offers, and San Diego Peace Corps Association was proud to host the San Diego Diplomacy Counsel for an evening of sharing.  We learned a little about what each of our organizations does for the international community and we got to know each other on a personal level. We look forward to future opportunities to get together. Thanks go to all the local RPCVs who came out to enjoy the evening with us.
By Amber Lung
Namibia (2005-09)

  We've had a busy fall recruitment season so far!  Diana and I are happy to have 13 student ambassadors, helping us with outreach at UCSD, SDSU, and USD.
  Special thanks to those who joined us for the picnic at Kate O Sessions Park - it was a fun, informal couple of hours on a beautiful day with about 15 humans, and, a first for me as a recruiter, a RPCDog!  Thanks to Sam for joining us, and for Shala and Crystal for bringing him!
  Please save the date for Saturday, December 13 and Friday, December 19!  On the 13th, at the Mission Valley Public Library, is a holiday-themed story slam from 10:30am - 12pm.  On the 19th, UCSD is having their annual holiday celebration from 12-2pm.  Please email Amber at for the 13th or Diana at for the 19th if you can attend.  Hope to see you there!
By Victor Cuevas
Lesotho (2008-10)
  On September 8, 2014, SDPCA joined in with our local Peace Corps recruiter, Amber Lung, to answer her call of past, present, and future volunteers.  We joined in the fun as she catered to the annual AARP convention that rolled into town.  We were fortunate to have been graced by staff from headquarters that joined us in San Diego for this particular event.  The Peace Corps Response recruiter, Arial, shared about unique Response programs, and was available for some Q&A.  This was a great opportunity for RPCVs and skilled professionals to learn about short-term, high-impact assignments!  Though we had a short turn out, we were able to engage into in-depth discussions with some future Peace Corps volunteers and several individuals entering the Response programs.  With some drinks and laughs at Joe’s Crab shack just behind the convention center, we engaged into some memories that we were able to share to fellow future PCV’s.
Bike Ride - November 9th
Please join us on a brisk and heavenly bike ride up and down our beautiful San Diego coast on November 9th, 2014 Sunday.  This year we will have another bike ride starting at Coronado Ferry Landing where we will make our way down the Silver Strand Coast reaching Imperial Beach.  We’ll take some rest stops if necessary and then make our way back to Coronado where we began.  We meet at the Ferry Landing pier at 9:00 a.m. and begin our ride roughly around 9:15 a.m.  The ride should take approximately 2 ½ hours.  Your are welcome to hang around and grab some food as we finish our ride in Coronado.  For any further inquiries, you may contact Victor Cuevas at 619-866-3773 or

**For a shorter ride, several of us will be riding with CicloSDias at 10am.  Email us if you are interested**

Holiday Party & Silent Auction - December 7th
 Mark your calendars for SDPCA’s annual Holiday Party & Silent Auction on December 7th.   We’ll gather once again at the Sherman Heights Community Center (as we have for several years). It’s a convenient location with plenty of parking in the area.
 Donations for our Silent Auction are rolling in from community organizations and businesses.  Funds raised through the auction help support the field work and projects of current PCVs and their communities around the world through our International Support Fund (ISF).
 We’re pleased to report that auction items/tickets/certificates  have already been received for the following:
  • Disneyland
  • San Diego Zoo & Safari Park
  • Belmont Park
  • Hornblower Cruises
  • Moxie Theatre
  • Cygnet Theatre
  • San Diego City Ballet
  • San Diego Repertory Theatre
  • Landmark Movie Theatres
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Broken Yolk Café
  • Soltan Banoo Restaurant
  • Twiggs Bakery & Coffeehouse
  • Ocean Beach People’s Cooperative
  • Old Town Cosmopolitan Restaurant
  • Rubio’s Restaurants
  • Monsoon Restaurant Group
  • Great News! Cooking Class
  • San Diego Museum of Art
  • San Diego History Center
  • Mingei Museum
  • USS Midway Museum
  • San Diego Automotive Museum
  • San Diego Air and Space Museum
  • Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum
  • San Diego Natural History Museum
  • New Children’s Museum
  • Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
  • Cineopolis Movie Theatre – Del Mar
Auction donations are welcomed and encouraged from RPCVs.  We’re happy to arrange advance pick-up of items so that pricing and bid sheets can be taken care of prior to the holiday party.  Call Karen Lindquist at 619/584-0784 to arrange a pick-up!
The Holiday party is a great event and opportunity to gather with long-standing RPCV friends, to meet and welcome newly returned RPCVs, to share stories with RPCVs who served in your same country of service, to enjoy a variety of international cuisine  and to be a part of the special camaraderie of others who have shared our unique Peacce Corps life experience.
 Bring a favorite dish to share for our holiday potluck luncheon, bid on favorite silent auction items, purchase SDPCA T-shirts and NPCA (National Peace Corps) calendars, take advantage of an easy way to pay SDPCA membership dues via credit card.  Join in this event to support the SDPCA and work of current PCVs by purchasing items in our Silent Auction.
 Watch for the official SDPCA Holiday Party Invitation in your mailbox but mark December 7th from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on your calendar now.

