November was an incredible month for the Nissan Parts & Accessories Online program, bringing the highest sales to-date in program history. Our Thanksgiving Sales Event (which included Black Friday and Cyber Monday), drove an additional $328,836 in sales to our dealer network and helped us reach $815,201 in total program sales for the month."

Ready to keep the momentum going? Find out how to use Control Panel’s most essential tools in this month’s newsletter. You may be familiar with Control Panel’s order fulfillment tools, but do you know you can change product data AND remarket to customers to maximize your omni-channel sales? Find out more below.

Maximize Omni-Channel Opportunities with Email Offers:


Deliver custom offers to customers with a new tool in the Control Panel.

As we’ve covered in past newsletters, remarketing is a great way to grow your sales and encourage repeat customers to your parts website. In fact, 46% of customers that shop with us are either unknown to Nissan or are zero-visit customers, making them great targets to increase your omni-channel sales and service lane revenues. To help with that, we’ve introduced a new tool in the Control Panel that allows you to send an email with a custom remarketing offer to customers after they order from your website. 

The new “Thank You” email tool delivers an email to your customers once an order has shipped and includes 4 offers, the fourth of which is a special offer unique to your dealership that you can customize. Viewing and customizing these offers can be accomplished in the Control Panel’s Manage Offers and Manage Emails screens. From there, you can modify existing or create new offers to send to clients (like coupons, service offers, etc.) and choose which emails you’d like to send those offers in.

To learn more, head over to our Knowledge Base article explaining all the functionality of this new tool. If you have any questions about emails, offers, or the other capabilities of the SimplePart platform, contact a member of our support team at or 1-888-843-0425.
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Tips & Tricks:


Provide an in-store pickup option to customers buying products with hazardous materials.

Some products, like batteries or fluids, contain materials that are not permitted to be shipped in the United States. If your business sells items that contain potentially hazardous materials, it’s essential that you ensure it’s clear to shoppers that they can still pick up items in-store, even if they cannot get them shipped to their door. In fact, the Nissan Parts & Accessories Online program received over 4,500 orders for in-store pickup just last month!

This practice helps your store avoid shipping errors and gives local clients the opportunity to see your team and your parts counter in person. Luckily, it’s easy to toggle this option in the SimplePart Control Panel; we’ll walk you through the process below.

From your Control Panel homepage, enter the product number of the item you wish to update in the product search bar at the top of the screen. This will lead you to that product’s Edit Product screen, where you can edit or add various information you’d like clients to see regarding a product.  

Scroll down the page to the “Set as Local Pickup Only” and “Set as HazMat” lines. After that, you simply need to toggle the respective icon so that it shows up as blue, click “save,” and that’s it; that product will now show customers who use your site that they’ll need to pick up the item from your store in person. 

If questions about the Control Panel or anything else, please reach out to the SimplePart Support team at

Ready to take advantage of these features and other tips to help you boost your sales? Partner with SimplePart by reaching out to our Sales Team at
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Data as of 12/4/2020

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