We want YOU to plan an event!
Do you have a great idea for an event?  SDPCA welcomes your ideas.  You do the planning and the board will send out your Evite!  Contact
if you would like to plan an event. 


Please welcome our newest SDPCA Members.  We look forward to seeing them at an event soon!

Charlene Espinoza
Liberia  (2011-14)
Lucas Olson
Ukraine (2009-11)



Sarah Fuhrmann
Guatemala (2007-09)

Vice President
Colleen Garrett
Cape Verde (2001-03)

Gregg Pancoast
Costa Rica (1985-86)

Ashley Smallwood
Ecuador (2004-07)

Sharon Kennedy
Thailand (1989-91)

Karen Lindquist
Romania (2004-07)
Lesotho (2008-10)
Kristen Slanina
Cameroon (1995-98)

Heather Ginsky
Peru (2010-11)
Lynne Graham
India (1967-69)

International Support Fund
Celeste Coleman
Ukraine (2005-07)
Lennox Miller
Zambia (2003-05)

Victor Cuevas
Lesotho (2008-10)
Sara Norko
Philippines (2007-09)



Don Beck
Bolivia (1967-69)

New Members Chair
Brenda Terry-Hahn
Nepal (1964-66)
By Marjory Clyne
Samoa (1972-74)

  Over the last 2 months I scheduled meetings with the district managers of Rep. Darrel Issa, Juan Vargas, and Scott Peters. I gathered up a few of you fellow SDPCA members to go with
me and I must tell you, we had a GREAT TIME!!! Have any of you visited your Representatives in the past? Do you know where their offices are? Do you have their phone numbers and email addresses?
  We met with extremely professional and likable people who took their time to listen.  Bill Christiansen, District Manager for Darrel Issa, had spent some time in South Africa to monitor the election of Nelson Mandela. He was very interested in where we served and our unique stories. Jerry Sodomka had served in Nigeria and Roger Hanson in Malawi. Bill commented to Jerry: “Your service for our country and for our community is greatly appreciated.”
  Eddie Meyers has worked for Juan Vargas for many years. He was born and raised in the South Bay area and knows the issues. Juan Vargas sits on the Foreign Affairs committee which has jurisdiction over most Peace Corps legislation, so we really wanted to make a good impression!  We invited Mr Meyers (and Juan Vargas) to our Holiday Party in December.
  Michele Lagoy and I met briefly with Sarah Czarnecki at Scott Peter’s office. Our President Sarah Furhmann Thorwirth met with this same gal last year so she was well aware why we were there; she knew that Mr. Peters was not a member of the Peace Corps Caucus yet (let’s hope that will change soon) and was eager to read over the material I left behind on the issues we presented.
  I still have 2 more meetings to schedule. Both Duncan Hunter and Susan Davis’ office met with our members last year but we must keep them all reminded EVERY YEAR that we have issues important to us RPCVs; we are their constituents, and we vote!
  Thanks to Marilyn Ambrose, Roger and Nancy Harmon, Jerry Sodomka, Ellen Shively, and Michele Lagoy for their participation. You were AWESOME.

  Comment from Michele Lagoy, Togo 1988-1990:
"When I left Peace Corps, COS stood for 'Close of Service'. Having been back for many years now, I like to think of COS as 'Continuation of Service'. Meeting with Congressional staff members to tell my story and lobby for the continued support of the organization classifies as a 'Continuation of Service'. I meet with members of Congress on other issues but I still get asked about my Peace Corps experience, no matter why I am there. I find these meetings an important way of supporting our experience and keeping the organization in the forefront of Congress when making budget decisions."
  Well, heading into the holiday season, take a little time for yourself and especially for others.  You might consider a donation to Father Joe's Villages, Rachel's House or a charity of your choice.  The Alpha project is just building their temporary winter shelter on Newton Ave. (east village area downtown) and can always use donations of blankets and used clothing.
  For inexpensive and fun holiday activities, visit the NEW downtown library.  Its spectacular and has two hours of free parking.  Also, the Hotel Del is a winter wonderland in December.  Visit the tree in the lobby and listen to the carolers dressed in Victorian costumes. The downstairs pub has a reasonable happy hour too!  If you have childhood memories of skating, go see (or skate on) the outdoor Hotel Del rink.  Its magic right at sunset as the hotel holiday lights come on. There is also a less expensive rink in Horton Plaza. (Call me if you are a skater--my employee friends at the hotel can have guests on two December days--Lynne 760-402-1064)!
   Its  Fall, time to get some housekeeping chores done--pack up the AC and get your heater tuned up (did you know if you don't keep the pilot on all year you save about $12?), and clean your gutters before it rains and they clog up.  If you are a homeowner, DIY, or if you rent, be sure the landlord takes care of these.
Global Awards
By Celeste Coleman
Ukraine (2005-07)
  Exciting news about the Global Awards program! Because of the large number of excellent projects by Volunteers from outside of California, SDPCA decided by consensus at the Day at the Bay to open up the award to Volunteers from all states. Projects are to be selected from those listed on the Peace Corps Partnership Program website, which have gone through an extensive vetting process to ensure project quality. Funds will be awarded quarterly, with an estimated award of $500 given each time to projects that are close to meeting their funding goal.
  After the general discussion about Global Awards, another Day at the Bay activity was to vote on which projects to fund. In the end the group ended up selecting two educational projects from Benin and Ghana to donate a total of $548.66.
  The project in Benin is entitled “Reap What You ‘Sew’: Girls’ Empowerment Through Vocational Training.” This project will build a one-room sewing workshop equipped with tools and materials in order to provide vocational training to girls as seamstresses. In addition to learning sewing theory and technique, the girls will receive training on basic life skills. Up to this point, these girls have lived as victims of poverty. The project hopes to empower these girls to become self-sufficient women and break the poverty cycle. A local benefactor donated the land the workshop is being built on, and members of the community also donated sand for making bricks for the construction, which has already begun. Reputable, local seamstresses have volunteered to work as instructors for the girls. A local social services organization will provide instructors to lead monthly sessions about women’s rights, reproductive health, family planning, nutrition, and hygiene.
   The goal of the project in Ghana is to renovate a community library. They will put in some shelving, repair light fixtures and ceiling fans, build benches for the tables already present, purchase some equipment for educational use, and paint maps on the walls. The community just received some new books, so they wanted to get the library functioning and being used. They want to get to a point where it can be the community’s most valuable educational resource center—inviting for all age groups, students and community members alike. It will also be a good venue for tutoring, adult literacy classes, and additional learning. The community has provided a suitable facility to be renovated and used as the library and will also be helping with some of the work.
   We look forward to selecting more projects to fund at our upcoming holiday party. Members will get a chance to vote again on their favorite projects. We thank you for your input! In addition to selecting projects from Partnership, we are still preferring to choose San Diego Volunteers with projects that need funding. If you know such a PCV, please refer them to


Max Baltiyskyy
Born: July 15, Product of Peace Corps Ukraine. :) 

Katherine Slanina

Born: October 14, to Kristen and Ray Slanina (RPCV'S Cameroon).
What's next after the Peace Corps?
Continue your impact with a graduate degree from the USC Price School of Public Policy!
In recognition of the significant contributions of Peace Corps Volunteers, USC Price signed a formal agreement to participate in the Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program (formerly known as Fellows/USA) to financially assist Returning Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who wish to attain a USC Price graduate education.  USC Price has established a special $10,000 fellowship ($5,000 per year, renewable for a second year assuming satisfactory academic progress) for RPCVs to pursue USC Price's MPA, MPL, MPP, MHA, MNLM or Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) degrees.  RPCVs will also complete an internship that benefits an underserved community.  RPCVs may be eligible for additional funding through Dean's Merit Scholarships.  Application deadline: December 15 for fall enrollment.
Lean more about the USC Price School of Public Policy in a city near you!

The mission of the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy is to improve the quality of life for people and their communities, here and abroad.  We achieve this mission through education and research that promote innovative solutions to the most critical issues facing society.  Reaching across disciplines - and sectors - USC Price works to find solutions to the complex governance challenges and critical issues of the 21st century.
Global Reach
USC Price's outreach began in the 1940's, and today boasts formal collaborations with premier universities, institutions and organizations around the globe.  The USC Price student body represents 39 countries from around the world and 28 states within the United States.
Leading Research
USC Price research engages in real-world problem solving on issues such as the housing and financial crisis, energy and the environment, health management and policy, infrastructure, collaborative governance, philanthropy, immigration, terrorism, and mass emergence, and transportation challenges in the metropolitan areas.
Local Impact
Numerous programs and projects directly connect USC Price expertise to decision makers at the federal, state, and local levels.  The footprints of USC Price's 16,000 graduates shape our world as leaders in government, nonprofit agencies, and in the private sector - both here and abroad.

For more information about the USC Price School of Public Policy, please CLICK


Looking for a bridge game?
A few of us RPCVs are getting together occasionally for a rubber or two ---  
if you'd like to join a social bridge group please contact Gregg Pancoast at
We have great fun!

I would like to start a weekly or every two week Spanish language group session somewhere in central SD to practice. All levels would be welcome, no group leader, no homework, probably a coffee shop or lounge or if desired my little home in Normal Heights.  If you are interested, please contact Tony Starks at
By: Colleen Garrett
Cape Verde (2007-09)
  The SDPCA is happy to be supporting this unique San Diego Community event this year. We invite anyone who is interested to come out and check out the event, hang with us for an hour and meet other groups in the area that share our mission of bringing the world home.
Event Date: November 15, 2014
Location: Patio B, Casa del Prado Theater, Balboa Park
Event time: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Hosting Organization: The Worldview Project
What Makes Harmony in Action Unique?
1. Only International/Cross-cultural Nonprofit Fair of its kind in San Diego.
2. Representatives from organizations on hand meet the public, answer questions and educate the public about their programs.
3. Live music, dance and craft demonstrations
4. Unique concessions (snacks and beverages from around the world)
  The Harmony in Action Crosscultural/International Non-profit’s Fair is San Diego’s only event that focuses on bringing together international and cross-cultural organizations in San Diego.  Held on Patio B, adjacent to the Casa del Prado Theater in bustling Balboa Park, this event is free to the public, and features a fascinating collection of non-profits in San Diego. The public can expect to learn about upwards of thirty non-profits that have international and cross-cultural missions.  Each organization will have materials, a display, and representatives available to meet the public and talk about opportunities to build ties with their organization.
September 9, 2014

Attendance: Ashley Smallwood, Gregg Pancoast, Kris Slanina, Lynne Graham, Sharon Kennedy, Sarah Fuhrmann, Sara Norko, Celeste Coleman, Victor Cuevas

Call to order: 7:09pm


- NPCA letter to Obama
- Happy hour with Diplomacy Council
- Advocacy Update

- Income statement YTD

- Contact new members with a welcome call

- Auction update

- New funding opportunities
- Recruiting events

- SDPCA LinkedIn page

Report on Past Events
Upcoming Events

Meeting Adjourned 8:42pm

Next meeting October 7th
October 7, 2014

Attendance: Ashley Smallwood, Lennox Miller, Gregg Pancoast, Kris Slanina, Lynne Graham, Sharon Kennedy, Colleen Garrett, Heather Ginsky, Sarah Fuhrmann, Celeste Coleman, Victor Cuevas, Karen Lindquist

Call to order: 7:04pm


- Dissolution of 1WOW
- NPCA conference June 5&6 2015
- Ebola relief fund

- ISF grants paid

- Auction update
- e-blast save the date

- $548 donated
- Next selection at holiday party
- Recruitment events

Report on Past Events
Upcoming Events

Meeting adjourned 8:32
Next meeting November 4th

* Full meeting minutes available on request
The San Diego Peace Corps Association is a non-profit corporation of returned Peace Corps volunteers and others interested in world peace.  Its mission is: To build and maintain an active membership of RPCVs, their families and friends; to support and inform RPCV’s and local communities through social, educational, and community service activities: to provide funding for PCV projects overseas; and to influence the direction of Peace Corps through advocacy.
Pacific Waves is published bimonthly by the SDPCA which is fully responsible for its content and is a very diverse group culturally, religiously, and politically.  We welcome the opinions of ALL our members and endeavor to publish as many differing opinions as we can.  Except for copyrighted material, articles may be reprinted without permission with credit to the SDPCA.  Contributions are encouraged.  Please send to Editor, SDPCA, PO Box 26565, San Diego, CA 92196 or email:
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